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Social Media For Community Leaders Ss


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Leadership North County is a nine-month community leadership program. Julie Wright of (W)right On Communications presented on the topic of emerging media focusing on social media and social networks for advancing your message.

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Social Media For Community Leaders Ss

  1. 1. Social Media for Community Leaders Leadership North County May 21, 2009 Julie Wright, President
  2. 2. Who’s using Twitter? #1 Twitter demographic? • 18-24 • 25-34 • 35-44 • 45-54 • 55-64 Survey says? … 45-54! 9.3 million unique US users/Mar 17 million unique US users/Apr
  3. 3. Who’s getting on Facebook? 200 million users 104 million visitors/mo
  4. 4. Who’s using LinkedIn? Plaxo? LinkedIn use has more than doubled in the past year.
  5. 5. Social media is influential … • More people turn to family, friends, cow orkers, social /virtual networks, and blogs for info. •Mass media influence flat or shrinking.
  6. 6. Trend in social vs traditional media • As social media grows, traditional media shrinks: •Christian Science Monitor: now online, prints 1/wk •Rocky Mountain News, Denver: closed •Seattle Post-Intelligencer: closed •LA Times, Chicago Tribune: bankrupt, for sale •San Diego Union-Tribune: shell of former self •Today’s Local News: closed •Décor & Style: closed
  7. 7. Social media spreads ideas/opinions…
  8. 8. So What is Social Media? It’s a Process. • New, efficient way to get a lot of things done: • Professional development / being in the know • Expanding network / influence • Community outreach / involvement • Sharing / publicizing your news directly • Fundraising • Business Development / Marketing
  9. 9. Social Media Tools Becoming more professional with company pages or group pages: • Start a profile • Become a fan • Join a group • Create co or tech page or group • Comment, upload links / events, etc. • 500 results for N. County
  10. 10. Social Media Tools 35% of users Tweet only during business hours: • Start a profile • Participate • Experiment
  11. 11. Social Media Tools Connects professionals specifically: • Start profile • Participate • Search/Connect • N. San Diego: • 6,300 people • 15 groups
  12. 12. Social Media Tools •Consolidates all your social media activity into a feed. •And your friends’ activity too.
  13. 13. Case #1: Build Community in 6 Wks or Less (Agency program for client) Target and reach more people farther, faster
  14. 14. Case #2: This Presentation I shared it BEFORE…
  15. 15. Case #2: This Presentation, cont’d… I shared it DURING….
  16. 16. Case #2: This Presentation, cont’d And I will share it AFTER… 100s of people will see it…
  17. 17. Social Media Resources •Sample social media policies: • •San Diego media on Twitter: • media-on-twitter-part-ii.html •Twitter tools: • twittering.html •San Diego Bloggers: •
  18. 18. Closing Thoughts Thanks and let’s connect: Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn: Email: Cocktails: