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Women at the Table: Now More Than Ever


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Leadership conference presentation on need for more women in leadership roles.

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Women at the Table: Now More Than Ever

  1. 1. Women at the Table:Now More Than Ever Julie Graber Managing Director April 21, 2010
  2. 2. —  As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in the Labor Force (The New York Times, February 2009)—  It’s Not just a Recession, It’s a Mancession (July 9, 2009 – The Atlantic)—  Women are victors in ‘mancession’ (June 7, 2009, The Times, Great Britain)
  3. 3. Disappearing from the Picture % Women at Each Level60.00% 49.90%50.00%40.00% 35%30.00% % Women 20%20.00% 15%10.00% 3% 0.00% Workforce Managers Senior Leaders Executive Officers CEOs
  4. 4. Organizational Learning Curve DEFENSIVE COMPLIANCE MANAGERIAL STRATEGIC CIVILDeny Adopt a Embed the Integrate Moral andpractices, policy-based issue in core societal issue ethicaloutcomes, compliance management in core commitment –responsibility approach as a processes business it’s the right– usually cost of doing – HR dept. strategies thing to dohandled by businessLegal Dept. – PR dept.
  5. 5. In Rework (Fried & Hansson)— How long is overrated— What matters is how well
  6. 6. From Gary Hamel:The Future of Management (2007)—  For the first time since the dawning of the industrial age, the only way to build a company that’s fit for the future is to build one that’s fit for human beings as well.