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5 steps to corporate image success


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5 steps to Corporate Image success focuses on the opportunities and factors affecting how the healthcare industry is perceived by clients, shareholders, developers and potential employees.

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5 steps to corporate image success

  1. 1. 5 Steps to Corporate Image Success By Julie Hyne Corporate Apparel Solutions Professional Image Styling and Supply For Companies Who Want To Make a Positive and Powerful Impression.
  2. 2. Asnapshot } In Australia healthcare is a $126 billion industry } 98000 businesses } 692144 employed } Forecast to grow at 4.5% annually
  3. 3. Factors affecting deregulation } Client will have greater choice over location, type of facility and level of service } Greater investment incentive for aged care facilities by developers } Provide exceptional services to compete } Deliver an exceptional client experience
  4. 4. Whatweknow }  An ageing population means there is big focus on aged care services and facilities }  Majority of workers are female and over 45 }  Has a very non-sexy appeal }  Difficult to attract quality employees of younger ages How is your company going to tap into this ever growing market? How can you magnify the scope of clients you can attract?
  5. 5. TheBiggestDriver Customer Experience Appearance Do you know what your client sees, feels and senses when they walk into your facility?
  6. 6. There’saGap in delivering these drivers… Your Corporate Image And that of your staff
  7. 7. CustomerService Facts } A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people } 13% of those tell more than 20 people } 86% of consumers stop doing business because of bad customer experience } For every customer complaint there are 26 others who remain silent } 65% will speak negatively
  8. 8. Customerservice facts } 25% of customers are likely to speak positively } 23% who experience positive service will tell 10 people How can you increase the above percentages to increase customer loyalty and create a profitable, sustainable business?
  9. 9. EnterSoftSkills } Interpersonal skills } Attitude} Presentation and appearance} Leadership} Etiquette and grooming } Values} Body languageThese are the things that are NOT taught at school but will take your business from being mediocre to exceptional
  10. 10. Whydotheymatter? Customers demand it They are what keep you in business!
  11. 11. 5 Steps to Being Irresistible } Image } Impression } Impact } Integrity } Identity
  12. 12. Image •  Presentation •  Polish •  Persuasion •  Projection •  Physicality
  13. 13. Impression •  Recognition •  Reflection •  Relate •  Respect •  Reaction
  14. 14. Impact •  Confirmation •  Credibility •  Confidence •  Certainty •  Conversion
  15. 15. Integrity •  Sincerity •  Self respect •  Spirit •  Style •  Status
  16. 16. Identity •  Purpose •  Passion •  Priorities •  Poise •  Presence
  17. 17. Whyarethesestepscritical? }  70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey) }  Attracting a new client costs 5 times as much as keeping a new one, so wouldn’t you want to get it right first time, every time? }  A 10% increase in client retention can mean a 30% increase in your bottom line (bain & co)
  18. 18. Whatdoesitmeanforyou? } Higher residencies } Consumer confidence } Brand integrity} Attract quality loyal staff } More profits} Seen as market leader } Sustainability
  19. 19. Howwecanhelp }  Image assessment and review to embrace your workforce style needs }  Uniform design and colour tailored to your corporate image }  Modern, on-trend designs, off range or standard}  Logo design and embroidery }  On site assistance }  Dedicated customer service way beyond the first order }  Choice of implementation programs
  20. 20. Moreinformation Julie Hyne Corporate Apparel Solutions} Ask for your free Image assessment} Contact me directly via email or on 0433114841Dressing your staff is easy with the right program.