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These slides were originally designed to accompany Julie & Michelle’s CLC Faculty Technology Conference session titled “iPad in the Classroom”, November 2011

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  • Absence of delete and arrow keys can make for a frustrating keyboarding experience
  • There can be a fair amount of screen glare when using the iPad at certain angles and in direct sunlight.
  • The iPad is a great tool both in and out of the classroom. Starting at $499 for the wi/fi, 16 GB base model.
  • If you choose to use this new technology in the classroom you will be a pioneer in your field…
  • Much like the inventor himself…. (steve jobs and stevewozniak, circa 1976)
  • That’s a good thing…but it does come with a downside.
  • You’ll need a bit of tech savviness to pull this off.We don’t have an Apple expert on ITS staff readily available to assist you. So, you will need to become an expert. You need to feel comfortable using technology, performing basic troubleshooting, and be willing to figure things out on your own.
  • (and always have a backup plan!!!)
  • iPad in the Classroom

    1. 1. iPad in the ClassroomApps & techniques for the modern learning environmentWith Michelle Carter & Julie Ryan
    2. 2. What you’ll learn before you leave Apps for productivity + Plus a few things the iPad isn’t that good at
    3. 3. apps for teaching & learning
    4. 4. 1.Slideshow Remote by LogicInMindControl your PowerPoint presentations with your iPadCost: $4.99
    5. 5. 2.Evernote by Evernote Corp.Take and share notesCost: FREE
    6. 6. 3.Idea Sketch by NoSleep SoftwareCreate Mind MapsCost: FREE
    7. 7. 4.EasyBib by Imagine Easy SolutionsCreate APA, MLA & Chicago citations by scanning ISBN #Cost: FREE
    8. 8. 5.Voice Thread by VoiceThread.comAnnotate images and documents with voice & textCost: FREE
    9. 9. apps for productivity
    10. 10. Calendar & Email Apps by AppleOrganize and communicateCost: both apps come preinstalled for free with iPad
    11. 11. Penultimate by Cocoa Box DesignSketching & notesCost: $2.99
    12. 12. Dragon Dictation by Nuance CommunicationsSpeech to textCost: free
    13. 13. Dropbox by DropboxFile sharing and storageCost: free
    14. 14. Keynote by ApplePresentation SoftwareCost: $10
    15. 15. Blackboard Course Management Managing your course with the Blackboard Learn App for iPad
    16. 16. Managing your Blackboard Coursewith the Safari App
    17. 17. Typing Long Documents(but you can buy a keyboard)
    18. 18. ...A note about screen glare (you can buy anti-glare film)
    19. 19. YOU ARE A PIONEER
    20. 20. Much like the inventor himself…
    21. 21. Think Different
    23. 23. One more thing…
    24. 24. How To: Screen Captures1. Press & hold the sleep/wake button2. Immediately after, press the home button Sleep/wake button Home button Your screen capture is saved in PHOTOS
    25. 25. How To: Alternate Characters1. For alternate characters, press and hold down on a key until a second menu appears2. slide your finger to the correct character Alternate characters
    26. 26. How To: Quick Web Addresses1. Press and hold the “.com” key2. Slide your finger to select .edu, .net, and .org instead of typing them in. Press and hold the .com key
    27. 27. How To: Quick access number keys1. Tap and hold the number selection2. Slide your finger to correct number You will not lose the letter keyboard Tap and hold a number key
    28. 28. How To: Type FasterAt the end of a line of text, tap the spacebar twice.iPad will automatically insert a period and capitalizethe next letter for you. Double-tap the spacebar
    29. 29. List of AppsFor the Classroom General Productivity1. Slideshow Remote 1. Calendar & email2. Evernote 2. PenUltimate3. Idea Sketch 3. Dragon Diction4. EasyBib 4. DropBox5. VoiceThread 5. Keynote Available @ the App Store
    30. 30. Fun Apps We Like1. Kindle App Read Kindle books on your iPad2. Flipboard Keep up with the news & social networks3. iMovie Shoot and edit videos right on your iPad4. Netflix App Watch movies5. Pixlromatic Edit your photos and add cool filters Available @ the App Store
    31. 31. Credits & Notes These slides were originally designed to accompany Julie & Michelle’s CLC Faculty Technology Conference session titled “iPad in the Classroom”, November 2011Content Creators and Presenters Michelle Carter | x2891 | mcarter@clcillinois.edu and Julie Ryan | x2734 | julieryan@clcillinois.eduSlideJulie Ryan DesignFonts ChristopherHand, BrushScript, Adobe Fan Heiti, CalibriiPad pictures, screenshots & application icons Are included for illustration purposes only and belong to Apple and/or their respective software developersRed Rome Apple picture Available in several locations on the Web, unable to locate original creatoriPad pictures & application icons Are included for illustration purposes only and belong to Apple and/or their respective software developers
    32. 32. Credits & Notes Contd.Steve Jobs Image (slide 24) Apple Website, http://www.apple.com, 2011Apple Logo and Tag Line (slide 24) Copyright Apple CorporationSteve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Image (slide 23) Computer History Museum Website, 1976, Accession Number: 102665473 http://www.computerhistory.org/collections/accession/102665473Mary N. Crawford picture (slide 22) Digitally manipulated by Julie Ryan, original photo downloaded from Flicker here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smithsonian/3321962495/iPad glare picture (slide 19) By Yutaka Tsutano, downloaded from Flicker here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivyfield/4667604054/sizes/l/in/photostream/Steve Jobs picture & logo image (slide 39) Webscopia, http://www.webscopia.com/2011/10/steve-jobs-legacy-what-will-you-do-with-it/
    33. 33. “Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’sthinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Theysomehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else issecondary.” -- Steve Jobs, 1955-2011