Great Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Rides


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The Grand Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list of things to do. Especially if you're visiting Las Vegas. Why? Because coach trips depart Sin City daily and their extremely affordable and fun! This article explains.

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Great Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Rides

  1. 1. Great Grand CanyonSouth Rim Bus Rides Presented by Julie Rainier
  2. 2. South Rim Bus - IntroSeeing the Grand Canyon doesnt need to break thebank. If you wish to go on a bus tour, its actuallyquite affordable. From Vegas, for example, trips tothe South Rim can range anywhere from $80 to$180 per person. Is there a reason behind such aprice disparity? No. It all is based on where youpurchase online.
  3. 3. South Rim Bus - From VegasVegas is home to a number of top quality tour busoperators. For the most part, the experience is thesame. Buses are modern. Drivers are courteous andwell-informed. The on-board meals are good. TheGrand Canyon... that goes without saying.
  4. 4. South Rim Bus - The DetailsIt all really comes down to price. How come someagents sell you a trip for $180? Because they can.As strange as it may seem, a lot of people buy at thatrate. Do not be one of them. Shop around.To help you get the best all-inclusive package, hereare several things you need to consider:
  5. 5. South Rim Bus - The Details1. Is there a fuel charge? It is a "hidden" cost thatwas added on when the price of oil surged earlierthis year. Fuel costs have since dropped. Youd thinkthe charge would be dropped. Think again.2. Is there a fee to get in Grand Canyon NationalPark? Believe it or not, some operators will add thisexpense into the price of your trip, either upfront orat the park!
  6. 6. South Rim Bus - The Details3. Is there a terminal check-in fee? This is asurcharge for checking into a terminal where youboard your coach. This is a warning sign. The goodtours pick you up and drop you off from your hoteltotally free.
  7. 7. South Rim Bus - The Details4. What is the trip cancellation charge? You have toreally hunt down tour brokers and operators who arenot going to hit you with this one. Nevertheless theyexist. The rule of thumb is always to ask. If they do,consider your next selection, time permitting, ofcourse.5. Is there an extra price for meals? Expect to get apre-packed breakfast and lunch. Thats the norm.
  8. 8. South Rim Bus - The Details6. How long will the bus stop at the South Rim? TheNational Park is 277 miles long and 18 miles across.A couple of hours off bus is inadequate to take inthe Seventh Wonder of the World. In this instance,the more the better.
  9. 9. South Rim Bus - Buyer BewareThere are a ton of tour bus operators in Las Vegas.Take your time. Shop around. But bear in mind thisone key suggestion: The best specials are alwaysoffered not by agents but by tour providers (or toursuppliers as they are known in the business).
  10. 10. South Rim Bus - Buy DirectTour operators are the businesses that own thecoaches, pay the drivers, offer customer service, andmake sure you get the trip you bought. They have avested interest in making certain you are satisfied.Brokers, on the other hand, will offer you a tour atwhatever price they believe youll pay, which isalways more than the tour operators price.
  11. 11. South Rim Bus - SummaryThe Grand Canyon is a "must-do" once you visitVegas. Especially the South Rim, the part of theNational Park thats world-famous for its scenery.Bus excursions are one of the most cost-effectiveway to visit this rim. But do your homework.Pricing is all over the map. My recommendation isto start by shopping travel company internet sites asin all likelihood they will have the cheapest prices.Then climb onboard your deluxe luxury bus andprepare yourself for the Canyon.
  12. 12. South Rim Bus - SourceFor more info: