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FUSE Ventures, LLC founder and president JEREMY STEPHAN is a
professional synergist. He conn...
Other career highlights (so far):
o CD Projects (one of the largest CD carrying case manufacturer/ marketers)
engaged FUSE...
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Jeremy Stephan Biography


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Jeremy Stephan Biography

  1. 1. JEREMY A. STEPHAN (biography) FUSE Ventures, LLC founder and president JEREMY STEPHAN is a professional synergist. He connects products with the right outlet, giving both the proper exposure they deserve. STEPHAN’s first industry job was at Deer Creek Music Center in Indianapolis, where he was assistant general manager of that amphitheater for three years. He then got into sports & entertainment licensing and merchandising while negotiating trademark rights for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Gibson Guitar, Beatles, USA Basketball, NBA and NFL teams for collectibles. After teaming up with Aminco, the company that held licenses for products associated with the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, he relocated to Los Angeles, working as their Vice President of Sales and Operations for this $40 million company. During his tenure he worked with organizations ranging from the Hard Rock Café, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Coca-Cola Company, VISA, Salt Lake Olympic Committee and major retailers across the US for product distribution. The Pennsylvania native next made his mark in Hollywood (literally), when he joined the licensing firm of Global Icons. For a number of years, he worked with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and helped them manage the trademark of the “Hollywood” Sign, licensing it out for movies, TV commercials and souvenirs on a worldwide basis, negotiating usage deals and making sure its likeness was not used without permission. He has done the same for the Olympics, the estates of Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Bob Hope, the Three Stooges, Nat King Cole, Natalie Wood, Judy Garland, and OzzFest. STEPHAN has since set out on his own to create FUSE, his own promotions, marketing and licensing firm. “I’ve gone from working at a major music venue, to administering and licensing trademarks and now I’m able to combine all my experiences towards one major goal: creating mutually beneficial arrangements where brands and ideas come together.” One of his major clients is the Zippo Manufacturing Company where STEPHAN has aligned this historic lighter company with music fans around the country, searching for the greatest indie or unsigned modern or punk rock groups, in a campaign called the ZIPPO HOT TOUR that will raise Zippo’s profile while showcasing new talent nationwide.
  2. 2. Other career highlights (so far): o CD Projects (one of the largest CD carrying case manufacturer/ marketers) engaged FUSE to facilitate a retail music program showcasing emerging artists with labels such as Dreamworks and Capitol/EMI. Sampler CD created with AFI, All American Rejects, Everclear and others were inserted in a CD carrying case and distributed through the TARGET retail chain for over three months totaling about 300,000 units. o On behalf of the Bob Hope family, FUSE facilitated an exclusive licensing arrangement with the world’s largest marketer and distributor of old time radio shows for the re-packaging and distribution of Bob Hope’s classic radio shows. o FUSE was responsible for facilitating a deal between Emmett/Furla Films and AG Entertainment in which Emmett/Furla has been attached along with Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Films (Terminator, The Hulk, and Punisher) to produce the property entitled MICRONAUTS into film and television. Micronauts was a $300 million dollar toy line back in the 1970’s and the first Japanese animé property to hit the United States. o FUSE acquired intellectual property rights from PADI (world’s largest diving organization) for the development and production of a live action feature film and animated TV series based on a kids program called PADI Seal Team Kids. Two Emmy nominated writers have been commissioned to develop a story around the program. o FUSE was commissioned to develop promotional campaigns for Coca-Cola and Cingular to leverage their sponsorship of the American Idol TV series. o Zippo Hot Tour has been running and expanded for three (3) years thus far and has been partnered with Capitol Records, Geffen Records, Peavey, ESP Guitars, PureVolume, Anvil Cases, SPIN Magazine, AP Magazine, twenty (20) radio stations across the country and more. ###