Seal legacy event at Belle Acres


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power point presentation of SEAL Legacy event with Commander McGinnis

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Seal legacy event at Belle Acres

  1. 1. Fundraising Event for Thursday, July 18, 2013 BelleAcres , Charlotte, NC POTTER & COMPANY
  2. 2. About the Foundation... The SEAL Legacy Foundation is dedicated to supporting fallen and wounded United States Navy SEALs, their families and other members from the SEAL community.As operational deployments across the world continue to increase, the SEALs and their families need support now more than ever. These special operators, their spouses and their children all make daily sacrifices to defend our nation.The SEAL Legacy Foundation works to preserve the SEAL Legacy of NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. The Foundation focuses support on Education, Funeral, Health &Wellness, Living and Quality of Life expenses for the SEALs and their families.
  3. 3. How this all came about: • The Glover family and the McGinnis family have been long time family friends. They have many friends in common and the whole town of Monroe seems to know each other. • Our own Debbie Ashcraft taught Mark McGinnis in Preschool!!! • Johnnie does the sales tax work for Fluid Flow and the McGinnis family has been clients of the firm… for a very long time. • Mark, child number 4 and son number 1, went off to the Naval Academy to play football.The Glovers went to many Navy football games to watch their local boy make good.
  4. 4. • Graduation time and the Glovers traveled to the Academy to see Mark finish his time in Annapolis. • Mark entered the Marine Corps as an officer following graduation and 2 years later became 1 of only 4 Marines to receive an intermilitary transfer from Marine the the SEAL program. • Mark successfully completed his training, and went on to lead more than 400 SEAL operations with a 100% mission success rate and zero casualties. He has completed numerous deployments and operations throughout the World.
  5. 5. • In 2002 Mark retired from the Navy but was called back from 2004-2006 and now serves in the reserves. • On December 5th , 2011, Mark few of his SEAL brothers established the SEAL Legacy Foundation to help the families of fallen and injured SEALS. • As of today 74 SEALS have fallen since 9/11.
  6. 6. • Earlier this year Bucky asked if we could do our own small, local event and help to raise money for the foundation as well as ‘raise friends’ . • Grassroots support and awareness is AS important as financial support! • And so the first annual SEAL Legacy Foundation fundraising event was born here in Charlotte!
  7. 7. The first annual! BelleAcres wasTHE perfect venue for a casual yet awesome time!!
  8. 8. 75 family and friends came out to support the Navy SEALS!!!
  9. 9. We were also joined by 2 special guests (active SEALS in uniform) but they were not REALLY there and we could NOT take pictures so here is COMMANDER McGinnis instead.
  10. 10. We had: • Great Food • A few drinks • Great fellowship • A moving and GREAT presentation • Questions and Answers • And……..
  11. 11. We raised $16,100