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IEEE format report about Cyber-security seminar in Bangalore 2010

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  1. 1. CYBER SECURITY Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike Bsc.Computer science and electronics,Dayanandasagar College Bangalore University,India Web technologies. Bangalore,India Abstract— Cyber crime is emerging as serious threat. To the Vishing is the criminal practice of using social engineering world of computer technology, governments, police and Voice over IP (VoIP) to gain access to private personal, intelligence units are acting toward the issue closely. Different information from the public for the purpose of financial strategies are put into action. The effort is done to educate reward. The term is the combination of Voice and Phishing. people and to expose them to the idea that it is not safe D. Cyber stalking. anymore to navigate in the cyber world without security. This report is based on different research done by people and The term refers to the act of online stalking which involve Organization about cyber security. online harassment and abuse. It involves vandalizing property, threatening behaviours and message or objects which disturb Keywords— cyber-security, cyber-crime, Phishing and Hacking. the user of the Internet or cyber technologies. I. INTRODUCTION Cyber Security, techniques developed to safeguard III. GLOBAL ATTACK TREND. information and information systems stored on computers. Potential threats include the destruction of computer hardware Cyber security is a collective concern that is comprehensive in and software and the loss, modification, theft, unauthorized scope—the Internet has no National boundaries. Whereas use, observation, or disclosure of computer data. security is typically regulated at the government level, cyber security is at once national, international and private concerned. II. TYPES OF CYBERCRIME A. Asia. The need of cyber security is due to the increase of cyber The entire Asian continent is in the blink of cyber wars for crimes or online crimes. In recent years several new method example hostile cyber actions have taken place in the past and ways of practicing these crimes has been established between India and Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia, and including: Japan and the People’s Republic of China. This indicates the A. Phishing. need and essentialness of cyber security around the word. It is among the internet fraud involving getting financial With every new application, newer vulnerabilities crop up, information illegally online spam e-mail pretending to be from posing immense challenges to those who are mandated to bank or any institution concerning with the user of the account protect the IT assets. asking him to send account number or password for verification while the original aim is to use the privacy of the B. America user for illegal activities. America and Canada especially North America are the most affected areas with cyber crimes due to the huge number B. Hacking. of computer literate people. In recent days teenagers are Hacking is the crime involves invading systems and extremely exposed into cybercrimes making add for the law gaining unauthorized access to the data stored in them. A enforcers to enforce the law. hacker refers to someone who secretively invades other’s computers, inspecting or tampering with the programs or data stored on them. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECURITY TECHNIQUES. NO. Information security management system. Country ISO 9000 27001 C. Vishing. 1 WORLD 951486 77326
  2. 2. 2 CHINA 210773 146 3 ITALY 115309 148 4 JAPAN 731766 276 5 SPAIN 5112 93 6 INDIA 46091 94 7 USA 36192 8 Due to the concern of cyber security United States try to allied with the Asian countries for example India try to counteract the problem of Cyber security. Fig 1 Global Attack Trend. C. Europe Headings . Fig. 1 shows the intensity of the situation according to different locations and areas on the earth surface .The 1) Level-1 Heading: A level-1 heading must be in Small situation is bad and critical in areas were a lot of people are Caps, centred and numbered using uppercase Roman computer literate and exposed to the networking word. numerals. For example, see heading “III. Page Style” of Although the effort has been done the unified effort is must. this document. The two level-1 headings which must not be numbered are “Acknowledgment” and “References”. • The RED colour is for areas between (0.32-94.92)% 2) Level-2 Heading: A level-2 heading must be in Italic, • The YELLOW colour for areas between (0.03-0.24)% left-justified and numbered using an uppercase alphabetic • The BLUE colour for areas between (0.01-0.02)% letter followed by a period. For example, see heading “C. Section Headings” above. E. Australia. 3) Level-3 Heading: A level-3 heading must be indented, In Australia some countries around the area the effect has been seen also in recent days were the number of junk mails in Italic and numbered with an Arabic numeral followed by a right parenthesis. The level-3 heading must end with a and online hackers has been increase tremendously. colon. The body of the level-3 section immediately follows the level-3 heading in the same paragraph. For example, this paragraph begins with a level-3 heading. IV. TERMINOLOGIES. D. Africa. A. Malicious Codes. In Africa the situation is not very bad because few people are exposed to the vulnerability due to limited number of resources and networking facilities. Although in countries like Nigeria were they are famous for online spam mails to the online computer users are still not under control and their number increase day after day. Some effort has been done to counteract the situation by law enforcers but still not enough. Fig. 2 System Administrators in action protecting the server security.
  3. 3. VI. OVERCOMING CYBERCRIMES. Overcoming the cyber crimes is the main aim of cyber security in order to do that several aspects of has to be considered including. 1) Security policy and legal framework: The security policy must be kept tight to prevent law breakers from committing cyber crimes. The legal framework especially must analyse the system to create more opportunities for law enforcers to prevent cyber criminals to commit their crimes. 2) Law enforcement: The laws established to guide the right of privacy and ownership of product should be Fig 4 Percentage of cyber incidents 2008 practiced by every government and privacy agency and should be enforced by law so that to protect the rights of properties online. 3) Research and development: Worldwide research on cyber security should be implemented so as to face the new threat in the cyber world. The new ways of protection and encryption should be developed to overcome the tactics of experienced and more powerful hackers. 4) International Collaboration: International cooperation is the most important thing if the war has to be won sharing the ideas and opinions on how to overcome the problem of cyber-crimes by establishing worldwide organisations to deal with the situation. Fig 3 Percentage of cyber incidents 2009 VII.CONCLUSIONS Cyber security is essentially about managing future risk and responding to current and past incidents and attacks. This B. Scam. report has offered a highly standardized and clear model for All the activities involving tricking people online by processing risk-management information about critical making them to believe in something and sending money or information infrastructures, one that can be applied at both the valuable item is considered to be scam. Scam is totally illegal international and national levels. The urgent task ahead is to and serious punishment is applied to the offender. identify the key information flows that are required for cyber C. Intrusion. security and to establish linkages among the various organizational entities that can best collect and use this An illegal entry via online into someone server or PC often information. by force and penetrating through the system security without the permission of the user is considered to be Intrusion and it ACKNOWLEDGMENT is a cyber crime. It has been a tremendous achievement to accomplish this report. I would like to thank the administration for what I have D. Cyber-terrorism achieved, the department of Computer science in Terrorism involving the use of computer especially in Dayanandasagar College and my class teacher Prathima.Also I military operation is considered to be cyber terrorism in recent would like to recognize the sources such as Microsoft Encarta days there has been pressure between countries complaining for the support. one country has tried to obtain their military secret operation using illegal computer activities. V.
  4. 4. REFERENCES [1] Microsoft student Encarta 2009 edition [2] [3] Dr.B.Muthukumaran “CYBER CRIME SCENARIO IN INDIA” [4] [5] [6]