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Julien coquet eMetrics stockholm 2012


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Very few analytics initiatives are rolled out without problems: definition, management sponsorship, tagging, quality, third-party agencies just to name a few! Even though it is easier to fail on the Web, many important lessons are ignored or overlooked.
This presentation is based on 15 years of experience in web analytics project management and shows all-too-common technical pitfalls your company can avoid to launch a successful website with top-notch measurement.
Among many things that can go wrong, Julien Coquet points out areas of analytics implementation you should pay special attention to if you are serious about measuring your online performance.

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Julien coquet eMetrics stockholm 2012

  1. 1. When analytics projects gowronghow to fix them, get reliable data, find insights and optimize!Julien Coquet – HubSales B&DeMetrics Stockholm 2012
  2. 2. Julien COQUETPrincipal Consultant, HubSalesBusiness Development, HubScanDAA Country Mgr., FranceOther job titles include:•KPI Therapist•Implementation Surgeon•Data Chiropractor
  3. 3. @daaorg Digital Analytics Association (some time ago) Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Web data for purposes ofunderstanding and optimizing Web usage.
  4. 4. @juliencoquetSome consultant from France(some time ago) Web Analytics is when you tell your clients how to fix their crappy (and costly) websites, save the world and get warm and fuzzy inside!
  5. 5. Man plans.God laughs. -- Old Yiddish proverb
  6. 6. In all seriousness…
  7. 7. Quick show of hands #1:successful analytics projects
  8. 8. Quick show of hands #2: how much do you trust your data?
  9. 9. The 3 reasons whyanalytics projects fail
  10. 10. - Technology- People- Processes
  11. 11. BIG DATAaka the same recipes weve been using in BI for the last 20 years but with sexier dashboards and a gazillion bytes of data to play with (oh, and privacy issues too)
  12. 12. Context is mandatoryRelationships give value
  13. 13. Data quality is the newconversion rate
  14. 14. @daaorg Digital Analytics Association (some time ago) Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Web data for purposes ofunderstanding and optimizing Web usage.
  15. 15. 1996 Omniture founded 2005 1995 Google Analytics Webtrends software1991 2002Worlds first website custom variables, advanced tagging 1995 2008 Javascript tag management, 1997 QA solutions first web beacon
  16. 16. This is 2012and still, the main issuewith analytics is tagging?!
  17. 17. "Sure, tags are annoying but we have tag management systems for that, right?"
  18. 18. Issues with TMSes- Encapsulation- DLS (Data Layer syndrome)- Rule-based engines… vs performance vs exhaustivity
  19. 19. 70% of your web data is lost. Live with it … or make corrections.Source: HubScan, ObservePoint
  20. 20. Getting website tagging up and runningcan take lots of time on large web properties Source: Brian Clifton Advanced Web Metrics
  21. 21. Tagging quality loss is inevitable for fast moving sites Source: Brian Clifton Advanced Web Metrics
  22. 22. We need more tools to validate data captured by tools we dont trust
  23. 23. Volume and robustness "Scanner" "Browsers" "Crawlers" Speed Bubble size: feature set
  24. 24. Check for:- tag presence and execution- tag compliance with business values
  25. 25. Fix your taggingRestore confidence in data Analyze Optimize Profit!
  26. 26. Which type are you?
  28. 28. Thank youfor your attention
  29. 29. About HubScan: