Top 10 Tips for Publishing on Kindle


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  • Top 10 Tips for Publishing on Kindle

    1. 1. Top 10 Tips for Publishing on Kindle PRESENTED BY JULIE FLETCHER
    2. 2. An Opportunity to Reach MillionsDid you know that in March2011, Amazon announcedthat it was selling moredigital books than printbooks?Kindle provides an amazingopportunity to reachmillions of consumers, justwaiting to read yourcontent.
    3. 3. Tip #1: Do Your Research One of the biggest keys to success on Kindle is to sell content that is in demand. Always research topics and find the right category to sell your ebooks.
    4. 4. Tip#2: Follow Formatting GuidelinesKindle has specificformatting guidelines, somake sure to follow themto get more assuredacceptance of your work.
    5. 5. Tip #3: Grab Their Attention Right Away Kindle takes the first 10% of your content and offers it as a free sample. Make sure the first few pages of your ebook grab your audience’s attention and makes them want to read more.
    6. 6. Tip #4: Professionally-Designed CoverAccording to Kindle, yourcover should be at least500 x 800 pixels with anideal height/weight ratio of1.6. It should also be savedat 72 dpi for optimalviewing.Don’t know what thatmeans? Get a designer’sprofessional help.
    7. 7. Tip #5: Titles Descriptions Matter Titles and descriptions are the first things people will see when searching the Kindle store. Take the time to do research and brainstorm ideas before you publish.
    8. 8. Tip #6: Test Different PricingIt might be easier to sellmore copies at a lowerprice or you may find thatyou earn more by selling tofewer people at a higherprice.The key is to test differentprice points to find out.
    9. 9. Tip #7: Try Public Domain The public domain is filled with great content. You can sell public domain content on Kindle provided you do one of the following: • Add annotations • Add illustrations • Translate the work
    10. 10. Tip #8: Try The Lending ProgramYou can even earn money with Kindle by lendingyour book.If you enroll in the “KDP Select” program andmake your book exclusive to Kindle for 90 days,you will be eligible to earn a share of a $6 millionannual fund.
    11. 11. Tip #9: Add Your Blog to Kindle Kindle also offers the opportunity to offer your blog through the Kindle store and you’ll earn 30% of the revenues.
    12. 12. Tip #10: Join the KDP CommunityKindle Direct Publishinghas a very activecommunity where youcan ask questions, getsupport and share ideas.Use it to make the mostout of your Kindlepublishing experience.
    13. 13. Are You Ready to Be a Kindle Publisher?