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Social Media is Dead! Long Live Social Media! at PRSA Houston #PRDay2013


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Even pros who stay on top of social media on a daily basis — tools, best practices, evolving tactics, improved strategy — admit the constant shifting and changing dynamics of social media can become utterly overwhelming, creating concern that it only offers at best some exposure and a few names for the email list or a couple of shares.

This presentation covers critical questions you and your organization or client need to ask in order to achieve the best results through social media, including: how social media has changed (and why you need to change with it) and how your tactical approach will need to respond (as well as benefits and risks) to net maximum results through influence and engagement.

Then it offers practical tactical solutions that leverage your already-in-place areas of expertise, and calm concerns.

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Social Media is Dead! Long Live Social Media! at PRSA Houston #PRDay2013

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA IS DEAD! Long live social media!
  2. 2. Hello PR Day 2013 at PRSA Houston!   Nugget of wisdom (and I do mean nugget): Keeping with social media is like keeping up with the Joneses x 1000. (Feel free to groan if you agree!) Gotchic font for DRAMA
  3. 3. I’m a social media expert, trust me
  4. 4. Common pain points   So much coming, or worse, going. How can we plan?   So much new, as in new tools and new in old tools. Well…mostly dead, in a sort of Princess Bride way.
  5. 5. What I think you should actually worry about   Keeping up with shiny is a full-time job (that almost nobody has)   Shiny means new tools, changes to tools, and new tactics   Audience attention is turning a corner and going into a password only speakeasy   Easy Access to meaningful metrics has become a unicorn   Facebook (that evil seed)
  6. 6. Face the fear How do I explain these lower-than- last time analytics to the client? No happy feet for Facebook.
  7. 7. The big changes   Paid->Owned<-Earned   Farewell Edgerank and SEO   Ads & Ad preferences   Privacy issues and changes   Keep up with the Twitterers UNCLE!
  8. 8. This is why it’s worth it I’m part of the 78%! 91%! My friends and I are the 70%! I give and receive in the 62%!
  9. 9. So here’s what you do   Stay on top of the shifting ground beneath your feet.   Find your third party allies. This is multi-pronged.   Figure out what works, then figure it out again.   Follow the market.   Budget bigger.   Prove it.
  10. 10. How to stay on top of this That’s a great idea for Vine! Thank goodness my friend sent me this link!
  11. 11. Curve into the learning
  12. 12. Follow the market then…   HERD THEM!   It’s not herding cats, trust me.
  13. 13. Pay to play   Before I tell you the hardest part I want us all to remember why this is worthwhile. That’s pretty much most people. And remember, they’re willing to listen and act, if you do it well. Grand Totals: 72% of online adults use social networking sites
  14. 14. Budget and Prove it
  15. 15. Common sense best practices + Innovation  Keep asking, keep checking!  You developed a strategy and tactics. • How are you using it? • How are you measuring it? • How are you growing and evolving with it?  Keep on top of changes with trusted resources.  Be creative (but loyal and authentic).  And accept the budget.  Which you prove. Brilliantly.