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Mobile Marketing


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Mobile Marketing

  2. 2. Contents
  3. 3. Did you know• There are 20 Million television sets in Pakistan• There are 16 Million news paper readers in Pakistan• There are 7.5 Million radios in Pakistan• There are 30 Million internet users in Pakistan• There are 118 million mobile users in Pakistan• There are over 118 million handsets in Pakistan The Mobile phone is now the mostly widely available medium for reaching your customers and prospects in Pakistan!
  4. 4. Did you know?The mobile phone is the single most often vieweddevice in the world ImmediateThe mobile phone is the only device which people Personalcarry with them over 15 hours a day &The mobile phone is normally within a range of 2 feet Alwaysfrom the user throughout 24 hours With you!The mobile phone is heavily relied on forcommunications, information, news,entertainment, email, personal data pictures,videos, applications, and everything under the sun !You may leave home without your wallet – but youwill never get far without your mobile! The Mobile phone is now the most effective medium for reaching your customers and prospects in Pakistan!
  6. 6. Pakistan Conventional Media OptionsE-mail Limited, SPAM issue, not read in real timeWeb Limited internet connections, need computer Need literacyTelevision Expensive, time specific, waste, one way,Radio Limited audience, geographic, waste, one wayNewpapers Expensive Limited reach,Outdoor Expensive, limited reach
  7. 7. Disadvantages of Conventional MediaTelevision• Temporary• Requires multiple exposure Radio• Preferred Ad times and slots are often sold out • Radio listeners are spread over far in advance many stations, you may have to advertise simultaneously on• Limited length of exposure, usually 30-40sec several stations to reach the target limiting the amount of information to convey audience• Relatively expensive in terms of creative, • Listeners cannot go back to your production and airtime costs ads to go over important pointsNewspapers/Magazines • Ads are an interruption in the• Expensive Ad space entertainment so a radio ad may• Ad has a short shelf life require multiple exposure• You may be paying to send your message to a lot of • Radio is a background medium. people who will probably never be in the market to buy Most listeners are doing something from you. else while listening, which means• Highly visible medium, so competitors can quickly react that your ad has to work hard to• Newspapers are facing declining readership and market get their attention penetration due to internet• Plans are needed to be made weeks or months in advance• Slower lead time heightens the risk of ad being overtaken by events• Limited flexibility in terms of ad placement and format.
  8. 8. The Mobile Media AdvantagePersonal Your personal device containing your contact and other dataAlways with you and always on Never far from you – at any time of the day or nightInteractive Two way – interactive engagementMulti-media Voice, SMS, data, movies, games, applicationsLocation aware Suitable for location based applicationsContextualMulti-functional Can be used for variety of applications including payments, health records, business applications – an indispensible business and personal productivity tool The Mobile phone has become the most useful and valued device for your customers/prospects – hence the best way to reach them!
  9. 9. Mobile Media Channels – much more than just SMS! MMS •Widest reach •Immediate •Personal SMS •Always On •Multimedia Mobile CHANNELS •2-Way Mobile WAP 2 •Real Time Mobile IVR •Engagement •Quick Mobile Deployment Mobile Applications •Measurable Impact Mobile Mobile Bluetooth RBT Idle Screen
  10. 10. Dilemma
  11. 11. AD RBT
  13. 13. What is Mobile Advertising• Any advertising or promotion message that: – Is delivered on to a mobile device or – Is accessed through a mobile device• Presents an effective & efficient medium for targeting potential prospects.• New Locally but Internationally M-Ad has been used efficiently by International Brands such as Coke, Nike, BMW and many more in countries like United States, European States, Asia (Malaysia, India etc)• Most efficient means for advertisers to reach an estimated 100 million mobiles consumers in Pakistan.• That too, within an appropriate segment (profiled) with an appropriate message (simple text or multimedia) at the appropriate time (consumer preference) & in an interactive manner,
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing is highly interactive and leads tohigh level of involvement by the advertiser and theconsumer Interactivity of push, pull and dialogue campaigns (Jelassi & Enders, 2004). High Push Dialogue campaigns campaigns Advertiser activity Traditional (non- Pull interactive) campaigns campaigns – Low TV, radio, print Low High Consumer activity
  15. 15. Mobile Marketing MoreBenefits Involve- ment More More Branding Sales Immediate & Personal More More Precise Response Targeting More More Loyalty Exposure
  16. 16. Mobile Advertisement & Intrusion Perception• 72% Positive towards receiving mobile reminders about dental or medical appointments• 72% Are positive towards receiving booking information about a trip prior to departure• 71% Are positive towards receiving info of post package arrivals• 64% Are positive towards receiving public service information via the mobile phone• 40% Are positive towards receiving discount coupons and vouchers from stores where they usually shop• 30% Are positive towards receiving the best 10 offers on their mobile phone when arriving at a shopping mall Source : Telenor-MORE Research
  17. 17. Intrusive level of Different Ad ChannelsMobile marketing with permission is notintrusive! 61% 66% 50% 46% 42% 21% 21% 22% 11% Boards Movie Mobile News- Internet Radio DM TV Mobile theater with papers (traditional without perm. mail) perm. Source : Telenor-MORE Research
  18. 18. Both location aware & interactive – the mosteffective marketing medium Outdoor Mobile advertising marketing Location TV commercials Web Interactivity
  19. 19. Mobile Marketing ismuch more than justSMS advertising! Mobile Strategy Mobile Mobile Campaigns In-Store Mobile relations Mobile Mobile Arena Reminders Mobile Mobile Loyalty Learning Clubs
  20. 20. Profiling & Targeting CriteriaThe current fields for segmenting include the following:- • Prepaid • Location-based (LBS) & Time-based • Postpaid • Youth • ARPU • Value Added Services • SEC Based • Handset (IMEI) Based • SMS Users • BlackBerry Users • GPRS Users • Ring-back Tunes • MMS Users • Interest Based (e.g. Religious, Sports, Music) • Business Users • Roamers (domestic and international) • Individual Users • Local callers or NWD or ISD
  21. 21.  RBT shorts for Ring Back Tone It has become one of the most popular mobile services Its now common place to hear popular songs rather than the monotonous bleeps and rings Now you can use these RBTs to your brand advantage.
  22. 22. Official Melodys/Jingles of BRANDS as Ring Back Tune to a profiled MNO customer base
  23. 23.  Businesses can promote their brands by putting Voice Ads instead of Music on RBT Communicating with your valued customers and conveying your brand message had never been easier and economical. AD RBT system plays the selected clips to callers while they wait for the respondent to answer the call.
  24. 24. • Ad RBT will not interfere with personal / default RBT after assigned time slot.• Caller/ Group based RBT allows different callers to listen to different RBT• Each MNO’s subscribers can be activated with this service• Work with the customers marketing vision of establishing brand equity, communication of products / services & promotions to drive revenues
  25. 25. AD RBT-A Fresh Way of Advertising Modern society is awash with advertisements that penetrate the individuals consciousness via all kinds of media channels. The media itself is becoming more and more refined in terms of releasing ads and audience positioning. Handsets are becoming a new advertising medium in the wake of TV, newspapers, broadcasting and the Internet, and RBT will become one of the key methods of advertisement delivery via handsets. AD RBTs are set to become a feature of modern life as advertisements for a certain brand or product
  26. 26. Ad RBT-Targeted Marketing Communication Approach  Any given RBT, as experience has suggested, becomes widely spread and known in short span of time.  Image advertising through newspapers and broadcasting possesses limited coverage, and cannot be carried out continuously over a given time period without significant investment.  Ad RBT as implemented via mobile communication can be heard one calling the relevant which is both a targeted and a subliminal marketing ploy.
  27. 27. Ad RBT-Saving on Expensive Media Campaign Cost, Time & Efforts• Ad RBT solution can be availed with a modest and fixed recurring fee, hence the ROI is for conveying brand message across is greater than using any conventional channel.• It gives the accurate measurement of each impression
  28. 28. Ad RBT-Best for Brand Promotion• Ad RBT is best for Brands Promotion as it equips them to communicate their brand message prior to getting into an interpersonal interaction• It is best medium to reach the illiterate class at rural areas to communicate your message.
  29. 29. Ideal Ad Duration
  30. 30. CASE STUDIES
  32. 32. Mobile Advertising is taking offworldwide –Revenues in US$ millions
  33. 33. Globally most major brands are adopting mobile marketing Check your university Receive offers from Training on saftey lectures and your favorite book issues when working your latest exam store on a gas station result Find the Receive info closest if you flight McDonalds ”Remote control” is delayed in life Sign-up to test Scan a barcodedrive a new car and download a video clip Receive a See trailers and do sponsored humor a reservation for the clip every Friday new movie
  34. 34. Globally most major brands are adopting mobile marketing Jaguar used M-Ad to a target audience Diageo launched a special mobile campaign to promoteNike uses mobile to promot new that was male, 35 to 54 years old, their leading vodka brand, Smirnoff using sportswear collection and with a high level of household Vodafone income. • Hyundai targeted a very different segment, new drivers in the 18 to 24 demographic.
  35. 35. In Pakistan – Mobile Marketing is also taking off