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How to set up a CREA DDF (Canadian Real Estate Association Data Distribution Facility) real estate feed for your Jumptools website.

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  • Ddf feed tutorial agents

    1. 1. Creating a DDF Listing Feedfor your Agent Website
    2. 2. 2What’s a “DDF”?CREA created the Data Distribution Facility (DDFTM) to enableCREA’s members to easily disseminate MLS® listing content tomultiple websites, and to ensure that MLS® listing content that isdisplayed on these websites is accurate, up to date, and usesCREA’s trademarks correctly.Members can register to receive a data feed for their National SharedPool and Member Websites. After registering for a data feed,Members will need to prepare their sites to receive the data.Source: http://www.crea.ca/content/resources
    3. 3. 3Huh?In simpler terms, the DDF is simply a centralized database of MLS ® listingsthat CREA makes available to their members (that’s you) or qualifiedwebsite providers acting on their members’ behalf (that’s us).If your broker is participating in the DDF then you will be able to create a“Member Website Data Feed” to allow us to automatically download yourpersonal listings or all of your company listings for display on your website.We refresh the listing contents every day so your listing data never getsstale.Depending on how your Brokerage DDF account has been set up, you mayalso be able to create a National Shared Pool Feed. This type of feed allowsus to show not only your company’s listings on your website, but the listing ofall other brokerages in your province (or Board) who have chosen toparticipate in the DDF National Shared Pool. Think of it as a “National IDX”service offered by CREA.
    4. 4. 4Why Would I Want That?By showing other brokerage listings, you can have thousands of listings onyour website to give site visitors a reason to come back many times. Afterall, consumers want to look at listings. If they can’t see tons of them on yourwebsite, they’ll go to another site that offers them more listings.An even greater benefit of showing other brokerage (IDX) listings on yourwebsite is that all consumer enquiries for any listing on your website aredirected to you, the website owner, giving you leads that can increase yourbusiness.Ready to get started setting up a DDF feed for your website? Read On.
    5. 5. 5Turning on Your DDF FeedThe first thing to do is execute a copy of the CREA DDF Data AccessAgreement and email it to support@jumptools.com or fax it to 416-645-0889.The gives us the authority to use the data feed credentials you will create inthe following steps to download listings to power the Google Map search onyour website.
    6. 6. 6Step 1: Login to RealtorLinkCREA has made the DDF accessible to industry professionals only. Youaccess the DDF administrative screens from your RealtorLink account.
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. Step 2: Click “Access the DataDistribution Facility”8The location of this link may vary depending on your home Board, but itwill be somewhere on your landing page.
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. Step 3: Click “Distribution”10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. Step 4: Click “Add a Data Feed”12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. 14Configure your listings feedDon’t worry about reading the detailed technical specifications provided byCREA – you just need to set up your DDF Feed correctly to allow us to loadthe listings you want on your website. We take care of the rest.You will configure your DDF feed on the screen shown on the following slide.
    15. 15. 15Step 1 Step 2Step 3
    16. 16. 16Setup Step 1 – Website SectionUnder the “website” section, your name will appear (not editable) as theDestination Owner.Set the Status to “Active”.Give the feed a name such as “my website” or “mydomain.com”.Enter the URL of your website - www.mydomain.com if you have a customdomain or agents.jumptools.com/sitename if using a shared domain
    17. 17. 17Setup Step 2 – Technical ContactUnder the “Technical Contact” section, you need to specify Jumptoolscontact information so that we receive notifications with your DDFcredentials (username and password) that we need in order to get yourlistings flowing.Name: Jumptools Inc.Email: support@jumptools.comPhone: 1-416-645-0636Extension: leave blank
    18. 18. 18Setup Step 3 – FiltersThe DDF administration allows you to select which types of listings arecontained in your website listing feed. It’s a bit tricky and has some“unexpected” behaviour, so we recommend the following:Destination Type1. Select National Shared Pool to display “IDX” listings including those ofother participating brokerages on your website2. If you just want to display your own (or your company) listings, then youshould select one of the two Member Website Feed optionsProperty Type – you can choose to include only some property types, forexample excluding all Commercial listings. We recommend selecting allproperty types to get the maximum number of listings.Ownership Type – this one has some odd behaviour – if you select all theavailable ones, you will not get all listings, as many listings in the CREAdatabase do not have a value specified for this field. Your best bet is toleave this blank
    19. 19. 19Setup Step 3 – Filters cont’dProvince – Jumptools requires that you request only one or two provincesand that you not download National Shared Pool listings for all ofCanada.Uploading Board – you can reduce the number of listings you display withinyour Province by selecting one or more source Boards. If you don’t wantto get leads from outside your market area, you may want to considerrestricting your feed to the closest three Boards.For Sale/For Lease – make sure you have selected at least one of thosetwo or you will get no listingsOther Filters – we recommend that you don’t specify other filters so that youdon’t unnecessarily limit the available listings on your website.Please remember if you specified a Member Website feed those filters willalso be applied to your listings or your company listings.Messed it up? You can always login again and reset your filters.
    20. 20. We hope this helpedwww.jumptools.com