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Welcome to Medellin


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Welcome to Medellin

  1. 1. 1 The City of Eternal Spring
  2. 2. Colombia’s “company of Where do I go? the century”. Medellín is considered a Medellín, the bustling business center of the highest caliber. In “Mountain all its stores, shopping Capital”” is a city centers, and factory settled in a valley outlets it is possible to and protected by purchase, at reasonable Medellín is a *green city*, imposing mountain prices, textiles and with well-designed streets clothing of varied design, chains. and avenues adorned with as well as shoes and other many kinds of trees, garments of excellent Founded in 1675 as the including wild-growing quality. For this reason Villa de Nuestra Señora fruit trees that give (and many others), de la Candelaria de shelter to more than 150 Medellín is also considered Medellín (Town of Our different species of birds the “Fashion Capital of Lady of La Candelaria of and wildlife. Colombia”. Medellín), Medellín was The city possesses a rail- declared a city in 1813 based mass-transit and was elevated to the “Antioqueños” are system called “El Metro”. position of a capital of the hospitable by It crosses the city from Department of Antioquia North to South and from nature - a great in 1816. downtown Medellin to the quality perceived western end of the city, by those who’ve Medellín is a beautiful including a new line that metropolis of stark had the privilege of travels Northwest via a contrasts. Its preservation visiting the city. complex system of of appropriately restored hanging cable cars called 19th century buildings “Metro Cable”. This So when you come to along with the creation of modern mean of Medellín, let yourself be innovative and modern transportation is, at whisked-away by the structures give the city a present, unique in generous “PAISA spirit”; modern and dynamic Colombia and an example expressed by its appearance, framed by for the entire world in inhabitants in the form of the generous natural terms of order, smiles, affection, landscape that surrounds cleanliness, and safety. spontaneity, friendship, it. and understanding. Truly Public utilities are the best something to be in South America, with a remembered and coverage of 98% of the treasured by all our general population, visitors and friends! thanks to Empresas Públicas de Medellín (the municipally-owned multiple utility company), an organization which stands out as one of the best in South America. More than once it has been declared the 2 The City of Eternal Spring
  3. 3. be connect all our electronic Population devices to a 110 Volt outlet or simply buy batteries for devices that can function with either The Greater Metropolitan energy source. . Area has approximately 3.204.471 inhabitants, of whom 2.4 million live Music within the city itself. Weather Good radio stations for contemporary and popular international music are: Medellín is world “Radioaktiva” (88.9 FM), “La Mega” (107.9 FM), renowned for being “La Súper Estación” (92.9 known as the “City FM), “Veracruz” (98.9 FM) divided into two of Eternal Spring”. categories: the rainy For music traditional to season and the dry the region: “La season, often with Vallenata” (94.9 FM), humidity levels of “Rumba Estereo” (93.9 40%-50%. FM), “Tropicana” (102.9 FM) The weather is very unpredictable – it can rain For people who prefer and be cold in the played back tunes or summer and you can get energetic dance, house nice days after weeks of and trans beats, listen to: rain (only rarely “La X” (103.9 FM). though!!). In the last few years it seems that the If you want to buy music, summers have got very the shops to visit are hot (25 Celsius +), so be Tower Records and aware of this and pack Prodiscos, both of which accordingly! If you are are conveniently located here near the end of the in the most visited malls, year it does get very cold such as El Tesoro, Oviedo, and wet, so bring some Unicentro or Monterrey. warm clothing and (most Most of the time, the importantly!) an umbrella. climate is sunny and warm with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 25 Electricity °Celsius. Since it is located so near to the Ecuador, Medellín does not experience the traditional seasonal effect Most of our electronic of most other countries circuits work within a (no winter or fall) and it’s continuous current given weather status can system, so we normally 3 The City of Eternal Spring
  4. 4. thinking of living in, and differences may be an Living in cleaning costs can vary issue here, since most depending on what you Medellín want done and how often. Here, it is common to hire a female cleaning assistant for cooking, cleaning and laundry One of the most arrangements, and she important things you have will come in as often as to consider when visiting you want (or need) her a foreign country is to, assuming you can pay housing and living the 25.000 peso daily fee. Colombian families are arrangements, which is Sundays are “rest days, quite conservative and why we’ve designed this so don’t expect to get often have rules on how section to give you anyone to clean your to behave within the accurate information house in that time. If you household. This is why it about your options when have some clothes that is important to be clear on visiting Medellin. So, here you want to have dry- the terms of the living goes; essentially you have cleaned, there are many arrangements before 3 options: living alone, establishments that can committing to any living with a family, or help you, but fees may contract. living with friends or vary, so it’s better to ask roommates. and find which is the best company for you. Living with friends/ *Also, now there is the Living Alone roommates/flat mates new option of staying in a youth hostel during the transitional phase Things to consider: Things to consider: between living quarters, and this guide provides First of all, you have to There is a monthly the link to an AIESEC pay rent for an apartment payment involved, and approved facility in its that is either this includes not only links page. “furnished” (the basics: rent, but also the bed, closet and night compounded utilities of table) or otherwise, in the house (divided by the which case the number of people that are Living with a family responsibility of coming staying with you). It is a up with furniture is must to agree on hiring entirely up to you. someone to clean your Things to consider: house (for more information, please look There is a monthly briefly at the section titled payment envolved, but it “Living Alone”). Grocery usually includes arrangements vary, since commodities such as food, you can agree to pay only room, laundry service, for yourself, or to share and utilities, as well as all the food in the house. any additional services the house/ apartment may provide (pool access, Also, utilities depend on sauna, etc...). Cultural which sector you’re 4 The City of Eternal Spring
  5. 5. What can I do Chocolate Shirts From $3.000 of 40 Gr $10.000 to $30.000 with my salary? Big Mac Newspaper $7.000 $1.700 The salary you receive will Hot-Dog Movie Rental be enough to cover your $4.500 $3.000 to $6.000 accommodation and basic necessities in Medellín. Pizza This would translate into From $3.000 and up Market Place an amount of approximately $800.000 Bus Ticket pesos a month. However, $1.200 to $1.300 you will only be paid after the first month, so make Metro Ticket This is a sure you have enough $1.600 hypermarket where you resources to survive until can find just about then! Cigarettes anything under the sun. $3.000 -$ 5.000 for a box There is one near EAFIT It is up to you to decide of 20 University that can be how much money you reached via bus with bus- think you’ll need, but we’ll Condoms line 303 and others. There give you an idea of how $5.000 for a pack of 3 are also Exitos in Bello, much things generally Guayaquil, San antonio, cost here so you can work Hair Cut Poblado, Envigado, it out on your own: From $5.000 for Men to Laureles, and Colombia. $10.000 for women Shampoo $8.000 This is another large hypermarket. There is one Toothbrush located a couple of blocks $3.500 from EAFIT University, as well as another on 65th Toothpaste Street. $4.500 for a box of 1000cc Milk $1.700 Pomonas and Carullas are both conveniently-located Bread mini-marts. These can be $2.500 a bit pricier than usual, but they carry a wide Umbrella selection of imported $10.000 Meals goods and are A normal lunch will cost conveniently located CD you about $6.000 within most major malls From $2.000 for a virgin and commercial CD up to $30.000 for Beer establishments. original copies $1.500- $3.000 5 The City of Eternal Spring
  6. 6. cable-car North: “Mariano Ospina What about transportation Pérez Terminal” system in the transportation world. In addition to being one of the city’s more important systems? Connected to the Metro, shopping centers, this was its technological the first terminal designed predecessor, this as a joint terminal for massive-transportation both train and bus system is presented as a passengers. El Metro clean and sustainable alternative to traditional forms of transportation. It Jose Maria Cordova This is one of the boasts of a fleet of 92 most modern and Airport cabins in total with a comfortable mass capacity to carry up to 10 passengers each. transportation The landing strip is 3,500 systems in the meters (11,482 ft, 2.17 Americas and the miles) long and can first to be built in handle ten planes at a Colombia. time. It possesses a large commercial area, a chapel, an auditorium, Inaugurated on November various bars and 30, 1995, it possesses restaurants, and several two lines, the A-Line that bank branches. crosses the Aburrá Valley from North to South and the B Line that goes in a westward direction from the downtown area. There South: “Alberto Díaz are 25 stations in total. Muñoz Terminal” This terminal was inaugurated in 1995 to handle the bus routes for Enrique Olaya Herrera the Southwest, Eastern, Airport and Southern sectors of the country. It also possesses a large This airport is considered shopping facility. The one of the most terminal is located close predominant regional El Metro Cable to the El Poblado Metro airports in Colombia, and Station and Olaya Herrera alomg with Pope John Airport. Paul || Park it forms one “MetroCable” is of the most important seen as the first recreational complexes in Colombian- the city. It’s specialty? Regional flights. operated aerial 6 The City of Eternal Spring
  7. 7. Colombian Bills Currency Colombian money is represented with the “Peso”. Roughly 1 USD is equivalent to 1.800 1.000 pesos. Normally all Pesos payments within the city will be made in Pesos. Nevertheless, some hotels accept dollars, credit cards, and international traveler’s checks, so please make sure before making an important purchase. 2.000 Pesos Coins 50 Pesos 5.000 Pesos 100 Pesos 10.000 10.000 Pesos 200 Pesos 20.000 20.000 Pesos 500 Pesos 50.000 50.000 Pesos 7 The City of Eternal Spring
  8. 8. (avenida Colombia and Tel: 4445500 70th ) Hours: Monday through What can I do Sunday, 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Sunday and holidays in Medellín? from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. co Must-see places! The gardens include the “Orquideorama”, a greenhouse of gigantic Life Monument size where world exhibitions of orchids are held. The Sports Complex is composed of the following facilities: a soccer Cerro Nutibara, Pueblito stadium, softball Paisa diamond, baseball diamond, large and small coliseums, a bicycle race track, tennis club, Olympic swimming pool, jockey and skating arena, and a ceremonial flan Calle Colombia and plaza. carrera 64B. Suramericana center Santa Fe Zoological “The Sculpture to Life” created by Rodrigo Arenas Park Betancur in the 1970’s is Calle 30A # 55-64 described by the artist Tel: 2358370 himself as follows: “at Carrera 52 # 20-63 water level is the Indian Tel: 2351326 There are restaurants skull, grinning and erotic, Hours: Monday with local and then a woman who lifts a throughsunday, 9:00 a.m international cuisine, as child in her arms; the ear to 5:00 p.m. well as shops selling of corn is then seen near hand-made crafts and the womb of the second The zoo houses 1.350 cool souvenirs from the woman, who turns into different animals that region!. flames; at the top is the represent over 230 man who catches the species, 14 of them stars”. foreign and the rest being Ecoparuqe Cerro El native specimens to the Volador land. Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex Botanical Gardens The Ecoparque Cerro el Volador has the following attractions: Calle 73 # 51D-14 Calle 48 # 77-120 8 The City of Eternal Spring
  9. 9. the Camellon de los parties, congresses, Cotidiano, time spiral, meetings and shows, mirador ride, and the hill either held in-doors or garden. under the open sky. The Major Plaza Parque Norte The most ambitious (North Park) urban-development project in the city. It standson an area of Carrera 53 # 76-115 Transport yourself to a 311.000 squared meters Pbx:: 2115560- fax:: different kind of place, and it’s main attention- 2118248 where nature and man grabber is the join forces to create an International Conventions The park includes a lake environment of tranquillity Centre, one of the most and several mechanical and peace. architecturally and attractions, including a A treat for all the 5 technologically modern mini rollercoaster. senses! convention centres in Latin America. Parque de las Aguas Saint Antony Park Parque de los Deseos (Wish Park) The park is located in downtown Medellin, Attractions include: between Calles 44 (San Basking in pure Medellin Juan) and 46 (Maturín), sunlight, enjoying the and between carreras 46 “eclipse”, solar clock, (Avenida Oriental) and 49th Street (Junin). hearing the voices at distance, celestial sphere, wind world, observatory, Pope John Paul park music, and a heliostat. Km. 23, Barbosa highway Tel: 4675000 Tel: 5166005 CARRERA 70 # 16-04 TEL: 3417366 Considered the largest in Medellín’s Exposition A lovely place to play South America, this water and Convention Centre sports and participate in park provides a water several recreational slide area, a “lazy river” activities. and several artificial wave pools. A lot of fun on a Calle 41 # 55-35 hot day! Tel: 2324522-2321112 The centre is an enclosed Parque de los Pies area divided into a multiple-stage area that Descalzos gives this structure the flexibility to be used for expositions, conventions, 9 The City of Eternal Spring
  10. 10. Information: This is the inhabited by one of the Museums house where renowned most prominent families artist Pedro Nel Gomez in Medellín. You can lived, and shortly after his explore its rooms and death it was converted delight in seeing turn of Sala-Museo Historia del into a museum thanks to the century furniture and the generous contribution artifacts, all the while Ferrocarril de Antioquia made by his family. Inside learning about its there is an impressive delightful family heritage. collection of more than 1924 original works of art, Museo de Antioquia as well as a handsome library with aproximately 500 volumes of art literature. Museo El Castillo Diego Echavarría Open Hours: Mondar to Saturday: 9:30 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. Sunday and Address: Carrera 52 Nº hoidays: 10:00 a. m. to 43-31 4:00 p. m. Founded in: 1.993. Address: Pasaje Veracruz, Contact number:. (94) Carrera 52 A Nº 51 A-29, 3810733 - 3810790 A. A. 12256 Fax. (94) 3810790 Founded in: 1.881. Theme: History, science Contact number: (94) and technology. 2513636 Fax: (94) 2510874 Theme: Arte. Arte Colonial. Arte Casa Museo Maestro Contemporáneo. Numismática. Pedro Nel Gómez Arqueología. Open hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 11:30 Open Hours: Monday thru Museo de Arte Moderno Thursday: 9:00 a. m. to a.m. y 2.00 to 5:30 p.m. Address: Dirección: Calle 12:00 m. and 2:00 to de Medellín 5:00 p.m. 9 Sur Nº 32-269, Loma Los Balsos, El Poblado Saturdays: Guided tours Open Hours: Monday to Founded in: 1.972. 10: 00 a. m. Friday: 10:00 a. m. to Dirección: Carrera 51 B Contact number: (94) 7:00 p. m. Saturday: 2660900 Nº 85-24 10:30 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. Fax:(94) 2686040 Founded in: Novewmber Address: Carrera 64 B Nº 15, 1975 Theme: Decorative and 51-64 historic art. Contact numbers: (94) Founded in: August 24, 2332633 - 2440725 Information: An old 1978 manor that was formerly Theme: Art 10 The City of Eternal Spring
  11. 11. Contact number. (94) Theme: Archeology, Contact number: 256 91 53 2302622 - 2302723 indigenous ethnography, Fax. (94) 2302723 africo-colombian Theme: Contemporary ethnography, natural Casa Museo Fernando art. sciences, zoology, art and González quot;Otrapartequot; Information: A museum history. specializing in the creative works of well-known Museo Histórico de Open Hours: Monday to national artists. Sunday: 8: 30 a. m. to 12: 00 Antioquia m. and 2: 00 to 6: 00 p.m. Address: Carrera 43 A Nº 27 Sur-63 Founded in: Nov. 29, 1979 Museo Universitario - Contact number: (94) Universidad de 2761415 Fax: (94) 3321755 Antioquia Theme: History and Literature. Instituto de Bellas Artes Open Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 to 11:30 a. m. and 1:30 to 5: 00 p.m. Address: Palacio de la Cultura quot;Rafael Uribe Uribequot;, Carrera 51 Nº 52-03. Founded in: 1.986. Contact number: (94) 2513654 - 2510064 Fax: (94) 2518461 Theme: History and art. Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe Open Hours: Monday, Contact number: 239 26 74 - Palacio de Bellas Artes Tuesdays and Thursdays 239 75 00 Address: Cr. 42 No 52 – 33 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m. (La Playa) and 2: 00 to 6:00 p.m. Sede Ayacucho con Wednesday: 8:00 a. Cervantes Cr. 42 A No 48 – Teatro Metropolitano de 6:00 p. m. Friday: 8:00 a. 86 m. to 4: 00 p.m. Medellín Contact number: 239 10 00 - Saturday: 9: 00 a.m. to 239 42 35 - 239 48 20 2: 00 p.m. Webpage: Address: Calle 67 Nº Contact number: 232 85 84 - 53-108, Calle E-mail: 232 28 58 Barranquilla, Ciudad Universitaria, Bloque 15 Contact number: 232 45 22 - Teatro Universidad de Founded in:1942. 232 11 12 E-mail: Contact number: (94) Medellín 2195180 Fax: (94) 2638282 11 The City of Eternal Spring
  12. 12. Forum, Hostal Santiago Museo del Banco • Taking Trips de Arma, Hotel Oasis Santander: Here you Aymarca, Hotel Casa can find information Near Medellín Loma and Hotel Dinastía. about the Church fathers, the first accounting books, Santa fe de documents and Rionegro antique furniture from Antioquia the Banco del Oriente (Rionegro’s first financial institution). Parque de los Mártires, • where you can find the statue of the “Libertador Simón Bolívar”. The monument to • Córdova. The statue of General • Santa Fe de Antioquia is Córdova, located in It is located 45 kilometres located 79 kms from the Park of Libertad. from Medellín. Taking the Medellín. To get there, bus is usually your best La Colina del • here are several bet, and a ticket is priced Cementerio (Cemetery transportation companies at $2500 pesos or slightly Hill). There lie the that you have at you higher. No matter which graves of José María disposal: route you take (including Córdova, the Coronel Cootransuroccidente, Las Palmas, Santa Elena Botero Villegas, and Transporte Gómez or the Autopista), you’ll other famous patriots. Hernández, Transporte have a quick and efficient Urabá, and Rápido Ochoa. Cerro el Capiro • means of travelling to and A standard bus ticket to (Veredas Santa Teresa through Rio Negro. Santa Fe is priced at and the Capiro). $6.500 pesos. Ecological zone el Places of interest for the • In order to get to Santa Cerro Verde (Veredas Fe de Antioquia, the bus average tourist: Varumal, el Progreso has to travel through the and the Cerro (the San Cristobal Peak). Museo de Arte neighbourhood via a route • religioso (Museum of called the “Carretera al Los Baños de la • Religious Art). Mar” (Road to the Sea) Quebrada (the Creek and pass through Cripta de Juan del Baths) • Boquerón and San Corral (Juan del Jerónimo. Corral’s Cript): Located in the Boarding: Bed and Boarding Places of Interest: Catedral de San Nicolás. Here you can find a wide Casa de la Convención • La Catedral Basílica • variety of hotels and (architecture) Metropolitana. hostels available for your Casa de la Maestranza stay, including: Hostería La Ermita de los • • Llanogrande, Recinto Mártires or the Iglesia Casa de la Cultura • Quirama, Hotel Las Lomas de Chiquinquirá (House of Culture). 12 The City of Eternal Spring
  13. 13. (Situated in fron of the Hotel Mariscal Jardin Robledo) El Museo Juan del • Corral. One of the prettiest towns Located on quot;Calle de • in Antioquia, its plazas la and parks are a faithful Amarguraquot; (Bitterness representation of Street). Go right and then you’ll traditional paisa be on the route to Amagá. El Palacio Consistorial • architecture. For those of you little Mon y Velarde. travelling devils driving La Iglesia de Mi Padre • there, there’s a toll to pay Jesús. before you get there, so El Museo de Arte • have some cash handy (at Religioso Francisco least $10.000 pesos). Cristóbal Toro Among the must-see El Viejo Seminario • places to visit are the: (Seminario Mayor Túneles del Ferrocarril Santo Tomás de and the Viaducto en la Jardín can be found 134 Aquino) vereda La Delgadita; the kms from Medellín. To get La Iglesia de Santa • rustic guadua built bridge there, you can use Bárbara by the quebrada (stream) transportation services La Casa Negra (The • de Amagá. from: Transporte Black House) In between it’s peaks are Suroeste or Rápido El Puente de Occidente • El Morro de la Paila, el Ochoa. Bus fare for this José María Vil Alto Piedrapelona, Alto La trip is usually $10.000 Baja, La Mani, El Cerco, pesos. Bed and Boarding: and the aeronáutica focal point known as the Cerro Bed and Boarding: de las Tres Tetas. There are many places to Also, you can look for the stay in this municipal house where expresident There are many hotels to area. Among them are: El Belisario Betancur was choose from for the length Mesón de la Abuela, born (a national of your stay, among which Hostería El Village, monument) and the are: Hotel Hacienda Hostería La Casona, cascada El Salto (El Salto Balandú, Hotel Jardín, Hostería Los Virreyes, Cascade). Hotel La Casona, Los Hostería Mis Ancestros, Guayacanes, Los Balcones Hostería Paso Real, and the Hotel Diana. A Hostería Real, Hostería In Amagá traditional standard room usually Rincón de Antaño, Hotel farmhouses called “fincas” goes for $ 8.000 pesos a Caserón Plaza, Hotel Lago are the norm, though you night. Antioquia, Hotel mariscal can also find decent Robledo. Prices in these hotels if you know where hotels can vary, but the Amagá to look – hotels like La price ranges usually span Bonita and La Gabriela, from $ 15.000 pesos per Coming out of Medellín, and you can also get a person (during low you take the “autopista room in El Diamante, El season), to $ 40.000 Sur” (south highway) and Hotel Central and the pesos during the busy the Caldas Variante until Hotel Ensueño for $8.000 season. you reach a fork in the road. 13 The City of Eternal Spring
  14. 14. pesos a night (per Power House Gym person). Cl 75B Sur 40-319 Sabaneta Tel: (57) (4) 2883183 GYMS Tanar Physical Conditioning Center Centro Comercial Monterrey Physical well-being is L-324 important here in Medellín, Tel (57) (4) 3128155 which is why the city offers a wide variety of gyms and Cuerpos Gym sports facilities. No matter what your travel budget may Cl 40H Sur 41-42 Envigado be, there is sure to be a Tel: (57) (4) 2761308 location that satisfies all your body-building needs. Here is En Forma Gym Club a list of the available gyms and their addresses within the Cr 45 72S-50 Of 301 city: Sabaneta Tel: (57) (4) 2882210 Bodytech (Body Tech Gym) Cr 46 16S-67 Tel: (57) (4) 3133176 Santillana Gym Cl 2 Sur 43C-38 Tel: (57) (4) 2682328 Club Monteverde Gym Dg 40 33S-48 Envigado Tel: (57) (4) 3312361 Athletic People Sports Club Cr 25A 1A S-45 L-2194 Tel: (57) (4) 3212313, (57) (4) 3212195 Ser Activo Gym Cl 37 Sur 28C-78 Envigado Tel: (57) (4) 2705123 Laureles LTDA Gym Cl 33A 70A-21 Info. Line: (57) (4) 2504500 La Mota Gym Tr 4A 75D-52 B-24 Of 108 Tel: (57) (4) 2560175 14 The City of Eternal Spring
  15. 15. Consulates in Medellín Carrera 48 #26 S–181 Int 106 Envigado CONSULADO DE ALEMANIA Teléfono: 334-64-74 Calle Dg 75B # 2 A-120 Ap 309 CONSULADO DE BÉLGICA Teléfono: 341-60-60 Calle 42 # 54 A-155 Int 700 Itagüí CONSULADO DE BRASIL Teléfono: 372-52-99 CONSULADO DE COREA DEL Autopista Sur 54 A 22 Itagüí SUR Teléfono: 277-91-58 Carrera 48 # 12 Sur Oficina 401 CONSULADO DE CHILE Teléfono: 313-22-09 Calle 47 # 80-27 CONSULADO DE ECUADOR Teléfono: 250-86-56 CONSULADO DE EL SALVADOR Calle 10 B # 35-27 Teléfono: 266-54-33 CONSULADO DE ESLOVAQUIA Calle 74 # 64A – 51 Tel: 441-37-94 Calle 7 D # 43 A – 99 Oficina 410 CONSULADO DE ESPAÑA Teléfono: 352-34-51 Carrera 52 # 14-200 Local 204 CONSULADO DE FRANCIA Teléfono: 235-80-37 CONSULADO DE FINLANDIA Calle 17 A Sur # 48-35 Teléfono: 3258300 CONSULADO DE GRAN Carrera 42 # 53-26 Itagüí BRETAÑA Teléfono: 377-99-66 Carrera: 42 # 33-173 Itagüí CONSULADO DE GUATEMALA Teléfono: 372-20-00 CONSULADO DE HONDURAS Calle 6 # 50-10 Teléfono: 361-64-95 Calle 31 # 43 A 172 CONSULADO DE ITALIA Teléfono:384-33-00 Calle 36 # 66 A -70 CONSULADO DE MÉXICO Teléfono: 351-48-12 CONSULADO DE PAÍSES BAJOS Calle 52 # 47-42 Int 1001 Y ANTILLAS HOLANDESAS Teléfono: 514-07-56 Calle 10 # 42-45 Oficina 266 CONSULADO DE PANAMÁ Teléfono: 312-45-90 CONSULADO DE PARAGUAY Avenida 74 B # 39 B – 68 Ap 701 Teléfono: 412-24-63 Carrera 43ª # 16 A Sur – 38 Oficina 601 CONSULADO DE PERÚ Teléfono: 313-60-75 CONSULADO DE POLONIA Cq 4 # 66 B -7 Teléfono: 430-28-16 CONSULADO DE LA REPÚBLICA Calle 32 B # 69-59 BOLIVARIANA DE VENEZUELA Teléfono: 351-16-14 15 The City of Eternal Spring
  16. 16. CONSULADO DE RUMANIA Calle 5 A # 39-93 Teléfono: 268-50-00 Calle 16 A Sur # 30-53 CONSULADO DE SUECIA Teléfono: 314-13-38 Calle 6 Sur # 43 A – 96 Int 802 CONSULADO DE SUIZA Teléfono: 230-45-63 Cell Phones In Medellín there are many ways to keep in touch. Colombia has three different cell companies; the prices in this guide are approximated, since it really depends of the plan you choose. MOVISTAR Movistar to Movistar $190 TIGO Movistar to Fix Line $400 Movisitar to other $400 Cell to Tigo $220 Tigo to Fix Line $300 Movistar offers movil phones Tigo to Other company $300 from $69.000 to $700.000 Tigo offers movil phones from $50.000 to $1.450.000. COMCEL Comcel to Comcel $216 Comcel to Fix Line $232 Comcel to Other $402 Comcel offers movil phones from $59.000 to $1.300.000 16 The City of Eternal Spring
  17. 17. 17 The City of Eternal Spring
  18. 18. 18 The City of Eternal Spring
  19. 19. Parte Exterior Cartagena de de las Murallas Indias Calle del Arsenal • Casa de Rafael Núñez • There are many sites Castillo de San Felipe • where to go in Cartagena de Barajas de Indias. In this exotic Ermita de El Cabrero • location you will find Fuerte del Pastelillo • history, recreation, rest, La Popa - Convento de • Las Bóvedas • culture, pleasure and La Candelaria Las Murallas • more! La India Catalina Las • Convento de San • Botas Francisco Museo de Arte • Weather Moderno Touristy Museo del Oro • Museo Naval • Palacio de Gobierno • Average temperature: 29° Places Palacio de La • celsius Inquisición Conditions: Humid Palacio de • (+90%) Justicia Plaza de Rainy season: Bolívar from May to December Plaza de La Aduana - • Summer: Alcaldía from December to April Plaza de Los Coches • Windy Season: from December to March Transportation costs: Environments Airplaine: $300.000 – $400.000 Pesos Bus: $140.000 - Centro Amurallado $160.000 Pesos B. de Las Animas • Acuario San Martín • Muelle de Los Pegasos Playas de Bocachica • Casa del Marqués de • Batería del Angel San • Premio Real Rafael Casa del Marqués de • Fuerte Batería de San • Valdez hoyos José Convento de San • Fuerte San Fernando • Agustín de Bocachica Iglesia de Santo • Isla de BarúIslas del • Domingo Rosario Iglesia y Monasterio • Jardín Botánico • San Pedro Claver La Catedral • El Reloj Público • 19 The City of Eternal Spring
  20. 20. The Plaza de Toros de gold, the National • Bogotá D.C. Santamaria, the bull Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Mint and fighting place. La Zona Rosa, for la Quinta de Bolívar. • shopping fun, gourmet food and Events entertainment. It’s the country's capital, Maloca, interactive • located at an elevation of Bullfighting Season • center. about 2,650 m. / 8,660 ft. (January-Febrary) The Planetarium • on a mountain rimmed Ibero-american • Botanical Garden • plateau high in the theatre Cerro de Monserrate • Cordillera Oriental of the Festival(March) Andes Mountains. Today EUROCINE (April) • Bogotá is a cosmopolitan Parks: Parque Simón • Summer Festival • city in continuous Bolivar, Parque (August) expansion. A picturesque Nacional, Salitre International Jazz • city, it is known for its Mágico, Parque de la Festival, Ópera al colonial architecture, its 93. Parque, Jazz al Parque collection of pre- Shopping centers: • (September) Colombian gold art, and such as Hacienda Bogotá Cinema • its bookshops and Santa Barbara, Centro Festival (October) splendid colonial Comercial Andino and churches. Unicentro. Weather Teatro Theaters: • Colon, Colsubsudio, Teatro Popular de Bogotá, Teatro Libre Average temperature: and Teatro Nacional. 14.4° C (58° F) All year round dropping to Churches about 9° C at night and rising to around 18° C and higher when sunny. In the rainy season, there is less Santa Clara, San of a difference between Francisco, San Ignacio, Touristy day-time and night-time the Cathedral situated in temperatures. The main La Plaza de Bolívar, La dry season lasts from Tercera San Diego and Places December to March, and the sanctuary of the wettest months are Monserrate. April and October. Museums La Candelaria zone, Transportation costs • with several within Bogotá: museums, cultural The Articulated Bus: The famous “Gold scenery and art $1100 Pesos per person Museum” which is a exhibitions. Bus: $1000 - $1200 Pesos testimony to native La Plaza de Bolívar, per Person • Indian culture, the surrounded by Cap – Taxi: starting at Religious Art Museum government buildings $2.800 init. 3-4 people where you can see 1,486 representing several emeralds encrusted in styles and eras. 20 The City of Eternal Spring
  21. 21. night clubs any day of the Estatua de Cristo Rey • Santiago de week! Cali Touristy Places Zoological Park • La Tertulia Museum • Gold Museum at Banco • de la Republica. Canchas • Panamericanas San Antonio churche • Transportation Costs: La Merced churche • Airplaine: $400.000 – La Ermita churche • $470.000 Pesos San Francisco • Bus: $100.000 - Cathedral. $150.000 Pesos Old Town Replica • (Pueblito Valluno) Cali is a very warm city Weather Parque de la caña de • and it is so all year round. azucar Afternoons are really nice Yaku • since there is a breeze Transport Museum • Average temperature: coming from the west El Palacio Nacional • 23°C -28°C where the Pacific Ocean Plaza de Caicedo • is. People are very Estatua de La María y • Conditions: Humid friendly and Cali is known Paseo Bolívar (+90%) for having the most Mirador de Belalcázar • Rainy Season: beautiful women in Torre Mudéjar y • from May to November Colombia. There are many Plazoleta de San Summer: things to do in Cali; for Francisco from December to April example, you can go to Cerro de las Tres • Cruces 21 The City of Eternal Spring