1 Day Grand Canyon Rafting Tours


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Looking for Grand Canyon rafting but only have a day and DONT want whitewater rapids? Try a float tour. This article turns the spotlight on these trips...

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1 Day Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

  1. 1. 1 Day Grand Canyon Water Rafting Tours By Julie Rainier © 2012http://www.grandcanyonwaterrafting.com/1-day-grand-canyon-rafting
  2. 2. Float Tours - Take Your PickI usually assumed that if I needed to go rafting the Grand Canyonthat Id have to sign up for a two-week mega-tour. Well, thatssimply not the case. There are many 1-day trips available andhonestly theyre very satisfying and incredibly fun.The most well liked one-day rafting tours are at the South Rim inthe National Park. These are all-day trips and they are accessibleto all including kids four years of age and older. Options includegoing on a plane or bus ride to Page, AZ, where you can boardyour pontoon raft at the base of magnificent Glen Canyon Dam.
  3. 3. Float Tours - Bus & RaftThe bus variation of this tour is less expensive than the plane one.Both start off from Grand Canyon Village or from Grand CanyonAirport. The route to Page is quite interesting. You go along theSouth Rim to the East Rim just before heading north past theNavajo Indian Reservation and the Painted Desert.The coach package goes straight to the Colorado River. The planetrip incorporates a Jeep side-trip to Antelope Canyon, aremarkable landscape of unique, pastel-colored rock structures.To go to the banks of the river, you will need to drive through atwo-mile access tunnel.
  4. 4. Float Tours - Pontoon RaftsThese pontoon rafts are massive and can seat up to 19 people.They are loaded with an outboard motor and can pretty muchhandle any sort of water conditions. That said, this is a smooth-water float tour, which means there wont be any rapids.
  5. 5. Float Tours - The RouteThe first major landmark is Horseshoe Bend, a gorgeous curve inthe Colorado River that is distinguished by bright orangesandstone and turquoise blue waters. This area has beenphotographed extensively and is known around the world for itsnatural contrasts.This 1 day float tour includes pulling out on a beach and takingan easy stroll to a cliff wall that has been imprinted withpetroglyphs, an indication that ancient peoples settled and thrivedin this region millennia ago. Many visits stop here for lunch.
  6. 6. Float Tours - The RouteThe entire smooth-water float trip is 15 miles and ends at LeesFerry. Only an old fort and an abandoned trading post remain.Theres a load of activity here, however, as its here where all thebig, commercial whitewater rafting trips commence.
  7. 7. Float Tours - The ReturnYoull get on a climate-controlled luxury motor coach for the rideback to your accommodations on the South Rim. Look out on thereturn as you will be treated to an amazing canyon sunset, which,in my view, is the ideal bookend to this extraordinary journey.
  8. 8. Float Tours - SummaryThere are many things to do at the Grand Canyon. But I think oneof the best day trips is the 1-day smooth-water rafting tour,particularly when you bundle it with an airplane ride to the GlenCanyon Dam. The sense of having accomplished somethingspecial pervades you when you finish this experience. And itshould. Youve literally seen the canyon from top to bottom, andthat is something few individuals can claim.More infomation at: http://www.grandcanyonwaterrafting.com/