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New knowledge of Montessori


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New knowledge of Montessori

  1. 1. Methamorphosis Organization Proudly collaborating with Montessori Peace Association
  2. 2. Montessori, a medical doctor and pioneer educator, was born in Italy in 1870 and died in 1952. She lived principally in Italy, Spain, India and the Netherlands through a turbulent period of World Wars and revolutions.
  3. 3. Although uprooted many times in her life and several times a refugee, she continued to study children, stablished schools, give lectures and train teachers on three continents
  4. 4. And we, must know the reason of this phenomenon, thus, we need a continuous reading about Montessori's Philosophy
  5. 5. and her concepts of: •Sensitive Periods •Absorbent Mind •Planes of Development
  6. 6. Maria Montessori concentrated upon the goal of education, rather than its methods. She defined this goal as “the development of a complete human being, oriented to the environment, and adapted to his or her time, place and culture”
  7. 7. This adaptation involves the capacity to meet new situations and to have the intelligence and courage to transform them when change is needed
  8. 8. Today we might define this goal as the preparation of children to live successfully in their world, by which we mean the future, rather than to live primarily in ours, which is the present and the past