Sms module 2


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Sms module 2

  1. 1. SMS Module
  3. 3. Definition of Terms• Listview – A View in SugarCRM which tabulates all the records in a given module• DetailView – A View in SugarCRM that shows the details of one record• TargetList – Holds records for 5 modules, this list is used for campaigns and contains the list of records that will receive the SMS/Email• Email Marketing – A module connected to the campaigns module and contains the template and the specified hour of sending• Email Template – Contains the message to be sent.Note:There are only four modules that can use the SMS, namelyAccounts, Contacts, Leads, and Targets.
  4. 4. Course Content• Sending Individual SMS• Sending Bulk SMS• Sending SMS Campaigns
  5. 5. Individual SMS• SMS that is sent out to a particular user via the DetailView• In the “Activities Subpanel” of a record there is a dropdown arrow that when pressed opens up the modal window for the SMS• Image 1 shows the list of modules that the SMS module Applies under the Marketing Tab• Image 2 is the subpanel dropdown where you can create an SMS
  6. 6. Individual SMS• Below is the Image of the “Modal Window” that popup when the send SMS button is clicked The Modal Window is divided into 2: 1. Phone Number Field is pre- filled with the Records Mobile Number 2. Message Field that will contain the message Note that both are needed to send out SMS. Even if you change the number in the phone number field it will still send out the default number
  7. 7. Bulk SMS• On the ListView of the Module you can select multiple records• Afterwards click the dropdown arrow beside the “delete” button and click “Send SMS”• You will then be redirected to a page containing the modal window for sending SMS
  8. 8. SMS CampaignNow the Campaign module is a little tricky you needthe following to send out a campaign:1. Target List2. The Actual Campaign Record3. Marketing Attachment4. Template(Note: The Order in which they are listed should befollowed)Click Here if everything is setup
  9. 9. Target List• Go to the Target List module and create one• Add the records that will receive the SMS MessageSelect the TargetLists for menu Add the records in Choose or create your TargetList the TargetList via the fields
  10. 10. Campaigns• Go to the Campaign tab• Create or Select a Campaign and set it to SMSSelect the Campaigns from the menu This is the part where you add the TargetList(s), and create the SMS Choose or create your Campaign Marketing
  11. 11. Marketing• Marketing (Email / SMS) is a unique record attached to a campaign. Records that had been sent this marketing (by default) would not receive it again if the campaign was initiated again• Fill in all the required fields. Start Date & Time is the actual time and date that the message will be sent• “Send This Message To” field can either be selected to send in all Target List or choose specific Target Lists
  12. 12. Template • While in the Email Marketing you can either choose to create your email template, use one that is already created or edit it and then use it. • Pressing Create or Edit will open a popup which you can construct your message.Parts of the Email Template Popup:1. Name of the Template2. The type is default to campaign3. Description of the template (optional)4. Dynamic Variables that Can be used in a Campaign5. Tracker URL should only be filled for Email Campaign6. Subject is also for email campaign, leave it blank.7. Send text only button is checked because this is only an SMS we are sending.8. Main body of the SMS (that will be sent)
  13. 13. Summary of the CampaignAfter you run the SMS Campaign you will be redirected toa page where you can monitor the progress of your SMSCampaign like the o Queued(pending) SMS o Sent SMS o Invalid Numbers o Message that were not sent o Opt Out’sCampaign is also Equipped to attach to the Message aline similar to this “To Opt Out send <KEY WORK> to thisnumber”If they choose to Opt out they would be sent a follow upSMS saying “Successfully opted out to resume send<Keyword > to this number”
  14. 14. Additional InfoSMS Statistics:• In 2003, the average Filipino mobile subscriber sent an average of 195 text messages per month (about 7 messages a day). By comparison, that same year the average user in the USA sent 13 a month.• In 2005, Filipinos sent on average 250 million text messages a day - 33 million subscribers• In 2006, Filipinos sent 350 to 400 million texts messages a day - 35 millions users.• In 2007, Filipinos sent a staggering 1.39 billion text messages – roughly 50 million users.• In 2009, the trend continues but there are now about 73 million subscribers.• With a recent US study revealing that the average Filipino cellphone user sends an average of 600 text messages per month (or 43% more than their counterparts in the United States). ( SMS Module is Also equipped to handle the replies from individual messagesand campaign messages.Said replies will be filed under the recipient’s record on your CRM