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Innovation ecosystem in tanzani



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Innovation ecosystem in tanzani

  1. 1. The Innovation ecosystem of Tanzania.
  2. 2. why do we need to speak about innovation?
  3. 3. 900,000 Number of youth getting into the job market in Tanzania ? (Source: World Bank Article)
  4. 4. If you do critical analysis of the situation..
  5. 5. 900,000 approxNumber of youth getting into the job market P(e)= n(e)/u(e)They have less than 10% chance of getting employed. 50,000 approxThose who got employed in the formal sector
  6. 6. We need to encourage youths to do 3 things... ▧ First, to see opportunities... ▧ Second, to act towards those opportunities.. ▧ Third, to do it a little bit different... That is what Buni Does...
  7. 7. UDSM untold stories... ▧ Goodluck Akyoo, Time Tickets ▧ Michael Kimollo, Soka App ▧ Jacqueline Dismas, 3D printer & Drip Irrigation Sensor
  8. 8. Getting back to the ecosystem… Complex Network of interconnected systems...
  9. 9. The System (A set of things working together) The current situation of the innovation ecosystem... The Process (Steps taken to achieve a certain end) UNIs (R&D) VETA (M) SIDO (M) I.S (I) Funding Mechanisms Idea Commercialization & Scaling P.M (P.R) P.S Intellectual Property & Ownership I.P (S& M) Policies & Regulations
  10. 10. At least this is what we do at Buni... Students, Graduates, Makers & Talented Youths Internship, Mentorship, Community Outreach, Makerspace (Buni Hub) Encourage them to join Incubation Programmes (DTBI)
  11. 11. Getting back to the Universities..
  12. 12. 3rd Generation Universities…. 1ST Generation Universities (1000s) 2ND Generation Universities (1500s) 3RD Generation Universities (2000s) ● Education ● Master ● Education ● Research ● Lecturer ● Education ● Research ● Entrepreneurship ● Coaches
  13. 13. The role of Universities... Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship to Students encouraging establishment of innovation & Co-creation spaces within the Universities to nurture their ideas & projects. Promoting Innovation & entrepreneurship to graduates encouraging establishment of incubators to incubate their businesses. To support students... To support graduates...
  14. 14. “Failure to make a decision is itself a decision...
  15. 15. How can you get involved?
  16. 16. Thanks! Any questions? @J4Mtambalike