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Helicopter trips above the grand canyon


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Best way to see the Grand Canyon? Hands down it's a helicopter tours. These air excursions fly daily throughout the day. Take one and see why this form of sightseeing is the people's choice.

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Helicopter trips above the grand canyon

  1. 1. Helicopter Trips Above the Grand Canyon Presented by Julie Rainier
  2. 2. Canyon Helicopters - IntroductionVarious Grand Canyon Helicopter trip operators provide a varietyof varied deals that allow visitors to fly over the breathtakingscenery the Canyon has to offer or land on the West Rim andexplore the surroundings more closely. Travelers coming toVegas have got a myriad of entertainment possibilities to selectfrom but one can grow weary of the non-stop partying. Helicoptertours offered by local operators are favored by people who need abreak from the bright lights and non-stop pace of the Vegas Strip.
  3. 3. Canyon Helicopters - AircraftFlight tour companies manage fleets consisting of reliablehelicopters equipped with air conditioning and otherconveniences to ensure a comfortable flight. The aircrafts,manned by the best and most qualified pilots, are regularlyinspected and impeccably maintained to guarantee the safety ofall guests during the excursions.
  4. 4. Canyon Helicopters - PilotsThese accredited pilots, who have got hundreds of flying hoursunder their belts, are hired especially for their knowledge of thisexacting terrain. Some pilots also double as tour guides andprovide you commentary throughout the trip via an in-flightcommunication system. They are trained to cater to the needs oftheir guests and deliver an all around positive experience.
  5. 5. Canyon Helicopters - Las VegasThe scenic flight between Las Vegas and the canyon will takeapproximately 45 minutes usually, although, depending on thetour destination, guests can choose from other excursions thattake four hours to a few which continue for as long as 12 hours.Several tour operators offer flights out of the McCarranInternational Airport while some use an airfield in nearbyBoulder City. Guests may arrange to be picked up at almost anyneighborhood casino or hotel on the Las Vegas Strip to betransferred to the correct airfield.
  6. 6. Canyon Helicopters - BottomLandingsQuite a few half-day tours land deep inside a gorge and allowguests to exit out of the aircraft and enjoy a relaxing picnic.Visitors can select from morning and afternoon tours and theyresupplied with audio headphones so that they can listen torecorded commentary concerning the sites theyre flying above.Most tours can accommodate up to 6 travelers.
  7. 7. Canyon Helicopters - UpgradesVisitors also can select another interesting half-day tour optionwhich delivers guests to the Grand Canyon Ranch at the WestRims edge. Horse-drawn wagons transport them to the ranchhouse along a lovely trail encompassed by Joshua trees. Realcowboys entertain the crowds with songs, stories and other talltales during a western meal that is included with the package.Guests also can select a tour package featuring a sunset trip overLake Mead and Hoover Dam. The chopper lands on the WestRim so that passengers can enjoy a picnic while experiencing theastounding scene of a sunset over the canyon.
  8. 8. Canyon Helicopters - See, DoExcursions are also offered and typically leave early in themorning and come back to Vegas right before dark. These 12-hour outings include a stop in the Hualapai Indian Nation for atour of the Sky Walk. This glass observation bridge stretches outover the West Rim and features unique views of the ColoradoRiver which rushes along 4,000 feet under the deck.
  9. 9. Canyon Helicopters - SummaryMost Grand Canyon Helicopter tours are meant to suit diverseneeds, schedules and budgets. Reservations typically sell out, soguests should book trips as far ahead of time as possible to blockthe desired dates and to get the very best deals. When it’s time totake a rest from the slot machine games and neon lights, athrilling adventure awaits you.
  10. 10. Canyon Helicopters - SourceFor more information about Grand Canyon Helicopter tours,please visit: