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Flat classroom Project 10-1 awards


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The culmination of the Flat Classroom Project 10-1 on April 13, 2010. Students, teachers, judges and advisors gathered in Elluminate to celebrate the award winning multimedia.
All details on the wiki at

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Flat classroom Project 10-1 awards

  1. 1. Flat Classroom Project10-1<br />AWARDS CEREMONY<br />April 13, 2010<br />Flat Classroom ™ Co-founded by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay<br />
  2. 2. Welcome<br />- Julie Lindsay<br /> <br /><br />
  3. 3. Participating Schools<br />
  4. 4. Judges Awards<br />Given by the expert judges aggregating their scores<br />These awards go to the best multimedia works.<br />See Rubrics for details about <br />Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and <br />Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas<br /><br />All Awards can be found at <br /> <br />
  5. 5. Group 1Connecting the World Online<br />Judged by Thompson, Gates, Alberti<br />First: 1.D.3 Connecting the World Online Larissa P., SPA, USA<br />Second: 1.B.2 Journey Of The MePhone By Cole J, TS, USA<br />Third: 1.B.1 Education 2.0: The Future of the Classroom Sean M, MCAHS<br />HM: 1.D.1 On The Line Jordan P, MCAHS, USA<br />
  6. 6. Group 2How the WWW has changed the world<br />Judged by Macintosh, Union and Cummings<br />First: 2.D.2 Facebook, Twitter and a Flat World by Carlie M, MCAHS, USA<br />Second (tie): 2.C.1 WWW Social Entrepreneurship by TalaHashem, QA, Qatar and 2.C.2 How the WWW has changed the World by Mecca M. WHS, USA<br />
  7. 7. Group 3Workflow Software<br />Judged by Vrotny, Durff and Union<br />First: 3.F.1 Workflow Software by Lindsey Paulsen, TS, USA<br />Second: 3.D.1 Workflow Software by Chiara Navarre, WHS<br />Third: 3.B.1 Workflow Software by Cody Weisz, TS, U.S.A<br />
  8. 8. Group 4Uploading: Changing Shape of Information<br />Judged by May, Vrotny, Singh<br />First: 4.A.1 The Internet is a Shelf by Kellie E, MCAHS, USA<br />Second: 4.B.1 The New World by Chuck F, MCAHS, USA<br />Third: 4.F.1 CSI: How We Live & Play by Marisa F, MCAHS, USA<br />
  9. 9. Group 5Web 2.0<br />Judged by Union, Smith, Thompson<br />First: 5.F.2 Twitter: Not Just for Fun by Autumn K, MCAHS, USA<br />Second: 5.E.1 - Symphony of Web 2.0 by Ben W., GHS, USA<br />Third: 5.D.1 Web 2.0 Wins Presidency by Maria M., MCAHS, USA<br />
  10. 10. Group 6Globalisation and Outsourcing<br />Judged by May, Macintosh, Davis<br />First: 6.D.1 Long Live Funny Cat-Outsourcing by Jacourtney W. WHS, USA<br />Second: 6.B.1 What Makes the World Go 'Round? by Robby M, MCAHS, USA<br />Third: 6.E.1 Outsourcing & Its Effects by Justin S, MCAHS, USA<br />
  11. 11. Group 7Google Takes Over the World<br />Judged by Davis, McLaughlin, Cummings<br />First: 7.D.1 Are You Addicted to Google? by Heather C, MCAHS, USA<br />Second: 7.E.2 Sketching Up the World by Ed F, MCAHS, USA<br />Third: 7.B.1 Innovation, Invention and Prediction: Google by Kuter I, GHS, USA<br />
  12. 12. Group 8PLE's and Social Networking<br />Judged by Durff, Sheko, Thompson<br />First: 8.B.1 Facebook 2.0: Social Networking to the Next Level by Jessica S, MCAHS, USA<br />Second: 8.E.1 Facebook Advertisement by Amber D, GHS, USA<br />Third: 8.A.1 Social Networking Today by Stefanie B, MCAHS, USA<br />
  13. 13. Group 9Mobile and Ubiquitous<br />Judged by Coleman, Van ‘tHooft, McLaughlin<br />First: 9.C.1 The Journey ,by Salvador A., WHS, USA<br />Second (tie): 9.B.1 The Future of Our Future, Ryan I, GHS, USA and 9.A.2 Mobile and Ubiquitous Technology by Chelsea B. , SPA, USA<br />Third: 9.B.2 Our Ubiquitous Reality: The Future of Mobile Phones by Brittany S, MCAHS, USA<br />
  14. 14. Group 10Virtual Communication<br />Judged by Turner, Zenhausern, Coleman<br />First: 10.D.2 Virtual Communication by Yaroslav Loginov, Sotogrande International School, Spain<br />Second: 10.B.1 Virtual communication by Mona H. WHS, USA<br />Third: 10.D.1 Virtual Communication by AmnaNassralla, QA, Qatar<br />
  15. 15. Group 11Wireless Connectivity<br />Judged by Van ‘tHooft, Durff, Singh<br />First: 11.F.2 Mu Ji H's Wireless Connectivity by Mu Ji Hwang, QA, Qatar<br />Second: 11.A.1 Have You Heard of It? by Ismael G, GHS, USA<br />Third: 11.A.2 Wirelessology by Josh C, MCAHS, USA <br />
  16. 16. Meta-Judge Awards<br />The meta-judge for this project is Steve Madsen, a flat classroom teacher from Australia. Steve is a member of the Flat Classroom Board of Advisors and has attended the Flat Classroom Workshop in Mumbai recently.<br />Message from Steve<br /> “It is an accomplishment in its own right to successfully complete a video with the myriad of difficulties that can be encountered, upload to the Ning and embed in the respective wiki. Well done to everyone who succeeded in uploading their multimedia artifact..”<br />
  17. 17. Honourable Mention<br />7.D.1 by Heather C, MCAHS, USA <br />“Are you addicted to Google” <br />Judges comment: “Are You Addicted to Google' approached the task in a different fashion and the overall strategy was a good one. A huge number of sound effects were used which added to the quality of the end product. Many, many images were used, however, some of the images were too pixilated and took away from the quality of the video. The sub-titling phrasing was commendable but often tended to scroll too fast across the screen. More detailed credits and citations were also needed. Overall, a fun end product to watch”.<br />
  18. 18. Third Place (tie)<br />11.F.2 by Mu Ji Hwang, QA, Qatar<br />“Wireless Connectivity”<br />Judges comment:<br />“Mu Ji H's Wireless Connectivity' used many interesting techniques in the production of this multimedia artifact and seemed to make use of the limited resources at hand. Good camera angles and shots were used as well as some 'special effects'. The use of different intonations of the voice and exaggerated acting were appreciated. However, there seemed to be little or no evidence of credits nor outsourcing..”<br />
  19. 19. Third Place (tie)<br />4.A.1 by Kellie E, MCAHS, USA<br />“The Internet is a Shelf”<br />Judges Comment:<br />“The Internet is a Shelf' made good use of music, transitions and the audio quality was good. The use of a bookshelf to explain technology concepts was very much appreciated as was the comparison of a hard copy application and an online application. Proper credits and citations were used in this end product.” <br />
  20. 20. Second Place<br />10.D.2 by Yaroslav Loginov, Sotogrande International School, Spain<br />“Virtual Communication”<br />Judges Comment:<br />“Virtual Communication' also used a different approach to explain their concept using original images in animations. However, there was no evidence that an outsourced multimedia artifact had been requested nor used within this end product. Many animation and screen shot techniques were used as well as purposeful audio effects. Several sub-topics were explained well and the audience should gain a good understanding of the concept after watching this multimedia artifact. It was also appreciated that some prediction was used which is always fun to see if the predictions become reality or close to it.” <br />
  21. 21. FIRST PLACE<br />The Flat Classroom Project 2010-1 overall winner, <br />Judges Comment:<br />“It was appreciated that a different approach was used and that efforts to obtain an outsource video was evident. The audio was clear; good simple, effective images were used which focused on current events. The music chosen was effective and the use of a collage of images had positive impact. The author was assigned a difficult concept and the audience should gain a good understanding of the concept after watching this multimedia artifact.”<br />
  22. 22. The Winner is…….<br />The Flat Classroom Project 2010-1 overall winner for Best Multimedia Artifact is:<br />9.C.1 by Salvador A., WHS, USA<br />“The Journey”<br />
  23. 23. Congratulations to all students and teachers<br />Thank you to all judges, advisors, researchers and supporters. <br />Flat Classroom Projects<br /><br />Flat Classroom Project Ning<br /><br />Flat Classrooms (for educators)<br /><br />Email:<br />Flat Classroom ™ Co-founded by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay<br />