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Fundamentals of ICT - Lecture 1


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The other lectures may be seen at the course website:

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Fundamentals of ICT - Lecture 1

  2. 2. Income Time
  3. 3. Increase Professional Productivity Diversify scholarly knowledge base Develop skills to engineer innovations Increase employment and earning potential
  4. 4. Wired/ Wireless; Fixed/ Mobile
  5. 5. ICT’s Impact Computers in : on Society Education Small business Industry Government Healthcare
  6. 6. Basic ICT concepts Computer Systems (software/ hardware) Introduction to Programming Introduction to Databases Introduction to Information Systems Communication Networks Internet – in some depth. ICT Security Issues ICT innovations
  7. 7. Quizzes 10% Assignments 10% Final Exam 40% Project/ Term Paper 10% Mid Term Exam 30%
  8. 8.  Class discipline  Mobile phones and laptops  Learning disabilities/ Special needs  Announcements on course website  Attendance policy  Assignment policy  Quizzes (announced/ unannounced)