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Driving Strategic Change for Women in Ohio


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What will it take to create real, strategic change for women in Ohio? We've identified 5 key policy strategies

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Driving Strategic Change for Women in Ohio

  1. 1. Julie GraberThe Institute on Women
  2. 2. Educational Attainment •  Only 24% of Ohio’s women have four or more years of college •  Ohio continues to languish in the bottom 12 states for educational attainment •  US Average for women: 27.8%
  3. 3. Educational Attainment–  It takes four or more years of college (or the equivalent) to increase the median earnings of women in Ohio to exceed the median earnings of men with a high school diploma ($38,500 vs. $33,000) Men with HS: $32,700 Women with HS: $21,000 Men with BS/BA: $56,000 Women with BS/BA: $38,500–  Four or more years of college reduces the rate of poverty among women from 14% to 3.9%
  5. 5. Occupational Segregation•  Women represent the majority of the employees in 7 out of Ohios 10 largest occupations. •  Of the nine occupations which do not meet the annual self- sufficiency standard, women are the majority of employees in 6 of them. •  Of the 2010 top 20 leading occupations in the U.S. for women, 16 out of 20, or 80%, of them do not meet the standard.
  6. 6. Income Comparisons
  7. 7. Policy Advocacy•  Paid Sick Leave Days •  Accessible, Affordable, –  8 in 10 low-wage Available Childcare workers have no sick –  Restore eligibility in leave benefits Ohio to 150% of poverty –  Women are less likely –  Provide benefits when than men to have paid jobless and for sick leave – even educational activities though 80% of moms –  Create a step-down handle family health policy as wages improve care
  8. 8. Women in the Ohio Legislature
  9. 9. Women in Corporate Leadership Central  Ohio   Ohio   US   Public  companies   F1000  public   headquartered  in   companies   Columbus  MSA                      headquartered  in       F500                                               (28)   Ohio  (54)   (497)  Women  on  Boards   13.7%   16.2%   16.1%  Female  Execu@ve  Officers   13%   12.2%   14.1%  Companies  with  No  Female  Board  Members   9  (32%)   6  (11%)   11%  Companies  with  No  Female  Execu@ve  Officers   13  (46%)   17  (31%)   27.4%