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3 Benefits of Location Data Driven Loyalty Marketing

How customer data from location analytics can help you address the common loyalty marketing challenges and create lasting loyalty for your brand.

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3 Benefits of Location Data Driven Loyalty Marketing

  2. 2. 2COPYRIGHT © 2017, JULY SYSTEMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Loyalty Is Not Driven By Discounts Most loyalty programs are designed to primarily offer financial benefits to customers. But if you think of it, loyalty among customers is not created by price discounts. Customers who buy from you because of price will stop doing so if they can find a cheaper alternative elsewhere. You have to find a better way to retain existing customers. According to Gartner, 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from only 20% of its existing customers.
  3. 3. 3COPYRIGHT © 2017, JULY SYSTEMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Benefits of Location Data Driven Loyalty Let’s look at how location technology can help you address these common challenges and create lasting loyalty: There are 3 main benefits of location analytics driven loyalty marketing: 1. Understand Your Customers Better 2. Identify Right Engagement Channels 3. Real Time Personalization
  4. 4. 4COPYRIGHT © 2017, JULY SYSTEMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1. Understand Your Customers Better The WiFi analytics platform deployed at your business venue can help you capture behavioral data and help you answer some really tough questions: 1. Identify customers are worth keeping? 2. Which segment of customers to let lag? 3. Which customers to let go?
  5. 5. 5COPYRIGHT © 2017, JULY SYSTEMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2. Identify Right Engagement Channels Customers can be targeted using a variety of channels such as SMS, in-app notification, emails or captive portals. But if you want to convert your existing customer base to a loyal group of customers, you also need to know which of these channels work best in attracting their attention. Fortunately, another strength of a location analytics platform is its ability to analyze marketing campaign responses. A business owner can view how many sales transactions were made in each of his stores, how many offers were redeemed using email coupons, how many SMS discount coupons were used during in-store transactions and how many in- app notifications led to sales?
  6. 6. 6COPYRIGHT © 2017, JULY SYSTEMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3. Real Time Personalization Messages that are not relevant to customers will simply fly past them. On the other hand, personalization can result in 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click through rates. This is a major reason why companies are focusing on personalizing experiences to drive customer loyalty. There are many ways in which a WiFi location analytics platform can help you personalize customer experience that includes: - Putting a name to the face - Identify different set of customers - Special Treatment for Loyal customers
  7. 7. 7COPYRIGHT © 2017, JULY SYSTEMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Location Analytics: A Force Multiplier Web, social, mobile: each new technological wave that marketers need to understand and harness seems to follow right on the heels of the previous one. The next big thing, certainly in retail, seems to be location analytics. Location analytics is not just a useful technology on its own, it’s real value is as a force multiplier for things like loyalty programs and mobile advertising.
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