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Zaida international presentation

  1. 1. Zaida INTERNATIONALWho we are and what we do
  2. 2. Zaida INTERNATIONAL• Zaida is committed to the principles of fair trade in everything that we do.• At no stage in production are children involved in manufacturing Zaida products.• Zaida is committed to producing the best possible quality and innovative design for the ethical consumer thus maintaining the sustainability of this craft.• Zaida is based in Kashmir, the source of our wonderful products. Being closer to production, we can more closely monitor methods and materials and maintain our ethical principles.• Zaida is growing fast.
  3. 3. The production cycle 1 Design 6 Marketin 2 g& Materials Distributi on 3 4 Productio Finishing n
  4. 4. Design• Zaida’s designs come from Many sources - the one in this picture is by Viola Shackleton, a student at the Royal College of Needlework in London, she visited us in early 2012 to study Kashmiri embroideries. The design is passed onto our very talented design team…• A “cartoon” is made of the design in actual finished size. This is then transferred using powdered ink onto the background fabric by a local designer in Srinagar.
  5. 5. Materials• Locally sourced wool is dyed to Zaida’s specifications using natural dyes where possible. No AZO dyes or harmful dyes are used in the dying process.• We source unbleached cotton for the background to stitching and the cotton backing fabric from Northern India.
  6. 6. Production• The raw materials and printed background designs are passed on to our stitchers who, working in their own homes or in small group gatherings, creating the best chainstitch rugs and cushions in the world.
  7. 7. Finishing• The worked fabric is returned to Srinagar where the backing fabric, labels and buttons or zips are applied.• All items are packed in recycled sacking for shipping.
  8. 8. Marketing & Distribution• Zaida has been marketing Kashmiri crafts in the UK and worldwide for 10 years.• Zaida has a network of distributors who are committed to the supply of fair trade products. They attend International trade Fairs in the UK and Europe.• Zaida’s web presence with for Zaida International & the UK portal for online ordering and distribution together our presence on many of our retail clients’ sites such as gives us a massive online presence.
  9. 9. The Finished Product
  10. 10. Contact UsPhone : 0091 194 2463687Mobile : 0091 9797150625Email
  11. 11. Other Products