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Wwi iin Europe


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Wwi iin Europe

  1. 1. World War IIEuropean TheaterPrelude & November 1942-May 1945
  2. 2. EasternTask ForceWesternTask ForceCenterTask ForceMontgomeryClark1thAbn Div15thArmy GrpAlexander15thArmy GrpAlexander1 8Patton75Montgomery
  3. 3. 85Clark 15thArmy GrpAlexander1 221thArmy GrpMontgomery15thArmy GrpAlexanderMontgomery815
  4. 4. 1 221thArmy GrpMontgomery7115thArmy GrpAlexander812thArmy GrpBradley 6thArmy GrpDevers521thArmy GrpMontgomery912thArmy GrpBradley1213915thArmy GrpClark158
  5. 5. 115thArmy GrpClark86thArmy GrpDevers21thArmy GrpMontgomery91 2112thArmy GrpBradley913175158