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Session 20 ic2011 montague

  1. 1. Social Media Networking in the Forest Products Industry
  2. 2. THEN NOWIncorporated the 4 Ps Still Incorporates the 4 Ps– Product – Product– Price – Price– Promotion – Promotion– Place (Distribution) – Place (Distribution) The only thing that is changed is how we promote and distribute
  3. 3. (1824) the foundation (1980’s) consumer usefor the telegraph was of the fax machinelaid began(1876) the telephone (1990) consumer use ofwas invented mobile phones began(1974) the first (1992) consumerconsumer computer internet usage beganwas introduced
  4. 4. In 1994, fewer than 2 of every 10 Americans usedthe Internet; in 2009, more than 8 in 10 Americansgo online24 % of American households have at least threecomputers; in the current study only 15 % ofhomes in America do not have a computerAmericans spend an average of 17 hours online perweek
  5. 5. 63% of 30-49 year olds and 34% of those ages50 and up access the internet wirelessly40 % of those age 66 and older go online65 % of internet users buy online52% of users said the internet was important orvery important in helping them maintain theirsocial relationships
  6. 6. Social media describes the online tools thatpeople use to share content, profiles,opinions, insights, experiences, perspectivesand media itself, thus facilitatingconversations and interaction online betweengroups of peopleThese tools include blogs, message boards,podcasts, micro blogs, lifestreams, bookmarks,networks, communities, wikis, and vlogs
  7. 7. Wikipedia (reference)MySpace (social networking)Facebook (social networking)YouTube (video sharing)Twitter(microblogging)Digg (news sharing)Flickr (photo sharing)LinkedIn(business networking)
  8. 8. 52% of adults say they have two or moresocial accountsFrom 2006-2009 the number of adult bloggers30 years or older increased from 7% to 11%19% of adult internet users use Twitter orsimilar services75% of adults 30 years or older maintain aprofile on Facebook
  9. 9. Blog (discuss relevant forestry issues like certificationand globalization)Vlog (Post videos of the process of producing lumber)Post (Post real-time information) Inform employees of events Inform the public about available products and sales Make request for species specific resources Inform the public of community service Inform the public of job hiringMost importantly the forest products industrycan make connections with the public
  10. 10. 2010 Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.survey of annual summer conference attendeesReturned 22 useable surveysThe questionnaire contained three sections: characteristics of the responding company the company’s beliefs and attitudes on social media networks and a section for respondents to list reasons why their company was/was not using social media
  11. 11. Only 2 respondents indicated company use10 respondents indicated personal useFacebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter top sites usedUsing social media as a sales/profits increasingtool and as a cost effective marketing toolNot using because of liability/legal concernsand because of complexity/time consumption
  12. 12. Fundamentals of marketing have not changedInternet plays an important role in everydaylifeBusinesses must find a way to adaptThere is no “one-size-fits-all”Serving our customers is key