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Maori Myths about Fairies - Pick a Path Story


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2 Maori myths re written by year 6/7 students. Pick your path for the story.

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Maori Myths about Fairies - Pick a Path Story

  1. 1. Illustrated by Alice Larcombe Kira Lees and Emma Quin.Written by Alice Croucher and Kira Lees Fair ies
  2. 2. Pick your StoryWould you like to follow Or would you like toKahukura and the Sea follow Ruru and theFairies?(page 1) Green Fairies?(page 9)
  3. 3. 1a 1
  4. 4. KahukuraKahukura was a young Maori Chiefwho had big dreams for tribe(familyand friends that live together).Should Kahukura follow (page 3) thedreams or ignore (page 6) them? 2
  5. 5. FollowKahukura decided to follow his dreams. He said tohis tribe that he would be away for a longtime, and he would bring something special backfor them. He told them to watch, and wait for hisreturn. Kahukura set out on his journey to thenorth.He walked all day and night. Finally he heardsinging and saw little yellow lights on the beach.He found Sea Fairies hauling massive nets of fishonto the beach. Instantly he knew that he had tobring a net home for his tribe.Does he ask the fairies (page 5) for a net, or try totrick them (page 4)? 3
  6. 6. TrickKahukura saw the fairies weaving flax with fish on.He stepped in and started helping, but he didn’ttie the knots at the end. A fairy came over to help.He kept not tying the knot. Another fairy cameover to help him again. This happened again andagain. Finally the sun came up. The fairiesscreamed in terror and jumped back into theircanoe, because they didn’t want to vanish in themorning sun. In their rush they left their nets.Kahukura took them back to his tribe. His tribenow could eat many, many fish and were veryhappy.Well Done! You have followed the real legend! 4
  7. 7. AskKahukura walked over to the fairies. Heasked the fairies if he could take a netback to his tribe. The sea fairies did notspeak his language, they were frightenedand knew he was a traitor. They screamedin their own strange language, gatheredtheir nets and fish and ran back into theircanoe. They paddled away and Kahukuranever had the dreams again. 5
  8. 8. IgnoreKahukura decided to ignore his dreamsand carry on running his tribe. He stillhad the dreams, but he knew he had torun his tribe, and make sure thateveryone was alright.Do you want a very sad (page 8)ending or a just plain sad(page7)ending? 6
  9. 9. Very SadThe tribe could only catch one fishat a time so the tribe slowlystarved. After a few years the tribedied out. Kahukura never realisedthat if he followed his dream hewould of found a solution, that notonly would help his tribe, but withfishing in future. 8
  10. 10. Just plain sad Kahukura still had the dreams. He thought if he talked about it with his wife it might go away. His wife got worried about him. She listened to his thoughts and decided to ask him to step down from chief. He agreed, but the dreams didn’t go away. The dreams drove him crazy and he ran away. No one ever saw him again. 7
  11. 11. 9
  12. 12. RuruOnce a long time ago, there was a mannamed Ruru. He was married to the prettiestwoman in the tribe. The chief said that ifRuru wanted to keep his wife he had to dosomething for the tribe. Ruru decided thebest thing to do was to catch some food.Should he go hunting(page 14), or fishing(page 11)? 10
  13. 13. FishingRuru decided to fish for tuna. He travelled far fromthe tribe. Here was a big river, perfect for catchingtuna. Ruru set his traps there. After he set his trapshe heard a giggle. He looked up and he sawgreen fairies all above him. They took him awayand locked him up and covered him in greenmoss.Do you want a happy (page 12) or a sad (page13) ending? 11
  14. 14. HappyRuru’s wife was very unhappy. The chief asked Ruru’swife to marry him. She refused, so the chief decidedto use his magic to get Ruru back. He went into theforest, did his magic and sang songs. He fell asleepin the middle of the forest. When he woke up he sawa man covered in moss standing above him. Thechief was alarmed and went to run away, but thenthe man assured him that he was Ruru. The chief tookRuru back to the tribe, and washed the moss off.Well Done! You have followed the real legend! 12
  15. 15. SadRuru waited and waited for years.He got cloaked in moss and all hishair fell out. Finally the moss grewall over his face and he suffocatedand died. Ruru’s wife married thechief and was very happy. No oneever missed, worried or thoughtabout Ruru ever again. 13
  16. 16. HuntingRuru decided that the best thingwas to go hunting. He got his spearand set out into the bush.Do you want a happy (page15) or a sad (page 16)ending? 14
  17. 17. HappyRuru found a boar, stuck in a trap.He walked over to it and threw hisspear in between its ribs. He undidthe trap, pulled the boar over hisshoulders, and took it back to thetribe. The tribe was very happy andso was Ruru. He also got to keep his beautiful wife. 15
  18. 18. SadRuru found a perfect spot in the forest.He kept walking, to find a boar. Ruruheard a noise behind him. A boar wascharging at him and there was no wayout! 16