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Cad services


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Description of services

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Cad services

  1. 1. Just a Thought “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” -Charles Dickens
  2. 2. Center for Academic Development Learning Assistance Specialist • Provides assistance to students and faculty in the effective use of learning support tools and resources. • Assesses individual and campus learning assistance needs and makes appropriate recommendations as requested and needed. • Trains, provides guidance and supports students and faculty in their use of available learning tools and resources. LAS: Jonathan A. Cedeño Location: Language Lab (Room 102) Contact: / 407-207-3363 ext. 1827
  3. 3. Student Services • E-Lab and Virtual Components • Assess learning needs as requested • Blackboard Assistance • Workshops for Academic and Language Development • Student orientations related to the use of learning assistance tools Faculty Services • Programs specific learning assistance resources and strategies as requested • Class Workshops • Student Referrals • Language Lab Reservations • Audiovisual Equipment Reservations Services
  4. 4. Workshops Academic Development • Blackboard Orientation • APA Style Orientation and Correct Citation and Reference use • Digital Portfolio Orientation • Proper preparation of PowerPoint Presentations Language Development • Espresso Yourself – Conversational English Group • Learning Sentence Structure and use of Punctuation • Techniques on Paragraph Writing • Essay Composition • Rosetta Stone Orientation *Other workshops can be offered upon request*
  5. 5. It is an electronic link created on Blackboard’s virtual platform which facilitates the access to all of SUAGM’s educational services. Hours required per course: 20 hours • Net Tutor Online Tutoring for Math, Statistics, Accounting, and Computer Systems • Tell Me More (Rosetta Stone) Online tutoring for English and Spanish • Voiceboard Promotes the use of voice in the development of academic subjects • Virtual Library E-Lab
  6. 6. • Personalized tutoring will be available for Math and Computer Classes • Schedule hours apply • In the event that the tutoring is not available, students may leave questions posted and will be answered in 72 hours • Frequently asked question section is also available 24/7 • The services offers tutoring for the following subjects English* Mathematics** Spanish* Accounting** Statistics** Computer Information Systems** *Available for all courses **Must be enrolled in the course E-Lab: Net Tutor
  7. 7. • Effective system to learn English and Spanish that allows you to strengthen your skills and fulfill the required language lab hours for your classes. • Improves pronunciation • Works on grammar and listening skills • Language development for beginners to advance levels • Important to implement on students for Language Development E-Lab: Tell Me More
  8. 8. • Electronic tool that promotes the use of voice in the development of academic subjects. • Allows interaction between students and facilitators • Can be use to evaluate students’ speech in both English and Spanish • Can be used for assignments, create voice posts, preparing voice presentations, sending voice emails. E-Lab: Voiceboard
  9. 9. E-Lab: Virtual Library