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  1. 1. Stop! I want to show you something توقف نريد أن نُريك بعض الأشياء !! خفض الصوت
  2. 19. KEEP KILLING, don’t miss any child that airplanes missed!!!
  3. 20. Monday, July 17, 2006 : Kiryat shmona Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position firing into civilians inside Lebanon
  4. 21. Monday, July 17, 2006 : South Lebanon: A Lebanese Child Receiving the message from the Israeli girls!
  5. 23. IS this A stone??? NO , it’s A child!!!!!
  6. 25. Don’t afraid, this will be built by the help of friends Enshaallah
  7. 26. Kill Everything that Airplanes and tanks Missed
  8. 29. Aid Trucks has been destroyed
  9. 30. The Whole family has been killed
  10. 31. Killed by chemical weapons which are forbidden worldwide ) note how the body is burned completely while the hair remained unburned)
  11. 34. I’m Alone Now!!!
  12. 36. A Milk Factory
  13. 40. They were escaping!!!!!! And suddenly a rocket …..
  14. 41. Blood Will fill the Mediterranean sea!!!
  15. 43. Have you seen the terrorism of Israel and USA?? If Israel remained discharged, This terrorism will proceed. Those pictures and the kills are from the first days and there is more everyday. Unless the time is stopped, Israel will kill more and more!!
  16. 44. 1 .Mr.olmert, where do you want to strike today?? 2 .I will strike the Arabs houses, I hate them, I hate their Children, 4. OHH thank you Mr. bush We need a new weapons that burns the skin till death. 3 .If You need money and weapons we have a lot, we made them to kill Arabs. You can use them for free my brother.
  17. 45. WOW it’s a Great Weapon.
  18. 46. Allah Respites and does not neglect . Allah Is the strongest of every strong, Israel and USA present their strength for weak people, one day Allah will present his strength for them.
  19. 47. تم عمل هذا العرض بواسطة أحد الإخوة من دولة فلسطين وبصوت أحد البراعم نتمنى من الإخوة نشر العرض على أكبر شريحة ممكنة إخوانكم في مجموعة الأمل البريدية