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Whitsun homework mock exam


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Year 10 Mock Exam questions

Published in: Education
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Whitsun homework mock exam

  1. 1. Year 10 Mock Exam Whitsun Holiday Homework The Charles Edward Brooke Newspaper Corporation are looking to launch a website for their successful Popular Press Newspaper The Charles Edward Brooke Star. You have been recruited as their internet website designer and editor and been asked to make the website easy to use for your readers. Dear Colleague Welcome to the Charles Edward Brooke Star team. As you know all national newspapers have recognised the importance of embracing new technology and having a website. You have been asked to design the homepage for the website maximising its appeal to our target readership. Our readers are C2DE demographic males and females aged 18-45. We want you come up with new and exciting ideas to engage our readers and increase the hits we receive. We look forward to receiving your detailed and concise planning in our next meeting. Best wishes and see you soon Ms Greig Editor in Chief
  2. 2. Task 1: Tell us what defines a popular newspaper in the UK. What are the codes and conventions in terms of: • Layout • News Values • Images • Headlines • Style of Writing Task 2: Tell us about the Press Complaints Commission and the reasons why people might complain about newspapers. • Privacy • Intrusion into grief • Portrayal of minority groups • Truth and accuracy Task 3: Explain your ideas for our new and exciting website homepage. Describe what other pages there will be on the website and how these will appeal to our target readership. Include a leading news stories that will feature on the homepage. Task 4: Using the sheet attached sketch your homepage. Remember to include: • Lead story with headline and image. • Other stories. • The newspaper Masthead. • Links.