Oļegs Preksins, Krievijas Uzņēmēju un rūpnieku savienības vice-prezidents


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Social Dialogue and Economic Outlook:
National & Global Dimensions

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Oļegs Preksins, Krievijas Uzņēmēju un rūpnieku savienības vice-prezidents

  1. 1. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 0 Social Dialogue and Economic Outlook: National & Global Dimensions Riga September 20, 2013 Presentation at International Conference “Bridge to Welfare. Role of Social Dialogue for Sustainable Economic and Social Development” Oleg Preksin RSPP Executive Vice President & B20 Sherpa
  2. 2. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 1 The Regulatory Framework for System of Social Partnership in Russia and its Practical Implementation Existing Framework • Russian Trilateral Commission on the Regulation of Social and Labour Relations (established in 1992) • Assessment of the Regulatory Impact of Draft Legal Acts (RSPP) • Russian Federation Government Commission on Lawmaking • The Open Government Procedures Issues on the top of the agenda for social dialogue in Russia Source: G20 internet site New General Agreement for 2014-2016 • Eliminating redundant constraints on business development, reduce the fiscal burden on business and phase down state interference in the economy • Development of a predictable system of new measures to encourage long-term investment and innovation Growth and Job Creation are in the core of B20 recommendations to G20 leaders
  3. 3. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 2 The B20: Created by International Business Community to Deal with Global Challenges B20 Objectives Source: B20 internet site • Consolidate the position of international business community in a global dialogue on crucial development issues, ensuring proper representativeness and format of discussions • Facilitate efficient dialogue with global leaders in a search for successful solutions to most acute economic problems • Ensure consistent and continuous development and promotion of recommendations from business community to G20 in collaboration with other outreach, monitor their implementation and effectiveness B20 History Spain 1 2 3 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2010 2015 2008/09 G20 Outreach Groups Business 20 (B20) Civil 20 (C20) Labour 20 (L20) Youth 20 (Y20) Think 20 (T20)
  4. 4. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 3 B20 Recommendations Follow the Priorities of the Russian Presidency in G20 Reflected in B20 recommendations 2013 B20 Final Recommendations (White Book) Financial Regulation Reform Enhancing Multilateral Trade Energy Sustainability • Energy infrastructure and regulation • Predictable energy markets • Green growth Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth Financing for Investment Jobs and Employment • Tackling structural unemployment • Employment of vulnerable groups Development for All • Food security • Infrastructure • Human capital • Financial inclusion • Post-MDGs International Financial Architecture Reform • IMF quotas and governance reform • Government borrowing and public debt sustainability Fighting Corruption Growth through Effective Regulation Growth through Jobs and Investment Growth through Trust and Transparency
  5. 5. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 4 RSPP Secured Continuity of the B20 Process Employment and Social Dimension Employment Development and Food Security Food Security ICT and InnovationICT and Innovation Green Growth Energy Commodities and Raw Materials Green Growth Trade and Investment Trade and Investment Anti-Corruption Improving Transparency & Anti- corruption Financial Regulation Economic Policies International Monetary System Global Governance Advocacy and Impact Job creation, Employment & Investments in Human Capital Global Priorities for Innovation and Development Transparency & Anti-corruption Financial System - Restoring Confidence and Growth G20-B20 Dialogue Efficiency Investments and Infrastructure Trade as a Growth Driver Addressing the Impact of Youth Unemployment Unleashing Technology- Enabled Productivity Growth Creating Green Jobs Encouraging Substantial Use of Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Encouraging FDI Supporting Econ. Growth and the Implications for Fin. Sector Policy & Regulatory reforms Reducing Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus Improving Energy Efficiency Funding and Nurturing the SME sector Financing for Growth & Development Revitalizing World Trade Closing the Gap in Infrastructure and Natural Resource Funding Increasing Access to Healthcare in Dev. Countries 2 1 4 5 6 7 3 Seoul 2010 12 Task Forces Cannes 2011 12 Task Forces Los Cabos 2012 8 Task Forces St. Petersburg 2013 7 Task Forces
  6. 6. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 5 We recommend to make employability a top priority in national education and training systems: Create regulatory frameworks that stimulate the establishment of work-based learning systems (through tax policies and other incentives, which enable SMEs to participate in apprenticeship schemes). Promote lifelong learning for individuals to enhance employability, as well as for companies to improve their innovative capacity and competitiveness. B20 Recommendations: Few Examples 1 2 We propose to improve environment for enterprises and entrepreneurship: Develop and implement ambitious support and growth strategies for young entrepreneurs at the national and G20 levels. Set up support systems for start-ups through easily accessible and timely information and advice. We recommend to share best practices throughout the G20 and beyond by developing some kind of G20-B20 National Centers of Excellence: To create a permanent platform for constructive dialogue between business, government and civil society to enable new approaches, dimensions, techniques of cooperation and etc. 3
  7. 7. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 6 B20 Plenary Session (St. Petersburg, June 20) Voting results * Where do you see the most efficient measures for job creation and human capital development? 3.Addressing demographic challenges of ageing population and immigration 15.49% 2.Enabling environment for entrepreneurship 49.30% 1. Broader access to quality education 35.21%
  8. 8. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 7 RSPP Tried to Make This Year Distinctive Transparency – open process with full visibility of work over the comprehensive web-site with the content coverage in English and Russian. Meetings of the International and National Steering committees, as well as B20 Sherpa regular meetings. Collaborative approach – early release of the Green Book draft recommendations (late April), incorporation of feedback and the White Book publication in July after an open discussion at the B20 Summit in June. RSPP close cooperation with the Mexican and Australian presidencies - G20 previous and future Chairs (Troika). Inclusiveness – running the B20 Summit well ahead of the G20 one as an integral part of the largest business forum in Russia – SPIEF. Shaping the B20 recommendations in the context of specific development objectives, high on the G20 agenda. Continuity and consistency – the Task Force "G20-B20 Dialogue Efficiency“ issued a comprehensive catalogue of all B20 recommendations since Toronto and the first B20 report on compliance with B20 related commitments that would serve as the guideline for further work on recommendations from business community.
  9. 9. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 8 The G20-B20 Dialogue Efficiency should be Strengthened Further June July September November 20 June – B20 Summit and International Steering Committee meeting, St. Petersburg 18 July – G20 Labor Ministers meeting with B20 and L20, Moscow 25-26 July – G20 Sherpas' meeting, St. Petersburg 26 November – International Conference in London prior to Transfer of G20/B20 Presidency to Australia 6 September – White Book presentation to Global Leaders during the G20 Summit, St. Petersburg B20 Actions : • to ensure continuity and consistency between B20 presidencies’ agendas and their alignment with B20 core long-term priorities • to develop and implement an effective and feasible mechanism for G20 - B20 and other outreach
  10. 10. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 9 The Forthcoming Russian Presidency in G8 Lough Erne, G8 Leaders Communique (2013): “Our urgent priority is to promote growth and jobs, particularly for the young and long-term unemployed.” “…Promoting growth and jobs is our top priority. We agreed to nurture the global recovery by supporting demand, securing our public finances and exploiting all sources of growth. The fight against unemployment, particularly long-term and youth unemployment, remains critical in our domestic and collective agendas” Lough Erne, G8 Leaders Declaration (2013): “Private enterprise drives growth, reduces poverty, and creates jobs and prosperity for people around the world” Job Creation, Employment and Investment in Human Capital in G8 Agenda
  11. 11. B20_from_Russia_to_Australia-16Jul13-SP-nd-MOS.pptx 10 If you have any questions or proposals, feel free to contact us by E-mail: inter@rspp.ru More information at: www.b20russia.com Thank you!