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Be a VRP is sexy


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A start up should be focus on making money first. Therefore, the organisation should have a sales rep (VRP) attitude. Not just to get client, but to create within the organisation a customer intimacy mindset. A startup is not supposed to create the next Twitter, Pinterest or Foursquare. Neither, startup founders are supposed to be a great visionaries like Steve Job. Settle in a market and sale your stuff. Sustained your activity and build-up a team. Then maybe you'll become a create visionary and build cool product.

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Be a VRP is sexy

  1. 1. Be VRP is sexy
  2. 2. It takes time...
  3. 3. So cool!
  4. 4. Fuck the VC!CEO(Cool startup)
  5. 5. MakingVC Money
  6. 6. $$$$
  7. 7. Gary Vaynerchuk Morten Lund
  8. 8. Yesbe VRP is sexy
  9. 9.