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Volkswagen brand disaster


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Volkswagen brand disaster

  1. 1. Volkswagen Disaster PRESENTATION on Reviewed Real Fiasco with (VW) Brand Management Name : Junaid Amjad Class ID : 55724 Fall 2015
  2. 2.  11 million vehicles worldwide are involved scandal in the rigging environmental tests for diesel emissions.  It said it was setting aside €6.5bn (£4.7bn) to cover costs of the scandal.  VW chief executive Martin Winterkorn issued a fresh apology for the test-rigging, saying he was "endlessly sorry" for the "manipulation.  EU-wide investigation into the affair and then US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said VW diesel cars had much higher emissions than tests had suggested and that software in several diesel cars could deceive regulators.  Volkswagen stock drops 20% on US diesel recall probe.  VW scandal threatens 'Made in Germany' brand. Cars and the environment - two things that Germany cares so deeply about that they form part of the national character. Overview of Volkswagen Brand Disaster
  3. 3. New Management Faces 5 Big Challenges 1. Purge the scoundrels 2. Create "guiding principles 3. Don't ignore the product 4. Rethink diesels 5. Tap into warm feelings for VW
  4. 4. Brand Strategic Corrective Measures Come Clean Viable option is for management to apologize quickly. Polish the Halo Polish the brand image in the mind of consumers. Brand advertising and public relations activities. Inoculation If you believe that even identified consumers will begin to question your brand when the news hits