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Julie Spira iDate - Dating 2.0: Using Social Media to Create Brand Loyalty


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Online dating and social media expert Julie Spira presented "Dating 2.0: Using Social Media to Create Brand Loyalty" at the Internet Dating Conference.

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Julie Spira iDate - Dating 2.0: Using Social Media to Create Brand Loyalty

  1. 1. Cyber-Dating Expert ® Julie Spira Web Dating 2.0 !Using Social Media To Increase Brand Loyalty @JulieSpira
  2. 2. Early Adopter of the Internet Write about the Marriage of Love and Technology Radio Show
  3. 3.
  5. 5. Social Media is Here to Stay •  “Social Media’s impact was compared to the introduction of Black and White Television” •  “Sharing links is like buying drinks.”•  Leading Social Media News Site•  413,000 Likes on Facebook•  2.1 million followers on Twitter
  6. 6. Why use Social Media for Online Dating?•  600 million users* on Facebook 2011 (source: Goldman Sachs)•  Over 175 million users* on Twitter (with 300,000 new users per day)•  35 hours of video content uploaded on YouTube per minute (source: Google)•  Updates indexed by Google & search engines•  Free marketing of your messages and special offers•  Promote success stories and engage with users•  Over 5 Billion mobile phone users•  Clickable links to your sales page on all profiles
  7. 7. Social Media Menu•  INTERNET – Over 1.97 billion users worldwide (June, 2010)•  TWITTER – 95 Million Tweets written per day•  LINKEDIN – Over 85 Million Business Professionals in 200 countries•  EMAIL – Over 107 Trillion messages sent in 2010, with over 294 Billion emails sent daily (*source•  YOUTUBE – Over 2 Billion videos viewed daily (Adults 18-55)•  APPLE – Over 300,000 iPhone apps with over 10 Billion downloads•  BLOGS – Over 400 million active blogs in the English language
  8. 8. Love in the Headlines‘Couples Finding Love in Cyberspace’
  9. 9. Online Dating & BloggingSite Launch DateSpeedDate June 2007Zoosk December 2007Online Booty September 2008CallJDate March 2009OkCupid June 2009Match May 2010
  10. 10.
  11. 11. The Social Network Best Film of the Year Golden Globe WinnerFeatures: Social plug-ins, Free indexing by Google, Custom page URL’s and tabs, Contests & Polls
  12. 12. 596,372,520 Million Members 648 Million Unique Visitors*3rd Largest Country in the World
  13. 13. “There’s nothing more powerful than the Facebook‘relationship status’ change.” –Julie Spira
  14. 14. •  50% of FACEBOOK users log on to the site in any given day•  More than 35 million users update their status each day•  More than 3 BILLION photos are uploaded to the site each month.•  The average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on FACEBOOK•  FACEBOOK pages are available in more than 70 languages.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Site Facebook FansZoosk 1,402,790Plenty of Fish 13, 6,602 5,799eHarmony 5,538 SitesLavaLife 2,200 FacebookOKCupid 2,121Chemistry 1,634 Pages*Online Booty Call 927AOL Personals 862WooMe 668Brainiac Dating 431Gelato Dating 360JDate 141 *Effective June 2010
  17. 17. Site Facebook LikesZoosk 2,671,389 +1,268,599Are You Interested 607,535Manhunt 95,475 DatingeHarmony 24,927 +19,389SpeedDate 23,852 SitesWoo Me 19,528 +18,860 FacebookPlenty of Fish 17,979 + 4,386Match 13,888 + 8,089 Pages* 12,269 + 5,567Hot or Not 5,338Mate 1 3,636Chemistry 3,813 + 2,179Online Booty Call 2,456 + 1,529Cupidtino 934 *Effective 1/14/20111Brainiac Dating 928 + 431
  18. 18. How are Online Dating Sites Using Facebook?
  19. 19. Customized Page Landing Tabs for Contests
  20. 20. Brag About Success Stories
  21. 21. Featured Singles
  22. 22. eHarmony Gives Advice to Daters
  23. 23. Zoosk Celebrates their 1st Million Fans
  24. 24. Zoosk Celebrates with
  25. 25. Blue has gone
  26. 26. Marriage Proposals Christina & Grant•  @film_girl “i just cant wait one minute longer to ask you this. Will you marry me? i want to share the rest of our lives together.”
  27. 27. Celebrity BreakupsJenny and Jim John and Jen
  28. 28. Site @address @gaycom 14, @datedotinfo 6,686WooMe @woome 6.049Zoosk @zoosk 4,632eHarmony Jack @eHarmony_Jack 3,349OkCupid @OkCupid 2, @match 2,812Online Booty Call @onlinebootycall 1,900 Online Dating Sites thatAOL Personals @aolpersonals 1,761SpeedDate @speeddate 1,644 Tweet*Gelato Dating @gelato_dating 1,516Chemsitry @chemistrydotcom 1,316Brainiac Dating @brainiacdating 1,159JDate @jdate 873Lavalife @lavalife 598 *Effective 6/2011
  29. 29. Site @address @gaycom 15,831 +1,814Manhunt @manhunt 14,338OkCupid @okcupid 7,275 +4, @datedotinfo 7,008 +332Woo Me @woome 6,143 +94Zoosk @zoosk 5,890 +1,348Grindr -LBS @grindr 5, @match 4,173 +1,361 Online DatingeHarmony Jack @eharmony_jack 4,028 +679 Sites thatCupidtino @cupidtino 3,528 Tweet*Online Booty Call @onlinebootycall 2,225 +325Chemistry @chemsitrydotcom 1,976 +660How About We @howaboutwe 1,975Brainiac Dating @brainiacdating 1,686 +527Lavalife @lavalife 1,219 +60LoveStruck @lovestruck 1,148 *Effective 1/15/2011
  30. 30. Sample TWEETS•  @matchdotcom: How do •  @eHarmony_Jack: Are you you break up with someone in love or are you infatuated? you met online? 25% of HappenMag readers said over the phone•  @okcupid: Speaking of •  @BrainiacDating: Join faces and attractiveness... coach Amy for a free internet Has the recession made you seminar on "What Big more beautiful? Mistakes to Avoid in Internet Dating”
  31. 31. Success Stories@Match: Carla from Top Chef finds love on RT@tashsparkles: @Match You can read about it here: http://bitlly/e@Glc6 (thx Tash!)@Jdate: Mazel tov, Marcy & Leonard! What a wonderful story in todays LA Times - And, thanks to Elton & Billy for the assist.@cjammet: @okcupid Thanks for the awesome girlfriend. @jowritesmusic is pretty swell.@GeekGirl: @okcupid Just married the man I found on your site. Well the man who found me.@okcupid: @ChampagneDiet @GeekGirlKatie Aww, congrats! Did you guys send us your success stories?
  32. 32. Customer Service@eHarmony_Jack: @MangoTomato Sorry. Have you by any chance contacted Customer Care about these things? Some are adjustable (distance). I can help too.@eharmony_Jack: @mariab76 Sorry you feel that way about our site. Upon request, customer care can remove you from our contact list.@christiancafe: Hmmm, likely the profile was removed by out staff for being a misleading profile.@lavalife: or - let me know if you have trouble! @SubrbnPrincess Where should I send it? @lavalife
  33. 33. Engage@zoosk: Yes or no – should older women date younger men: Twitter loves - how did everyone enjoy Free communication this past weekend? Anyone make a good connection?@SpeedDate: Jazz up your profile by switching up your main picture one in awhile! So Strike a pose!@cupidtino: Join us tonight for the Official Apple fans party at #CES – 8PM at Max Brenner by Apple Store in Caesars Palace – 3f91
  34. 34. 2009 Year of Mobile DatingOver 4.6 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide
  35. 35. Going MobileOver 2 Million Over 2 million: Over 1 million Android, iPhone, iphone, 1st on iPad Palm & BlackBerry mobile users are 2x engaged Launched iPhone app with iPhone, iPad, Android free drinks for 500 New YorkiPhone, BlackBerry Singles
  36. 36. Mobile Dating – eHarmony® iPhone, Android, BlackberryeHarmony mobile apps account for approximately 20% of global site visits.
  37. 37. Mobile DatingConsumers look at eHarmony profiles more than 16,000 times per/hr.
  38. 38. TOP 10 iPhone apps for dating*1. app2.  Date Escape3.  Charm Him4.  Fun Mail5.  Speed Date6.  Wine to Match7.  Little Wingman8.  Skout9.  Date Check10. Gate Guru Source: She Knows
  39. 39. •  3rd largest site on the Internet (source: Alexa)•  448 MILLION unique global users each month•  35 hours of video uploaded each minute•  YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world(SOURCE: Google)
  40. 40. • More than 2 Billion videos viewed every day Average user spends 15 minutes a day on the site
  41. 41. Why use VIDEO?•  178 MILLION U.S. Internet users watched videos in April 2010•  13.1 BILLION videos were indexed on Google in April 2010
  42. 42. Online Dating & VIDEODATING ADVICE• – Video Dating Advice on blog•  Zoosk TV – Viral Videos•  JDate TV – Success Stories and Original Content
  43. 43. JDate: Success Couples
  44. 44. Comedian Eric Schwartz – JDate’s Most EliJewble Bachelor
  45. 45. Videos – Encourage Sharing
  46. 46. Engage Users with Music Videos
  47. 47. C Contests and Promotions @Mate1: Contest Submission: The Blind Date http://fb.meyRjZvoDo $5000 to the Winner of the most awkward date YouTube Video, Facebook Page, Site
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Social Media Buttons & Bookmarks
  50. 50. Largest Business Networking Site 85 Million Members in 200 Countries
  51. 51. Email Marketing
  52. 52. How Do You Rate on Twitter?
  53. 53. Twitter Grader
  54. 54. Simplify – Automation Tools
  55. 55. Simplify – Automation ToolsSelective Tweets: Post your Tweets to Facebook Pages #fb
  56. 56. Simplify – Automation Tools TweetDeck
  57. 57. iPad •  RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2010 •  Over 300,000 units sold on 1st day •  Better user
  58. 58. Takeaways Engage vs. BroadcastMake every message matter Don’t become a spammer
  59. 59. How to Keep the Social in Social Media Post dating and safety tips Add guest bloggers with a platform Comment on articles and posts Repurpose your content everywhereAdd social media buttons to site and emails Have a social media strategy
  60. 60. Keep Users Engaged and Informed•  Newsletters with relationship advice•  Email Alerts with NEW matches & when you receive mail•  Mobile text messaging for emails, flirts, winks•  Promotional emails announcing free weekends & specials•  Announce Success Stories•  MULTIPURPOSE ALL CONTENT (Post links on your blog, emails, Twitter, & Facebook pages)
  61. 61. Successful Social Media Google Rank #1 EQUALS MORE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES
  62. 62. Contact:
  63. 63. Julie Spira Cyber Dating Expert®, LLC Dating in a Web 2.0 World Follow Julie  Best-selling author, The Perils of   Twitter: @JulieSpira Cyber Dating   Host of the radio show, “Ask the Cyber Dating Expert”   Dating advice columnist & coach   Founder, Social Media And More  Email: Phone: 310-433-7786 © 2010 Cyber Dating Expert, LLC -