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Comenius project "The Earth- our common home": a PPT about all work meetings in every country.

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Work meetings

  1. 1. RomaniaThe Kindergarden was founded at 1stof September 1969. It is located inTargoviste in a very famousRomanian region calledTransylvania, the home of DraculaVampire.In present, the Kindergarden sheltersalmost 500 children between 3 and 6years and 50 children between 1 and3 years in two units.Rază de Soare (Sun Ray) is a publicpre-school, offering equal educationfor every child, no matter the gender,religion, nationality, social or culturalorigins. Our aim is to provide a goodeducation which means to satisfychildren`s needs, developing skillsand behavoiurs to the children andstimulating their development. SLOVENIA Kindergarten Jelka (Fir Tree) is located in Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia. It is very beautiful city with a population of 270 thousands inhabitants and lots of tourists attractions: old and pretty bridres, picturesque areas, gardens and parks. The Kindergarten Jelka is public preschool upbringing educational institution which operates in five units: Jelka, Vila, Snow White, Dwarfs, Sava Village. Children are arranged based to their age into HOMOGENEOUS and HETEROGENEOUS In the regular groups of children there are interacted children with special needs that are provided with special care.
  2. 2. FINLANDKindergarten Mukulax is located inTurku in Southern Finland. The city hasgot a population of 180 000 inhabitants.The kindergarten operates in 3 units.Unit 1 is located in the city centre rightnext to the railway station. Unit 2 islocated also in the city centre by theAurajoki river. It is the smallestkindergarten in the city. And unit 3 issituated on the island which is connectedto the city of Turku in the bridge. It is inthe middle of nature between forest andfields.Mukulax is the private kindergartenoffering day-care and pre-schoolprogramme for children aged from oneto seven. Both Finish and Englishlanguages are used there. BULGARIAKindergarten “Parvi yuni’’ is located inthe city center of Gorna Oryahovitsa.It is a town in northern Bulgaria,situated in Veliko Tarnovo Province,between the towns of Veliko Tarnovoand Dolna Oryahovitsa.The nearbyvillage of Arbanasi is an architecturalreserve with a large number ofhistorical monuments.The kindergarten was founded in 1972year. There are 114 children from 3to 7 of age divided in 4 groups.19people of stuff take care of thechildren.In the kindergarten each child isunique and it must be know well,the teacher is a partner and a friendof the child, parents are partners inthe educational process
  3. 3. HUNGARYThe Kindergarten of „Maci”foundation is located in Jaszbereny. Itis located in central Hungary, on theZagyva River, a tributary of the TiszaRiver. It is about 100 km (62 mi) fromBudapest. The total population is28.293.The institution runs five preschoolclasses for children between the age of2 and 7 years. We provide educationfor children with special educationalneeds and for their typicallydeveloping peers (inclusiveeducation).Since September 2006 we provideprimary school classes for childrenwith multiple disabilities – we ensurea wide variety of developmentalopportunities for them 20 hours aweek. TURKEY The kindergarten Elma Sekeri is placed in Kocaeli. It is a Town located at the Marmara Sea. Kocaeli is about 120 km from Istanbul. It is an ndustrial city of Turkey is also industrial city of Europe ,as there are many factories which are really source of production for Europe. The town has got lots of historical and touristical places. Most famos thing is Pismaniye, it’s a kind of sweet. The Kindergarten is in the centre of Kocaeli. There are 122 kids, 3-6 age divided in 7 groups, 7 teachers, 1 headmaster, 5 stuffs. We have 5 classes and 7 groups. 5 groups are half time (2 groups coming to morning; from 08:00 to 13:00 and 3 groups coming to afternoon; from 13:00 to 18:00), 2 groups are full time (from 08:30 to 15:30)
  4. 4. POLAND The Primary School named of a great astronomer Nicolai Copernicus is located in Sławkowo. It is a small village in the North of Poland. It is placed at the area of Chełmża District which is a local government. The nearest big town is Toruń, which is a great tourist attraction. The old Town is at the list of UNESCO as a World Heritage. The school very old primary school because it is over 100 years old. There are about 120 pupils, eleven teachers, headteacher and three stuff. There is a kindergarten group from the project sponsored by European Union. Besides pupils are aged 6-13. The school organizes lots of extra activities: knowledge and sport competition. Christmas Eve, trips to different parts of Poland, different local and school events.WORK MEETINGS OF THE PROJECT BULGARIA 2-7.11.2009 ROMANIA 11-16.03.2010 TURKEY 31.05-5.06.2010 POLAND 30.09-5.10.2010 HUNGARY 8-13.11.2010 SLOVENIA 21-26.03.2011 FINLAND 30.05-4.06.2011