Business Modeling Tools & Design Process


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Intro and Description of Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder), Value Proposition Designer (Osterwalder), and 7 steps to follow when working with these business design tools. I have developed these steps from my experiences as a startup coach.

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  • What about financial modeling in addition to these tools to test and build a business model? I can recommend to try this free financial tool to do some financial forecast easily :
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Business Modeling Tools & Design Process

  1. 1. Business Model Canvas @One Enactus Weekend April 13, 2013 - KarlsruheWorkshop: BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS & LEAN START-UP
  2. 2. What are we aiming for? © comedy_nose, (CC)
  3. 3. What is abusiness model ?
  4. 4. What do you think? © @boetter, (CC)
  5. 5. Use post-its to collect ideas.© Peter Hellberg, (CC)
  6. 6. Def.:A business model describes the rationaleof how an organization creates, delivers,and captures value. Business Model Generation, A. Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith, and 470 practitioners from 45 countries, self published, 2010
  7. 7. create deliver captureSource: Source: value.
  8. 8. Def.:Or in English: A business model describeshow your company makes money. What’s a startup? First Principles, Steve Blank, Blog article, (Retrieved Oct 26, 2012)
  9. 9. 9 building blocks Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  10. 10. 9 building blocks Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  11. 11. Our productis not just apiece ofcake…it‘sthe wholecake. © Jay Shouldol, (CC)
  12. 12. A business model can be structured into9 essential building blocks around thebroader areas of product customer interface infrastructure management financial
  13. 13. customer segments Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  14. 14. Image Source:
  15. 15. value proposition Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  16. 16. © CollegeDegrees360,
  17. 17. channels Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  18. 18. © NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center,
  19. 19. customer relationship Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  20. 20. Image Source:
  21. 21. revenue streams Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  22. 22. Image Source:
  23. 23. key resources Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  24. 24. physical financial © torkildr, © emilio labrador, RESOURCES intellectual human © José Goulão,© Michael Neubert,
  25. 25. key activities Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  26. 26. ACTIVITIES production © Wayan Vota, network-building problem-solving© sjcockell, Image Source:
  27. 27. key partners Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  28. 28. © SalFalko,
  29. 29. cost structure Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  30. 30. costs in $ variable fixed volume© ecstaticist,
  31. 31. business model theatre Image Source: Alex Osterwalder, JAM
  32. 32. Let‘s examine the notion ofvalue proposition a little closer.
  33. 33. © Alex Osterwalder,
  34. 34. Image Source: Alex Osterwalder,
  35. 35. Goal: product-market fit © Alex Osterwalder,
  36. 36. What jobs is she trying toget done?(functional, social, emotional etc…) © Alex Osterwalder,
  37. 37. What pains does she have?(Emotions, cost, situations, risks…) © Alex Osterwalder,
  38. 38. What gains is she hoping for?(functional, social, emotional, costs etc…) © Alex Osterwalder,
  39. 39. On which products/services is your VP based?(in-/tangible, digital/virtual, financial, …) © Alex Osterwalder,
  40. 40. How are they pain killers?(Emotionen, Kosten, Situationen, Risiken …) © Alex Osterwalder,
  41. 41. How are they deliveringgains?(funktional, sozial, emotional, Kosten …) © Alex Osterwalder,
  42. 42. Now you do it:Design a value proposition for theenergy consumption app case. © Alex Osterwalder,
  43. 43. How to use thesedesign tools properly.
  44. 44. © Carelinamia,
  45. 45. 1 Work on a business model canvas for no more than 15 minutes. It forces your to be clear and concise.
  46. 46. „If you can‘t explain it simply you don‘t understand it well enough.“ Albert Einstein, famous quote.
  47. 47. 2 Work with post-its. It keeps you flexible. pppjsak Hpopo flojnasf kakdno Hpopo pppjsak lka hoiuad na e kakdno na e flojnasf hohasdhoiuad lkahohasd Hpopo pppjsak kakdno pppjsak Hpopo flojnasf na e flojnasf kakdno lka pppjsak lka na e flojnasf pppjsak hoiuad lka flojnasf hohasd lka pppjsak pppjsak flojnasf pppjsak flojnasf lka flojnasf lka lka Hpopo hoiuad kakdno Hpopo hohasd pppjsak na ekakdno flojnasf na e lka
  48. 48. 3 Work with the …and together with canvas by yourself… the whole team.© Tommy P World, © jfravel, This will clarify consensus & disagreement.
  49. 49. 4 Get feedback from others (not only friends & familiy). It will enrich your work dramatically.
  50. 50. 5 A C Iterate often to incorporate your learnings. Management orientation: P D Plan-Do-Check-Act.
  51. 51. 6 diverging creative process ideas Source:
  52. 52. 7 converging analytical process research Source:
  53. 53. classicaldesign thinking approach. Source:
  54. 54. summarized1 2 3 4 p p p H j p s o a H p p k p p o f o p k l h p j a o o o s k j i k a d n u a k a Work h n k a f p o o s d d l p i H p f h n n o p u p p l o a o j j a o p k h n n s d p H j a a e a a a h o p s s k s a k o o d e p f f h a p k k o p l f l a d k p k l o s n a j a o j d o k s j n p a a n d n p k s h a n a p f f o o s j l l i e n f s o k u a l a j a a k k n d e a f a h by yourself l s o o f h j l a n k s a a d s f l k a p p p p p j p s p j a p s k p a f j k l s f o l j & in team. a k o n f j a l n s o a f j s l n f k a l a s k f a l k a H p h o o p H i p o p u p k o a p a p d j k o h s d k o a n a h k o k a f n d s l a n d o o j e n n a a s e f l k a 15min work with post-its. feedback5 6 7 A C P D iterate creative analytical
  55. 55. Business Modeling & Lean How do you combine them to get the most out of it?Testing Design Inspration from Alex Osterwalder,
  56. 56. Thank you! Questions?Julius ParrisiusWebsite: juliusparrisius.wordpress.comE-Mail: juliusparrisius@gmail.comTwitter: @JRParrisius