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Social Recruiting - The Future of Talent Sourcing and Hiring


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The surge of Millennials into the workforce, their affinity for mobile devices and their finely tuned appreciation for employer branding has led to a major shift in recruiting strategies. Companies that make the shift from “return on investment” to “return on involvement” in today’s social workforce with the largest generation on the planet… will surely win.

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Social Recruiting - The Future of Talent Sourcing and Hiring

  1. 1. SOCIAL RECRUITING The Future of Talent Sourcing and Hiring
  2. 2. About me Julien Arnaud (@juarnaud) Social Prospecting Enthusiast & Entrepreneur Founder of Social Recruiting Software Aqayo (acquired by HRBoss). Father of two.
  3. 3. The New Recruiting Challenges Too Much Data to Manage The Best Talent is Hiding It is Harder to Get Heard “In the past, the work of Recruiters was a gentleman’s game – and now it’s a Blood Sport. ” Thomas J. DeLong Professor, Harvard Business School
  4. 4. Challenge #1 Too Much Data to Manage Recruiters can get buried under an endless flow of applications Difficult to sift through the noise to identify precious candidates
  5. 5. Challenge #2 The Best Talent is Hiding Talent is scarce Needs to be proactively looked for …and fought for
  6. 6. Challenge #3 It is Harder to get heard With competition for the top talent intensifying, employers find it harder to not only woo candidates but to get themselves heard to candidates at all
  7. 7. Out with the Old! Recruiters must now be their candidate search proactive in and differentiate themselves from the competition in order to reach the top talent. But how?
  8. 8. The Promise of Social Recruiting
  9. 9. An average person spends 40 minutes a day on
  10. 10. as compared to 9 minutes a day on Source: Gary Wagnon
  11. 11. Your Next Employee is on …. and so on
  12. 12. What does it mean to work with… the Future of Hiring?
  13. 13. Your ideal candidate might be a search away Your social media presence needs grooming
  14. 14. Sourcing on LinkedIn may already be quite familiar…
  15. 15. … but watch out for Facebook sourcing!
  16. 16. Facebook Graph Search is Powerful!
  17. 17. You can even get creative in your search!
  18. 18. Twitter sourcing anyone?
  19. 19. Win the Fight for Talent Groom your Social Profile(s)
  20. 20. Social Networks Drive Traffic (& Talents) to your Sites • Social media profiles improve your Google search rank • Social sharing capacity (e.g. installation of sharing buttons on your site) is the new SEO • Social media expected to surpass search engines in driving traffic to sites in 2013 (Source: eMarketer)
  21. 21. Example: Search “Ann Johnson” WHY SOCIAL RECRUITING IS THE NEW NORM 22
  22. 22. Be Searchable Be Like-able Be Shareable
  23. 23. Be Searchable: categories, keywords, topics, etc
  24. 24. Be Like-able: incentivize “liking”
  25. 25. Be Like-able: Bring your contacts with you
  26. 26. Be Shareable: create engaging posts
  27. 27. Use social media as your traffic driver & redirect candidates to your career site
  28. 28. Build a powerful, engaging (& mobile) career site
  29. 29. Social Referrals The Holy Grail of Recruitment
  30. 30. Employee Referrals are 7X more likely to be hired than a candidate coming from a job board Source: Oracle
  31. 31. Employee referrals are: The #1 source in hiring volume and hire quality The #1 fastest time to fill a position The #1 in employee retention
  32. 32. Solicit Referrals in 1 Click – Expand your reach…
  33. 33. … & Save Money Conventional Recruitment Program Automated Referral Program Candidate Source Cost per hire % of hires Referrals $2,500 10% $375,000 $2,500 15% $562,000 Internal Recruiters $8,000 65% $7,800,000 $8,000 63% $7,560,000 External Recruiters $25,000 25% $9,375,000 $25,000 22% $8,250,000 Total cost to recruit Total cost of Cost per hires hire $17,550,000 Savings * Based on a recruitment volume of 1,500 employee per year $1,177,500 % of hires Total cost of hires $16,372,500
  34. 34. Not to forget Outside Referrals…
  35. 35. A window into the future? In the last 4-5 years, recruiting has changed tremendously. The global connectivity and social networks have made the traditional recruiting models virtually obsolete. So far, recruitment has struggled to keep up. By combining technology with an underlying process that is designed to engage, educate and convert potential recruits on their terms, recruiters now have the tools they need to succeed in the new age. Time to turn the tables?