Purchasing the grand canyon helicopter flight thats perfect for you


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There are a lot of Grand Canyon helicopter tours out there. Landing tours. Air tours. Tours that come with Grand Canyon Skywalk tickets. Read this article and learn which flight is right for you.

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Purchasing the grand canyon helicopter flight thats perfect for you

  1. 1. Purchasing the GrandCanyon Helicopter Flight Thats Perfect for You Presented by Julie Rainier http://www.grandcanyonhelicopter.org/west-rim-coupons.html
  2. 2. Air Tours - IntroductionThe Grand Canyon is an arresting sight no matter how you planto view it, but most will agree the ultimate way to view thisnatural wonder is by air. There are a variety of amazing flighttours available and the best Grand Canyon heli tours include arange of options to suit your budget and your individual tastes.
  3. 3. Air Tours - TypesWhile there are lots of types of tours in the market, heres a briefselection of a few to help you get started. To begin with, youmight opt for a basic flight tour. This may be of just the canyon,or can incorporate other areas such as the Vegas Strip, HooverDam, and the Grand Canyon Skywalk etc.
  4. 4. Air Tours - TypesIf you’re looking for a little more excitement, you can chooseother options which include a bottom landing within the canyonfor lunch or perhaps a cruise on the river. One particular flighttour operating company offers customers a totally free upgradethat comes with a stretch limo to collect you from your resort-hotel and a pleasing champagne lunch within the canyon itself.
  5. 5. Air Tours - West Rim FlightsThe flight takes off from Vegas and flies above Lake Mead andthe amazing Hoover Dam. You are taken on an excursion of thestriking canyon and then set down for the picnic lunch; this tripcan also include a flight around the Vegas Strip. The trip takes3.5 hours in all and is definitely worth every penny.
  6. 6. Air Tours - West Rim FlightsAdditionally there is an opportunity for a helicopter and boatcombo tour via another company. This package tour begins witha flight down to the West Rim of the canyon from the heart ofLas Vegas, over the Hoover Dam. The flight lands adjacent to theColorado River and you are then taken on a journey on apontoon. Access to the Hualapai Tribal Lands and BBQ lunchalso are included in the package. And if youre feeling especiallydaring, you can also upgrade and go on a stroll over the GrandCanyon Glass Walkway.
  7. 7. Air Tours - West Rim FlightsFor those who prefer a more varied approach, theres always theoption of a deluxe airplane tour. These tours come with ahelicopter ride as well as a cruise on the Colorado River. The tourcomprises of a visit to the west rim of the canyon and visits to thetribal lands. Additionally, it includes round trip Las Vegas Striphotel transportation and a boxed lunch; you can also upgrade totake in the stunning Skywalk above the canyon itself.
  8. 8. Air Tours - RSVPRemember that many of these Grand Canyon helicopter tours areextremely popular so advance-booking may be required toprevent disappointment. Although the cost may shock you at first,consider what you will be witnessing and youll discover that thecost is nothing compared to what you get back from any one ofthese brilliant air tours around and above this stunning location.
  9. 9. Air Tours - SummaryThere are plenty of companies that offer a number of tours at arange of prices. Your choice is entirely determined by yourbudget and what you would like to see and do within that budget.One thing that is certain is that this is a once-in-a-lifetimeexperience and not something one should take a pass on. Whetherits just a simple helicopter flight or a more varied combinationtour, the Grand Canyon warrants your time and admiration whenvisiting this neck of the woods.
  10. 10. Air Tours - SourceFor more information about Grand Canyon helicopter tours,please visit: http://www.grandcanyonhelicopter.org/