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BlueSky Personnel Solutions Information


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BlueSky Personnel Solutions Information

  1. 1. BlueSky RecruitmentOptimize Your People SearchAre you finding the right people for the job, in a timely manner, at an affordable cost?BlueSky Personnel Solutions is a competitive leader in finding the very best job candidates for theOffice/Administration sector. Whether your need is for temporary or permanent candidates, putBlueSky Personnel Solutions to work to find the perfect “fit”.We specialize in Administrative Our Clientsand Management workplace For most small to mid sized companies, theenvironments… resources necessary to effectively research,• General Administration screen, assess and successfully hire the “right” candidate are typically limited. Those• Human Resources limited “resources” usually include time,• Sales & Marketing money and people necessary to perform the many functions that contribute to a• Communications successful new hire. And time is not only a• Finance component within the search process, it’s normally the prime determinate in measuring the success of the search.• Accounting At BlueSky Personnel Solutions, we provide companies with effective,• Procurement affordable, flexible and timely recruitment solutions to help you to achieve your business goals, with qualified and motivated people.• Customer Service Our Approach• Inventory Management BlueSky Personnel Solutions employs proprietary, candidate tracking• Information Technology systems linked to both internal and external databases, with the capability• Data Processing to search, track and manage literally tens of thousands of candidates, while providing 24/7 web based access for both our consultants, clients andRECRUITMENT SERVICES targeted candidates. At BlueSky, we also make extensive use of internet related tools, including• Searches business networks and groups, to conduct searches and recruitment• Temporary campaigns amongst the vast “under the radar” market of “passive” job• Permanent seekers. By intercepting this market of “passive” job seekers, we are able to network and solicit the interest of highly qualified candidates who might• Contract otherwise, never be encouraged to explore available job opportunities.• Management Following initial screening of prospective candidates, we employ an array of assessment and testing tools as a means to determine a recommended “fit” with the needs of the client. Our Specialized Capabilities At BlueSky Personnel Solutions, we specialize in recruitment of temporary, permanent and contract employees typically employed in fulfilling the requirements and responsibilities of administrative and managerial workplace environments, including mid-level and executive management. BlueSky Personnel Solutions Phone (416) 236 3303 www.blueskypersonnel.comRecruitment • Assessment • HR Administration • HR Support
  2. 2. BlueSky Permanent PlacementTargeted Recruitment Of High Performing PeopleFinding specific skills and experience to help your company meet business goals.At BlueSky Personnel Solutions, we specialize in recruiting and qualifying top notch, high performancecandidates required to fulfill and manage the many diverse occupations, professions and disciplinesnecessary to the contribution and achievement of your business goals.We specialize in Administrative Our Search Processand Management workplace BlueSky Personnel Solutions providesenvironments… high level recruitment services for leading• General Administration organizations in private and public sectors, including board level and executive search.• Human Resources With speed, accuracy and discretion,• Sales & Marketing BlueSky Personnel Solutions fulfills search and recruitment of suitable permanent• Communications placement candidates according to a very• Finance specific, “best practice” process.• Accounting • Engagement - process incudes obtaining a thorough understanding of client and job requirements and preparation of a detailed search• Procurement proposal.• Customer Service • Candidate Identification - includes the candidate identification process and research, with library and database research, as well as• Inventory Management research through source contacts and penetration into the communities• Information Technology of interest necessary to build a long list of candidates• Data Processing • Short Listing - involves in depth interviews in the determination of a short list of preferred candidates, of whom initial reference checks areRECRUITMENT SERVICES made in order to prepare a confidential Client Reference Report • Initial Client Interview - Identified prime candidates are interviewed by• Searches the client resulting in a final list of prime candidates who are submitted• Temporary to final in-depth reference and background checks.• Permanent • Offer of Employment - BlueSky Personnel Solutions assists in the• Contract negotiation and preparation of a detailed offer of employment and facilitation of any additional assessment or testing required by the client.• Management Our Guarantee Occasionally an employee does not work out or decides to move on to another position. For permanent searches we provide a three-month guarantee so that should the individual resign or be dismissed within three months of the start date of employment, we will find a suitable replacement at no additional cost. BlueSky Personnel Solutions Phone (416) 236 3303 www.blueskypersonnel.comRecruitment • Assessment • HR Administration • HR Support
  3. 3. BlueSky Contract StaffingSpecial Expertise For A Short Term NeedDo you have an immediate need for flexible, short term employment assistance?BlueSky Personnel Solutions offers pre-screened and qualified candidates who are immediatelyavailable to step into short term roles resulting from special projects, parental leaves, peak workloadperiods, or any other urgent or unplanned staffing requirements.We specialize in Administrative About Contract Staffingand Management workplace Contract staffing generally refers toenvironments… temporary assistance that may be required by your company for special projects,• General Administration parental leaves, peak work periods, urgent• Human Resources situations, employee leaves of absence and more.• Sales & Marketing Contract staffing allows you to meet your• Communications immediate staffing needs quickly and• Finance flexibly. Additionally, employers may want to evaluate the potential of a contract• Accounting candidate as a permanent employee.• Procurement Hiring on contract is usually the best option when there are peak work periods or when an employer, for whatever reason, does not wish to commit to a• Customer Service permanent hire. Our pool of candidates available for contract employment• Inventory Management consists of those individuals who have passed our pre-screening process, are ready to work immediately and are open to contract employment. Generally• Information Technology speaking, contract hiring is the way to go when you require someone quickly• Data Processing or desire flexibility in the working relationship. Do contract employees ever become permanent employees?RECRUITMENT SERVICES Yes, in about 40% of our assignments, the contract employee is hired permanently by our client, either during the contract or following its• Searches completion. Many employers view the contract option as a good way of trying• Temporary out someone for the job before making the decision to hire permanently.• Permanent How much does the service cost?• Contract On a contract staffing basis, our fee is built into an hourly rate which includes all employment costs. The hourly rate depends on the employee’s experience• Management and skills, the services required and the length of the contract. The client also has the option to hire the contractor onto their payroll for a pro-rated fee based on the length of the contract. What’s the difference between Contract and Temporary Staffing? In both cases, candidates are hired by BlueSky Personnel Solutions and are assigned according to client need. However, Contract Staffing is understood to address a more defined period of employment and may involve the achievement of specific goals which, in turn, may also require a specialized skill set. BlueSky Personnel Solutions Phone (416) 236 3303 www.blueskypersonnel.comRecruitment • Assessment • HR Administration • HR Support
  4. 4. BlueSky Temporary StaffingFlexible And Cost Effective Staffing SolutionsWorkforce solutions for flexible staff requirements, reduced costs and short terms needs.At BlueSky Personnel Solutions, we provide temporary administrative and management staffingservices that offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed, maximum employment flexibility with absolutelyno hidden costs on an on-going basis, as required.We specialize in Administrative Our Temporary Solutionsand Management workplace Up to 70% of all business expenses are relatedenvironments… to recruitment, hiring, turnover, benefits and• General Administration absenteeism. At BlueSky Personnel Solutions, we provide• Human Resources recruitment and staffing solutions for• Sales & Marketing temporary employees and other forms of flexible staffing that feature five ways to slash• Communications costs and optimize your human resource ROI.• Finance • Absenteeism Savings - Our clients pay• Accounting only for the work that is performed.• Procurement • Turnover and Recruitment Costs Savings - BlueSky Personnel Solutions manages all employee recruitment and turnover activity.• Customer Service • “On Demand” Hiring - Clients use temp staff during peak business• Inventory Management periods, eliminating payroll expenditures during low business periods.• Information Technology • Overtime Savings - Clients can save on high overtime costs and maintain peak production by having additional temporary employees working• Data Processing shorter hours and/or during peak busy hours. • Training Cost Savings - BlueSky Personnel Solutions tests applicantRECRUITMENT SERVICES knowledge, skills and personality and can provide some job specific• Searches training, having a positive impact on the client’s bottom line.• Temporary What is temporary help?• Permanent BlueSky Personnel Solutions hires its own temporary employees and assigns them to work as part of a client’s workforce for a duration of time. We• Contract maintain the employer-employee relationship, and we are responsible and• Management obligated as the employer throughout the employment period. A business agreement is created with the client, that sets out a service fee and includes a guarantee period as client insurance. What’s the difference between Temporary and Contract Staffing? In both cases, candidates are hired by BlueSky Personnel Solutions and are assigned according to client need. However, Temporary Staffing is understood provide a more flexible approach in terms of the duration and terms of employment as well as the roles to be fulfilled by the temporary candidates. BlueSky Personnel Solutions Phone (416) 236 3303 www.blueskypersonnel.comRecruitment • Assessment • HR Administration • HR Support