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Observation Lab assignment


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Observation Lab assignment

  1. 1. Observation Lab Assignment Julie Iskander
  2. 2. Miami SuperMarket
  3. 3. Insight The area around the cashier is a great place to place sweety treats and small colorful, friendly gifts that may catch a customer eyes as they leave. White colors and bright white neon light give an impersonal boring feel.
  4. 4. Hidden Opportunities Better organization of products by color or function may help customers reach what they need easier. ‘For Sale’ items must be more clear with discount easily seen from a distance. New arrivals too need to be arranged in a more spacious place
  5. 5. Cilantro
  6. 6. Insight The Barquet wooden floors , the big windows that brought in generous sunshine and the cold air-conditioned environment gave a cordial friendlt environment. Adding little chocolate packets for sale at the counter is a nice thing as it is handy as you pay.
  7. 7. Hidden Opportunities A variety of coldcult sandwiches must be added. The place needed more music to it but not so loud.
  8. 8. Diwan Bookstore
  9. 9. Insight Adding a table for best sellers and a table for new arrival at the center of the place makes them more reachable and welcoming. Adding a coffee area is a very good idea,as young people can take a cup of coffeewhile reading the just bought book.
  10. 10. Hidden Opportunities The books in top shelves aren’t reachable, I think the need to be pu somewhere more reachable. The ‘for sale’ items are in a corner not so visible, the ‘For Sale’ banner needs to have bigger font and be more visible
  11. 11. Delice Patisserie and Cafe
  12. 12. Insight Still keeps the old doors and street windows, with the interior still intact. Has a great atmosphere with the old music and fresh pastry aroma. The new ice-cream display near the counter isa good add-on
  13. 13. Hidden Opportunities The exterior has a great view in good weather, can be used for customers sit and enjoy their coffee and treats. It is used but not fully, rain-covers can be used