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Need for an active mobile & web startup


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Presentation on the first event of the JumpStart technology community initiative in Zimbabwe

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Need for an active mobile & web startup

  1. 1. The need for an active Mobile & Web Startup ecosystem Limbikani S.K. Makani
  2. 2. Over past 3 years Access tomobile improved $1 SIM Cards
  3. 3. Zimbabwe Mobile Penetration 9 MillionZim Population 8,800,000 72% 4,800,000 24% 800,000 2006 2009 2010 2011 2012 Year
  4. 4. Africa too 543 Million1 billion people 600,000,000.00 53% 500,000,000.00 400,000,000.00 300,000,000.00 20% 200,000,000.00 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Year
  5. 5. Access to the Internethas increasedphenomenally too Simple Mobile Phones The Dongle
  6. 6. Since All mobile 2009operators in Zimbabwe now offer 2011 mobilebroadband 2011
  7. 7. Backbone FibreInfrastructure Operators have access to Undersea fibre cable from Zimbabwe
  8. 8. Competitionbringing prices down& more people connecting
  9. 9. Number of Internet2.5 Million* Subscribers in Zimbabwe *Estimate based on operator stats
  10. 10. Zimbabwe in Top 10internet penetration in Africa
  11. 11. The Economic growthopportunity in Africa Africa’s collective GDP in 2020 US $2.6 trillion consumer spending US $1.4 trillion Highest in the world Population growth and urbanisation Source: McKinsey Global Institute
  12. 12. “Private sector is accepted to beimportant agent of economicgrowth, and hence of poverty reduction United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
  13. 13. Who is theprivate Sector?
  14. 14. That private sector is us. We are the answer
  15. 15. What is the opportunity?
  16. 16. “ A few years ago, it would cost at least a million dollars for a team of professionals to produce any commercial software product… with open source software components, and low-cost development tools, the same job can be done by one good hacker for a few thousand dollars - Martin Zwilling
  17. 17. Very low barrier to entry
  18. 18. The opportunity in tech is the low barrier to entry
  19. 19. It’s so apparent the idea of aLean Startup has become ‘cool’
  20. 20. Never been a better time inhistory to start asoftware basedbusiness, especially inAfrica.
  21. 21. Active ICT Startupcommunities have emerged in Africa Tech Hubs, Labs, business incubators
  22. 22. Hive Colab - Uganda Appfrica Labs- Uganda ccHub – NigeriaActive Spaces - Cameroon Nailab – Kenya Zambia
  23. 23. Africa has hadSome mobile and Web Startup Successes
  24. 24. Here are some (of the many) NoteworthyAfrican Startups
  25. 25. Crowd sourced mapping usedapp nowglobally to mapcrisis information Kenya
  26. 26. Daily Deals. One of the most trafficked* websites in Nigeria*
  27. 27. 43 millionglobalusers over 750 000messages are sent andreceived per day.Recently acquired forUSD 60 million** South Africa
  28. 28. • Premium WordPress themes• Bootstrapped• 200,000 users globally and already• 2 million yearly* revenue & Profitable since founding* South African Co-founder
  29. 29. One of mosttrafficked websitesin Zimbabwe.More than 8 millionpageviews* amonth* January 2011 Zimbabwe
  30. 30. Home of Nollywood First launched onon the net. YouTube & becameAttracted 1 million profitable 2 monthsvisitors in first later*month** Nigeria
  31. 31. Mobile Gamedevelopment• Games are available in Apple’s App store• Over 120,000 users** Ghana
  32. 32. We can be achieve this and more
  33. 33. A healthier ecosystem will lower barrier to entry even further
  34. 34. This is what it’s about
  35. 35. We need an active tech community
  36. 36. We need to create a community ofentrepreneurs from where Scalable Startups are built
  37. 37. We need one thatuses technology toeffectively addressSocial & Economic Problems
  38. 38. We need to exposelocal tech activity & celebrate oursuccesses to attract investment.
  39. 39. We need a communitythat enables startups to export services &intellectual property globally
  40. 40. Zimbabwe has the talent,Some of it spreadaround the world
  41. 41. What we need is tobuild the skills locally
  42. 42. Show more peopleopportunities that are there and how they can use them
  43. 43. Create a platform for skillscontribution to the ecosystem by Zimbabwe’s Diaspora
  44. 44. A platform for Interaction & collaboration among Zimbabweans locally & inDiaspora on tech startup issues.
  45. 45. A platform to look at issues on the ground affecting tech Startups in Zimbabwe to collectively engage stakeholders
  46. 46. This is all Possible and it’s up to US to create such a community in Zimbabwe
  47. 47. Thank you
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