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  • Today I’d like to provide you with an overall update on QLogic, our product and technology direction and our overall state of business operations. I’d like to make this a very interactive, collaborative and open discussion, so please feel free to ask questions throughout the course of this presentation.
  • How does QLogic support HP’s Converged Infrastructure initiative?Solutions optimized for Virtual Server/Storage environments+ Virtual Connect Fibre Channel+ Virtual Connect FlexFabric+ FCoE switching solutions like FlexFabric and the A5820Solutions that contribute to power and cooling savings+ Low power and no airflow adaptersSolutions that reduce the amount of IT management requried+ H-series 8Gbps FC and Simple SAN Connection Manager enterprise software+ QLogic Converge Console (QCC) for adapter management+ EFMS+ InfiniBand Fabric Suite 6.0
  • The 4th Virtual Connect module to come from the HP/QLogic partnershipAnother example of QLogic’s strategic importance to HP and their Converged Infrastructure strategyAnother example of QLogic’s BladeSystem leadershipReduces the entry cost of the HP Virtual Connect solution
  • Key points:HP is announcing 3 components: 1) HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric module, 2) FlexFabric Adapter mezzanine card, and 3) FlexFabric Adapters integrated into server blades (G7)Now one embedded FlexFabric Adapter, working with the VC FlexFabric module connects with ANY Ethernet, iSCSI or Fibre Channel (over Ethernet) network This builds on the highly successful HP Virtual Connect wire-once connection management and Flex-10 technology to a true converged infrastructure solution at the server edgeSound bites: The World’s simplest and most flexible way to connect to any network 95% less network sprawl at the server edge, 65% lower costs, and 40% less power and cooling required.Notes:95% Substantiation - To support a Vmware recommended configuration of 6 NICs and 2 Fibre Channel connections, for 16 servers, a traditional server blade configuration would require a dual port LAN on Motherboard (LOM) NIC, an extra quad port NIC mezzanine, and a dual port Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) along with 8 switches (6 Ethernet and 2 Fibre Channel). The total traditional configuration components add up to 40 vs. the VC FlexFabric solution. The VC FlexFabric solution requires only embedded dual port FlexFabric adapters on servers (no extra mezzanine cards) and two VC FlexFabric modules for redundant connectivity. This simple calculation will help you understand it better, (40-2)/40=95%.65% Substantiation – Based on the difference (ILP as of May 2010) of traditional interconnect and adapter cost compared to Virtual Connect FlexFabric solution. Compare cost of 6 Ethernet switches, 16 quad-port NIC mezz cards, 2 8 Gb Fibre Channel switches and 16 FC HBAs to only 2 HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules connected to 16 embedded FlexFabric adapters. 40% Substantiation - Based on the difference of traditional interconnect and adapter power costs compared to Virtual Connect FlexFabric solution. Compare cost of power for 6 Ethernet switches, 16 Dual-port NIC mezz cards, 16 quad-port NICs, 2 8Gb Fibre Channel switches and 16 FC HBAs to 2 HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules connected to 16 embedded FlexFabric adapters.Additional information:HP NC551i Dual Port FlexFabric 10Gb Converged Network Adapter   (integrated on G7 AMD blades)HP NC553m 10Gb 2-port  FlexFabric Server Adapter  (integrated on G7 Intel blades)HP NC551m Dual Port FlexFabric 10Gb Converged Network Adapter   (mezz card)
  • The 4th Virtual Connect module to come from the HP/QLogic partnershipAnother example of QLogic’s strategic importance to HP and their Converged Infrastructure strategyAnother example of QLogic’s BladeSystem leadershipReduces the entry cost of the HP Virtual Connect solution
  • Key Points:Simple to managePowerful 8Gb infrastructure working end to end across the HP environmentFlexible with stacking architecture and TR capability to seamlessly connect to other SAN infrastructuresAffordable – lowest per/port cost for any FC switch family in the HP portfolio
  • From the 8/20q entry level switch that can be configured from 8 to 20 ports, to the SN6000 that can scale from 12-120 ports in a single stack, the H-series offers customers more for their IT budget and unique value only HP provides. The SN6000 provides 10Gb stacking ports, upgradeable to 20Gb, for incremental growth – grow the switch by “stacking” rather than rip and replace. This means better asset leverage because you have greater granularity at scale.The H-series switches and stacks can also be interconnected via standard ISL connections. Up to three (3) 8/20q switches are supported in a single fabric, providing 48 device ports (assuming redundant path ISLs, 4 per switch) and HP supports up to 5 SN6000 stacks to be interconnected in the same fabric, providing more than 500+ ports in a single fabric.All H-series switches provide operationally efficiencies with unique SAN management softwareSimple SAN Connection Manager (SSCM) speeds enterprise deployment, upgrades and implementation of best practices. Enterprise class functionality controlled by an intuitive interface. Spend less man hours and money deploying and managing a SAN. This means quicker uptime and happier internal customers. SSCM is included with H-series switches as opposed to other switches that charge thousands for the same features. No license keys to deal with.Industry standard technology connects to Brocade, Cisco & QLogicUses NPIV to connect to Brocade, Cisco and QLogic fabrics the same as Virtual Connect and affordable HP, non-proprietary, industry standard optics. Gives flexibility and peace of mind that the company is purchasing equipment that supports the Converged Infrastructure. I/O StreamGuard protects against non-critical interruptions in the SAN fabric to optimize performance in backup, audio and video editing applications.Adaptive Trunking technology, included with every H-series switch, ensures optimized data flow between switches and with no need for expensive licenses to purchase, saving thousands of dollar over other offerings.
  • SSCM is the first software application to leverage the API HP created for Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager. This enables SSCM to provide visibility into the virtual connect environment. Administrators can now see manage the connections from the server enclosure, to the mezzanine adapter to the virtual connect module and all the way through the HP SAN environment.
  • Here’s a topology map showing all the element in the virtual connect environment that can are now visible with SSCM.
  • HP also introduced Enterprise Fabric Management Suite to provide more granular control of the H-series SAN environment. Key feature include;Performance and fabric monitoring Extended credits wizard for increasing distance connectivityFabric tacker/Fabric Ping Auto filtering Additional diagnostics capabilitiesmPort technology to allow moving port activations within a switchUnlike competitive products, EFMS is site licensed for an unlimited number of fabrics. This can save customers tens of thousands of dollars in licensing fees for these advanced capabilities.
  • H-series is ‘HP Unique’ and has elements that deliver the CI strategy today.Only HP has SSCM to provide a 60% reduction in management of the SANOnly HP has Transparent Router, to protect customers investments in legacy SAN while enabling them to build out with the latest and greatest SAN solutions from HPAnd H-series infrastructure helps position, differentiate and sell more HP storage and Virtual Connect because SSCM is fully integrated with EVA/MSA/P2000 and VCEM.
  • The key! Multiprotocol! Multifunctional, Multi-capable! The MPX200 provides the flexibility that no product in the industry provides.New as of August 2010, support for XP Disk Array FCIP connectivity and 10GbE FCoE target connectivity.
  • Note: Maximum two simultaneous functions supported at a time (iSCSI - FCoE are considered 1 function)
  • In short, HP’s FCoE strategy is about simplifying how servers connect to the edge of the network. Either to the LAN or the SAN. HP uses the FlexFabric capability to make this a reality and allow customers to tune the bandwidth based on performance needs, all with three protocols across a single wire. The wired-once data center!
  • HP’s home grown solutions utilize QLogic FCoE ASICs.HP offers customers FlexFabric modules for BladeSystem environments and the A5820 ToR solution for Rack/Tower server implementations. HP also re-sells Brocade and Cisco ToR offerings if that’s what the customer wants. But for HP, lead with FlexFabric and the A5820.
  • While Virtual Connect modules are not switches, they are fully compatible with all industry standard Ethernet and Fibre Channel infrastructure from a wide variety of vendors. In fact, every product is extensively qualified with switch products from leading vendors such as HP ProCurve, Cisco, Brocade and Juniper. In addition, testing occurs with a number of operating system/hypervisor products and target storage arrays. HP is committed to ensuring interoperability with the network infrastructure that our customers deploy.
  • Announced in November, shipping in Oct/Nov:SSCM 3.2 – integration with VCEM for BladeSystem environmentsA5820 FCoE Module – provides CEE HP Top of Rack capability for ML/DL server environmentsVirtual Connect FlexFabric – provides CEE connectivity between BladeSystem Servers and network edgeJanuary:CN1000Q FlexFabric Adapter (aka CNA) for ML/DL servers – provides CEE connectivity to ML/DL with simultaneous IP, iSCSI and FC communications8Gb Target adapter for HP Virtual Tape Library and Disk 2 Disk backup systemsNC532SFP 10GbE LAN adapter for ML/DL serversFebruary:FlexFabric ToR Switch from SWDMarch:SSCM 3.3 – support for FlexFabric and other featuresMezz50/Mezz75 target adapters to provide iSCSI and FCIP capability for EVAP3+ LOM for ProLiant DL580/585G7 – provides CEE connectivity with simultaneous IP, iSCSI and FC communicationsApril:P3+ Adapters and Mezz for Integrity Servers - provides CEE connectivity with simultaneous IP, iSCSI and FC communications
  • Targeted at HP and HP Partner PreSales professionals. Also valuable for Sales professionals selling HP solutions.Free Training on HP/QLogic technology and solutionsNo cost for ExamAverage time for each module is 10-15 minsInstructor led examples, customer scenario basedEarn the QLogic H-series Storage Network Architect Credential
  • Ideal for HP employees or partners from LeftHand or 3com.
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