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Ideas for Creating a Business Video using Studio Resources @ AHML


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Ideas for Creating a Business Video using Studio Resources @ AHML

  1. 1. March 10 & 11, 2014 Julie Kittredge Business Services Advisor
  2. 2. Why Create a video?  Develop an extension of your brand  Share the human side of your business  Marketing  Drive traffic to your website  Communicate a lot in just a few minutes.  Visually  Verbally  Use YouTube to host – providing another platform to build your audience
  3. 3. The Focus  Planning must be focused on the message you want to share and the audience you want to share it with.  Let go of the numbers, let go of the “sales” pitch.  You want to:  Solve a problem  Answer questions  Instruct  Communicate value (from the customer’s perspective)
  4. 4. The Goal The goal of your video, for either a product or a service, is to answer all of your customers questions or concerns about your product or service in a short video. Typically 2-4 minutes is ideal.
  5. 5. Create a YouTube Channel  Creating a YouTube channel allows you to upload and share your business videos  It’s one more platform as you build your brand.  Organize using playlists or tags
  6. 6. Types of Videos: Inspiration  How-to (DIY)  Behind the scenes  Celebrate a milestone  Introduce your business  Webinars  Tutorials & Screencasting  Share new products or services  Testimonials or product reviews  The video interview
  7. 7. Things to think through as you plan your video  What is the purpose of my video?  Which style of video will best communicate my purpose?  Will I be on location or in the Studio  Will I need to invite others to participate?  Draft a storyboard & script  How will I incorporate my business brand/personality?
  8. 8. The How-To Video AHML Mobile App How-to  Software used: Reflector – using wifi you can stream an iphone or ipad through the computer & record video  Other ideas: provide a glimpse into your workflow  Demo the use or development of a product  Could be a screen-cast – how to navigate your website
  9. 9. Behind the Scenes or Special Events AHML Dinosaur Exhibit AHML Renovation Preview  Share a look “behind the curtian” of your business  Share details about an upcoming event – a tease  Video tape what it looks like as you create your products or service your happy customers  Highlight an event that already took place
  10. 10. Celebrate a Milestone Bookmobile 40th Anniversary Video Home Sweet Home Promo Business anniversary 1000th customer Loyal customer service
  11. 11. Introduce Your Business Use a combination of still shots & video with voice over The Shackly Room (Geneology) Use a video interview style Tropical Smoothie Paper Crown Gallery Software used: iMovie
  12. 12. Webinars Teach software, website demos, apps, & live recordings.  Software to use: google hangouts,  Usually recorded live  Record and post on Youtube  Voice recording while navigating a screen  Can be interactive with Q & A via chat box
  13. 13. Tutorials & Screen casting Business Database Tutorials  Software used: Screenflow  12 Screencasting tools for creating videos  Use screen casting for web demos or navigation  Tutorials can also look similar to a “how-to” video
  14. 14. Sharing a new product or service New AHML bookdrop locations Used: green screen in The Studio Advertise and sales promo for new products Introduction to new services
  15. 15. Testimonials or Product Reviews My reading Valentine book reviews  Ask your customers what they love about your service or product  Show your product in use  Offer a freebie in exchange for their opinion
  16. 16. The Video Interview Recorded answers only; Paper Crown Gallery  Recorded side by side; Technical Tips for Creating a Video
  17. 17. 5 private rooms equipped with the latest technology and digital resources
  18. 18. Resources in the Studio Lighting Backdrops Green screen Cameras Microphones Soundproof space No distractions
  19. 19. Studio Tour Take a virtual tour via Google maps
  20. 20. Driving traffic to your site  Include a call to action at the end of your video  Brand your videos with your business information or logo at the beginning  This makes the collection of videos recognizable and helps people find you if they want more information  Make sure you include your contact information at the close of your video.  Include website, phone, email  Post video on social media  YouTube  Business facebook page  Twitter  Pinterest  LinkedIn
  21. 21. Final tips  Make sure your lighting is effective  Make sure you place some distance between your subject and your background. (And avoid distractions like passing cars!)  Make sure your sound is good quality and does not echo, or you avoid distractions (background noise outdoors or in office).  Make sure you wear plain clothes so as not to date or distract from your message  Create a script so you’re not making it up as you go  Keep it short  Get to the point  End with a call to action either during the video or in the end credits
  22. 22. How others have used video  A preview of an online class: Doodle Delight   An example of behind the scenes: A Family Collaboration   Bloom True: The e-course – an example of advertising for an online workshop 
  23. 23. Additional resources  Tips for creating business videos that customers will watch.   11 ideas for creating video content  video-content/  5 clever ways your business can use video to drive traffic  ways-your-business-can-use-video-drive-traffic