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Career Advice for Advertising, Design, Marketing & Life


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Those who may have not done (enough) teach.

Gave this presentation to a class at the University of Minnesota and quickly realized I really wrote it for myself! Friends and co-workers liked it so here it goes.

What do you think?

Apologies to the many Flickrites - all the images are theirs and they are fabulous, but I lost the links. If your image is here, please tell me, I'd love to attribute it!! Thanks for reading, look forward to feedback.

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Career Advice for Advertising, Design, Marketing & Life

  1. 1. Hello.
  2. 2. Everyoneʼs favorite topic: Everybodyʼs #1 topic: themselves... themselves This is true of bosses, clients, consumers,clients, consumers. Use accordingly. This is true of bosses, co-workers and you.
  3. 3. Julie • Carleton english major • Brainco dropout Kucinski • Aveda in-houser • Martin Williams tours of duty • now Creative Director • Optioned screenplay • Sold tv show • Launched stationery product • Marketing consultant • Apartment Therapy blogger • Currently: pitching book & working on b-plan •twitter: julie_k •delicious: aliasvivian •blog: who cares? •facebook: Julie Kucinski •
  4. 4. OK... back to you A few observations and suggestions for the journey ahead...
  5. 5. Advertising is not really advertising anymore. Products are the new marketing. Operations are the new marketing. Marketing is service. Advertising is story telling. Advertising is listening. Advertising is conversation. Advertising is content. Advertising is user-driven. Advertising is experience. Advertising is social. Advertising is tribal. Advertising is dead. Yes.
  6. 6. Lesson: advertising likes to talk about itself The good news is, thereʼs lots to do & itʼs easy to be an insta-expert.™ So go do it.
  7. 7. OK... back to you Agencies donʼt own creativity anymore. These days, client-side can be even more creative and entrepreneurial. So stay open minded.
  8. 8. Creativity is a muscle that must be exercised. The more ideas you have, the more youʼll keep having. Enjoy the rush and trust the process.
  9. 9. Keep a notebook Itʼs easy to forget insights and notions. Write down the best ones for inspiration.
  10. 10. Traditional agencies are on death watch. There are exceptions. Target the creatively driven ones. Or go for smaller, specialty, digital, strategy-driven, design-driven. Nothing middle.
  11. 11. After giving up strategy, ROI & creativity, the experts became vendors.
  12. 12. The good guys still care about the work & the clients.
  13. 13. Try to find a place of similar ambition and ideals. When the projects you work on or people you work with stop making you better in some way, itʼs time to go.
  14. 14. More & more, freelance is a viable option, maybe a better one.
  15. 15. Talk to as many people as you can and make an impression.
  16. 16. Ask yourself regularly if itʼs still working for you. The world changes while youʼre busy on deadline so check in with yourself regularly. Yourself. Not everyone at happy hour.
  17. 17. The old art director/copywriter team is also endangered. Teams are getting bigger and more elastic. And thatʼs a good thing.
  18. 18. Playing well with others has never been more important. Neither has design. Writers, master Photoshop, inDesign and anything else you can.
  19. 19. Not everyone can come up with good ideas. Even fewer can sell them. Even fewer can execute them.
  20. 20. Value and adore those who can do what you canʼt. And make sure you stay in touch with them. Them of all ages and description.
  21. 21. What every team needs Someone to: Make it smart. Make it look good. Make it original. Make it work. Make it on time & budget. Make it fun. Sell it. Hint: all of these people are not you. But at least 2 better be.
  22. 22. It used to be OK, even cool, to be a bit antisocial. But why would you want to be?
  23. 23. Show up. To every event. To every show. On Twitter. On Facebook. On blogs. Wherever, often. Making a name for yourself is easier than ever and also more important.
  24. 24. Once youʼre there, donʼt be shy. People love to help people. And they love talking about themselves. Let them be heroes, charm them and you will win.
  25. 25. Learn to present well & command attention It makes mediocre ideas seem great and helps great ideas get sold. Practice and prep is worthwhile.
  26. 26. Never be too great at one thing. People will want you to keep doing it. You will get bored. It may even become extinct.
  27. 27. Talk to friends who are doing better than you to remain hungry & humble.
  28. 28. Take the biggest chances as soon as you can. Shitty experiences are the great stories of your future. They will remind you of when you were young & wild. They might make you rich, famous and/or happy.
  29. 29. So make sure whatever youʼre selling yourself for is worth it.
  30. 30. If you hate your boss or the people you work with: quit You can always change jobs. Changing a place is damn near impossible unless you own it.
  31. 31. the first ideaʼs almost never the best one ideas that too easy to like arenʼt either If you work with people or at a place who always wants to go with the first idea, run.
  32. 32. Do as many things as possible. T-shirts, letterpress, bands always impress. It may lead you to your own business, and itʼs fun. If at all possible, a job like driving cab in Wyoming endlessly fascinates others.
  33. 33. Remain engaged in the world. It will make you valuable & make your ideas better. Plus, it is more fun. Beware of creative people who arenʼt into something, or many somethings.
  34. 34. This business can open many doors. But few try the knobs. Try as many things as you can, be charming and asking for favors will be rewarded.
  35. 35. Be bold Youth, creativity, beauty & energy are on your side.
  36. 36. Thank you. Tell me how it goes. Itʼs gonna be good.