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Horizon Project 2008 Awards Ceremony


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Flat Classroom Project sister, Horizon Project 2008 had 10 classrooms and over 200 students. These slides are a summary of the main wiki and multimedia awards. More information can be found at

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Horizon Project 2008 Awards Ceremony

  1. 1. Awards Ceremony A Flat Classroom Project: Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis
  2. 2. (QA) Qatar Academy Grade - 10 Julie Lindsay (QA GR11) Qatar Academy Grade 11 ITGS - Sam Liberto (PLC) Presbyterian Ladies College Grade 10 - John Turner (ASB) Barcelona American School Grade 10 - Rosalind Greehy (VIS) Vienna International School - Gordon Matthewman (BSGE) Baccalaureate School for Global Education Grade 11 ITGS - Madeline Brownstone and Shantanu Saha (WHS) Westwood Schools - Vicki Davis (GHS) Goodland High School - Tanya Gray (GBA) Glenbrook Academy of International Studies Grade 9 - Chris Morgan & Ryan Bretag (KGHS) Kyoto Gakuen High School – Chris Flesuras and Daniel Tauber Participating Classrooms
  3. 3. Wiki Awards <ul><li>Each of the 13 topics included 4 impact sub-groups. These are – </li></ul><ul><li>Education </li></ul><ul><li>Government, Politics and Employment </li></ul><ul><li>Arts, Entertainment and Leisure </li></ul><ul><li>Science and Health </li></ul><ul><li>For each topic, classroom teachers as a team have determined the best sub-group wiki based on - </li></ul>Criterion A : Finding and Understanding (Research) Criterion B : Analyzing and Evaluating (Content) Criterion C : Communicating and Using Web 2.0 Tools (Organization and Presentation)
  4. 4. #1 Grassroots Video Wiki B- Impact on Government, Politics and Employment Linda I. (BSGE Gr11), Heidi Y (GHS) , Yume A (KGHS 3Yr) , Daniel B (GBA) #2 Collaboration Webs Wiki C – Impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure Kyle A. (GBA), Kylie B (GHS), Yuka K (KGHS 3Yr) #3 Mobile Broadband Wiki A – Impact on education) - Taylor M. (BSGE Gr11), Alberto S. (ASB), Andreas P (VIS), Karin G. (PLC) #4 Data Mashups Wiki B – Impact on government, politics and employment - Anita S. (BSGE, Gr11) , Jiu L. (PLC), Akiko K (KGHS 3Yr) , Gracie S (WHS)
  5. 5. #5 Collective Intelligence Wiki B- Impact on government, politics and employment - Argemira F. (BSGE Gr11), Maria (GHS), Fiona C (VIS) #6 Social Operating Systems Wiki C – Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure - Beartiz E. (ASB), Parisa N, (PLC), Alyssa Z (GBA), Joseph D (1WHS Gr10), Farah Q (QA Gr 11) #7 Human and Machine Communication Wiki A – Impact on education - Forest (GHS), Prince W. (BSGE Gr11), Mariam AT (QA GR11) #8 Collective Sharing and Generation of Knowledge Wiki D – Impact on science and health - Sumner W (1WHS Gr10), Ari R. (GBA), Maxine S. (PLC)
  6. 6. #9 Games as Pedagogical Platforms Wiki C - Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure - Aaron O. (BSGE, Gr11) , Tiffany T. (PLC), Toshiaki M (KGHS 3Yr), Ethan B. (GBA), Ghanem AK (QA GR11) #10 Computing in 3 Dimensions Wiki B - Impact on government, politics and employment) - Zeena H (QA Gr 10), Andrew A (7WHS Gr10), Kaede (KGHS 2Yr) #11 Connecting People via the Network Wiki D – Impact on science and health - Leire S. (ASB), Kae F (KGHS 2Yr), Eli K (GBA), Sandra P. (PLC) #12 Shifting of Content Production to Users Wiki B – Impact on government, politics and employment) - Regina P. (PLC), Misa Y (KGHS 3Yr), (Jennifer V. (ASB), Brandon I (GBA), Latifa AT (QA GR11) #13 Evolution of a Ubiquitous Platform Wiki A – Impact on education - Kyndall T (7thWHS Gr10), Itsumi Y (KGHS 3Yr), Mitchell B. (GBA) Becky J (QA GR11)
  7. 7. Multimedia Awards These awards go to the best multimedia works . Student work was assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Horizon Project. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 13 major topics. The expert panel of judges used these criteria - Criterion A : Design and Technical Quality Criterion B : Synthesis and Construction of Ideas
  8. 8. #1 GRASS ROOTS VIDEO First - 1.A.1 Renea R (GHS) Second - 1.PM Jess N (QA Gr 10) Third - 1.APM Hilliary J (1WHS - Gr10) HM - 1.A.3 Sarah Al F (QA Gr10 )
  9. 9. #2 COLLABORATION WEBS First - 2.B.2 Joshua Z.(BSGE Gr11) Second - 2.C.1 Kylie B (GHS) Third - 2.PM Michelle L. (BSGE Gr11) HM - 2.D.2 Masami M (KGHS 3Yr)
  10. 10. #3 MOBILE BROADBAND First - 3.A.1 Taylor M. (BSGE Gr11) Second - Tie 3.C.3 Mana Y (KGHS 3Yr) and 3.C.2 John T. (BSGE Gr11) HM - 3PM Dana Al M (QA Gr10) and 3.D.1 Margot T. (GBA)
  11. 11. #4 DATA MASHUPS First - 4.B.3 Akiko K (KGHS 3Yr) Second - 4.D.1 Paola C (QA GR 11) Third - 4.B.2 Anita S. (BSGE, Gr11) HM - 4.B.1 Gracie S (WHS) and 4.PM Adam P. (BSGE, Gr11)
  12. 12. #5 COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE First - 5.B.2 Fiona C (VIS) Second - 5.A.2 Iman S (QA GR11) Third - 5.D.3 Azusa S (KGHS 2Yr) HM - 5.D.2 Gillian F (1WHS Gr10)
  13. 13. #6 SOCIAL OPERATING SYSTEMS First - 6.D.1 Aaron D (GHS) Second - 6.B.2 Stephanie B (QA Gr 10) Third - 6.B.1 Sara M (QA GR11) HM - 6.A.1 Eva G (QA GR11) and 6.APM Jehan S. (BSGE Gr11)
  14. 14. #7 HUMAN AND MACHINE COMMUNICATION First - 7.PM Tomohiro M (KGHS 3Yr) Second - 7.C.2 Raihan Bin H (QA Gr 10) Third - 7.A.2 Mariam AT (QA GR11) HM - 7.C.1 Lauren A (GHS)
  15. 15. #8 COLLECTIVE SHARING AND GENERATION OF KNOWLEDGE First - 8.A.1 Adrian L. (BSGE, Gr11) Second - 8.C.1 Jake K (GHS) Third - 8.B.1 Sonya S. (BSGE Gr11) HM - 8.PM Dana El G (QA Gr 10) and 8.C.2 Mitch B (1WHS Gr10)
  16. 16. #9 GAMES AS PEDAGOGICAL PLATFORMS First - 9.APM Josh D (GHS) Second - 9.A.2 Yanni S. (BSGE, Gr11) Third - 9.D.3 Shadi G (QA Gr 10) HM - 9.C.1 Ghanem AK (QA GR11)
  17. 17. #10 COMPUTING IN THREE DIMENSIONS First - 10.D.2 Vladimir D (VIS) Second - 10.A.2 Yumi T (KGHS 3Yr) Third - 10.B.1 Zeena H (QA Gr 10) HM - 10.B.2 Kaede (KGHS 2Yr) and 10PM Lindsey C (7th WHS)
  18. 18. #11 CONNECTING PEOPLE VIA THE NETWORK First - 11.PM Kareem J (QA Gr 10) Second - 11.A.1 Ren S (GHS) Third - 11.C.2 Desiree M. (BSGE, Gr11) HM - 11.D.1 Kae F (KGHS 2Yr) and 11.A.3 Yasaka L (KGHS 3Yr)
  19. 19. #12 SHIFTING OF CONTENT PRODUCTION TO USERS First - 12.PM Tawney K (QA Gr 10) Second - 12.A.1 AKANE H (KGHS 3Yr) Third - 12.D.1 Lucas A. (ASB) HM - 12.D.2 Danny A. (BSGE Gr11)
  20. 20. #13 EVOLUTION OF A UBIQUITOUS PLATFORM First - 13.PM Lara K (QA Gr 11) Second - 13.D.1 Mihoko R (KGHS 2Yr) Third - 13.B.2 Malorie M. (BSGE Gr11) HM - 13.B.1 Marisa A (GHS)
  21. 21. Multimedia META-Awards As a culmination to the project we invited guest meta-judge, Terry Freedman, to determine the best multimedia works overall from the 13 topic winners in each group. Judging was based on Criterion A and Criterion B, as with the Multimedia Awards. Terry also added extra criteria as found here –
  22. 22. Third Place Data Mashups by Akiko K (KGHS 3Yr, Japan)
  23. 23. Second Place Evolution of a Ubiquitous Platform by Project Manager for EUP, Lara K (QA Gr 11, Qatar)
  24. 24. First Place Games as Pedagogical Platforms by Assistant Project Manager, Josh D (GHS, USA)
  25. 25. A Flat Classroom Project: Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis http://