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Vibration modeling


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Published in: Design
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Vibration modeling

  1. 1. • iii"" Ill., ~~ "!BlB :t.._ ~ SIeM Plane A'qI: 8 DII* v_SIft )" 3131 /::11 I V_,*" aMy_ .... , ~IhJl,.j 47/.q'l(7r,lnllS<l1l(7)1.4)"If Sine 'Wave OutplJ a $l1ewave ~e1e the SIne type detemroe$ thecOO1lUtabonal tecMlQUe used The paramete1$ the two type3 ale related n t1voo.¢ S~IM Pelpeood • 2"p11 (Frequency' Sarf4)Ie!me) Number oi oifset semples • Phase• SaIlllIes pel peood I (2'Pll Use the sat1llle·ba$e<! sine type ~ numerical problems due to r~ laroe times (e.g. overflow in absolute tine) 0CC16. Parameters:_-----=============;l Sfne type: ITime based Amplitude; r10 BIas: 10 Frequency (rad/sec) r$QI~7)144 Phase(rad) jp;n Sample time. ro P Interpcel vector paameter$ as 1-0 r OK II Cancel .!:i~ 101 0:::1
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