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Rob Day’s Mental Toughness Academy


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Giving hockey players the mental tools and techniques they need to be successful.

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Rob Day’s Mental Toughness Academy

  1. 1. MENTAL EDGE GOALTENDING MENTAL TOUGHNESS ACADEMY Giving hockey players the mental tools and techniques they need to be successful.
  2. 2. WHO IS ROB DAY?  Rob is one of the country’s most respected goalie coaches. Additionally Rob has personally coached at every level from college (NCAA Division 1 Men’s and Women’s, NCAA Division 3 Men’s and Women’s and Club) Juniors (Junior A and B), Prep (Numerous prep school teams) and youth. He has a deep understanding of the mental game and how to grow it as a player (not just a goalie) moves and progresses in levels. His life skills approach teaches the athlete how to:  Develop confidence.  Achieve a more relaxed style of play therefore making fewer mistakes.  Become an effective leader and communicator.  Feel good about themselves as a person.  Become a clear thinker when it comes time to do battle.  Develop a laser focus.  Develop a pre-game routine and develop methods that will prepare them for any situation.
  3. 3. WHY CHOOSE ME ?  So your next questions are this all looks good so how are you different than all the other stuff out there and why should we use you.  My answer is that you are getting this communication directly from a coach who has been on the front lines. I have seen literally a wider variation of athlete than your typical sports psychologist and know how to deal with all the different personalities. I am also a former engineering executive so we take a logical and step-by-step approach in building your players mental toolbox. One of my roles as a college coach is to develop a mental toughness component for the players and help them elevate their mental game.  My plans help the player truly figure out why they play the game. We then develop a clear and concise action plan with many mental exercises and cognitive improvement strategies. These exercises are specific to hockey and are time tested with many of my past students and players with the teams and organizations with whom I have been associated.
  4. 4. COURSE DESCRIPTION Here is what the course will consist of and what you can count on to receive to help yourself develop. 1 written communication per week from Me providing information to help you take your mental game to the next level. 1 audio communication per month reviewing the material that was sent and exposing you to some of the newest methods of mental toughness training New mental exercises each month. These will help you enhance your brains cognitive abilities. Some are hockey related and some are just brain related Downloadable PDF goal setting manual and progress tracking manual End of quarter reviews to see how you are doing with your progress. New podcast each month outlining the mental aspect of the game and how it correlates with the technical piece. Insightful links to much more mental toughness information.
  5. 5. WHAT IS REQUIRED OF ME ? How much is your mental game worth to you? As you get older the mental game will become a more critical part of your game. It is often said that most sports are 90% mental. There are a lot of pressures and expectations on athletes today. When an athlete is young and involved in today’s culture everyone gets a trophy at a young age. As they get older the competition gets more intense and they are doing everything to prepare except learn how to find that extra gear when you need to. If you sit with a sports psychologist it is going to cost you a lot of money and it is for a short visit. I am a coach for a reason and that reason is to help you develop as an athlete and a person. I will do my part to bring out the best in you. What I expect from you in return is to spend about 1 hour a week on working on your mental game. To equate this let’s look at the following example: In 2008-2009 the average save percentage of a starting goalie in the NHL was .908. The save percentage of the top ten goalies was .918 that amounted to about 14 less goals over the course of the season. The average salary of the starters was $2.2 million. The average salary of the top ten was $6.6 million. The difference between good and great is the way that you mentally approach the game. Are you ready to invest time into yourself and your game? Can you put that time aside to elevate your game and break through to new levels? If you can then great! We look forward to taking the journey with you. If not then we wish you the best in your career.
  6. 6. COURSE DELIVERY METHODS You will receive regular email communications with valuable information on how to improve your mental game along with exercises you can do on a regular basis to build your skills. You will also hear stories about some of my past students who have used these techniques to bring their games to higher levels. You will also be able to listen to webinars and podcasts about the latest trends in mental conditioning. This method of delivery is more consistent with today’s student living in a digital world. You will also have access to our website where additional services are available,
  7. 7. PROGRAMS AND COSTS Do you have a dollar a day to put to making yourself a better hockey player. If not then do not read any further and good luck with the rest of your career go work hard and have fun!. We charge $29.99 for a month. Other programs are available but we do not hard sell on you. Our subscriptions are billed monthly but we have you try it for a year. The total annual cost of our program would not even buy you 2 sessions with an average sports psychologist. It is the cost of a catcher for you. For the price of Will they communicate with you everyday/ probably not. We will give you 30 days to decide if our program is for you. If after that you decide that you like what you hear then you can enjoy the next 11 months getting to know yourself better and raising your game to new heights. All material will be able to be read in a 5 minute time frame. The audio files are also about the same timing. So we are asking that you invest 5 minutes extra per day to Remember the salary comparison a few slides ago. Just finding that little edge can bring out the best in you and result in success beyond your wildest dreams.