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Staff Bios 2011


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Meet the Team at Qudos...

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Staff Bios 2011

  1. 1. QUDOS RECRUITMENT Ju l i e Ent icot t G e ne ra l Manager Julie was our first consultant appointed in 1997 when the Qudos business model and goals were set and it was time to staff up and turn the vision into a success. Clearly the right choice, Julie is now our General Manager and a shareholder. She leads and manages the team and all the operational aspects of the business. Relocating to Melbourne from the UK in ’89 with a business diploma and office support experience Julie joined the Hays Recruitment Group. During her eight years at Hays her career progressed through support roles including EA to the Director, to para-consultant before becoming a consultant. With the right combination of industry and professional training, a flair for relationship building and a reputation for integrity and professionalism she has been a major influence on the success of Qudos. Julie is very hands-on, stays involved with our clients and candidates, and is an excellent role model for all those who have had the good fortune to work with her. With over 20 years in the industry, Julie’s network, knowledge and experience is highly respected by Melbourne’s leading HR professionals. In her 14 years with Qudos, she has married, had two beautiful boys and now balances her busy life with a four day working week, and like others at Qudos has the flexibility of working remotely so we don’t miss a beat. Mi c h elle Ca in B us ine s s Manager Michelle joined Qudos in 2004. With 20 plus years in the industry she has a strong technical background in recruitment, across several disciplines from office support to accounting, and formal training in Key Account Management, Customer Relationship Management and Business Development. As an experienced recruiter and polished business developer who understands the process and protocols of winning new business and Key Account Management, Michelle has been instrumental in associating the Qudos brand with Melbourne’s leading blue chip clients and maintaining Key Account Management of several of our clients of over 10 years. She is well known and highly respected for her integrity and professionalism and has very strong connections across the recruitment and corporate client landscape. Michelle’s commitment to the Qudos brand has made her a valuable ambassador and advocate of our business and our people. Like the rest of the management team here at Qudos, Michelle is very hands-on and involved with our candidates and recruiting. She works collaboratively with the team, sharing information which she says keeps her in touch with the quality of the work we do, and closely involved with our clients and the marketplace. With two teenage children, Michelle has the flexibility of working remotely for a work life balance that works well for all concerned.QUDX10005V4.indd 1 17/06/11 3:48 PM
  2. 2. QUDOS RECRUITMENT Ja c q ui Gra ha m Se nior Consultant - Per m anent Div ision After studying Behavioural Science and Teaching at the University of South Australia Jacqui chose commerce over the education system and joined a leading management and HR consulting firm in Adelaide as an aspiring young graduate with ambitions for a consulting career in one of the firm’s specialisations, Org Psych, Learning and Development or Executive Recruitment. After working in each business unit gaining experience in Psychometric Testing & Assessment, Training, Recruitment and Executive Search & Selection Jacqui became a Para-Consultant supporting a director. It was here she showed a flair for recruitment at both the middle and executive levels which resulted in her appointment as a Consultant and becoming one of the firm’s biggest graduate success stories. Over the next 4 years Jacqui developed a loyal following of blue chip clients and recruited across the board, from office support to middle and senior management roles. Following a move to Melbourne with her husband in 2010 Jacqui joined Qudos and we quickly discovered her to be the perfect fit for our culture and brand. The depth of Jacqui’s knowledge, her technical skills, recruitment experience and appreciation for ‘the right fit’ for all the right reasons, far exceed the general standard of most recruiters in our industry. Ja n e Ca cchione Se nior Consultant – Per m anent Di vi si on Starting out as a Social Sciences graduate, Jane commenced her career in corporate HR before crossing the floor to the recruitment industry in 1999. Since then Jane has recruited for all employment sectors from global corporates to SMEs, gaining a very broad range of recruitment experience from large scale recruitment projects including assessment centres, right through to targeted selection and executive recruitment. Jane attributes her success to the professional relationships she’s forged with people who have really taught her invaluable lessons in HR and recruitment. She says the most rewarding and satisfying elements of her work are relating to people on a one-on-one basis, interpreting their needs and providing the exact service level and recruitment solutions they want. She’s developed an expertise in the office support sector, has worked in the Temp and Permanent areas, and is also experienced in the executive level up to $120K. Jane is a versatile consultant who is a passionate service provider to both clients and candidates. Her level of experience and knowledge, and delightful personable style, is a great fit to our culture and ethos here at Qudos.QUDX10005V4.indd 2 17/06/11 3:48 PM
  3. 3. QUDOS RECRUITMENT D e b b ie H e rd ma n M a na ger - Tem por ar y Div ision Debbie, with the delightful Irish lilt, joined us in 2004 as our Receptionist/Office Administrator. She had just arrived from Ireland with her family and a ten year work history with a leading airline in a variety of customer focussed and administrative roles. Within 12 months at Qudos she was promoted to Para-Consultant to our temp team, then to Consultant and is now our Manager of the Temp Division. In her seven years with Qudos Debs has worked across every aspect of the business, from administration, operations and consulting. She has completed various industry training programs and become a valuable resource for our business and our clients and candidates. Deb works a four day week for a balanced lifestyle and likes the flexibility of being able to work remotely to ensure her division runs efficiently whether she is in the office or not. Her ‘above and beyond’ approach has earned her a very loyal following. Mo l l y Tob in Se nior Consul tant – Tem por ar y Di vi si on Molly joined us in 2005 with an impressive list of previous employers, a huge repertoire of business support experience and business qualifications. Her experience enables her to relate and understand every possible combination of skills and tasks that are requested of her for Temp staff. As an astute analyst of every possible temp role, Molly’s understanding of business functions and cultures enables her to make the perfect fit every time and has earned her the trust of our most discerning clients and candidates. In her six years with the Temp division Molly has established very strong long relationships and a loyal following of candidates and clients who are relieved, not only to be known or remembered, but completely understood whenever the need anything ‘temp’. The history, nuances, changes, developments, and personalities, are all part of Molly’s knowledge base that make her so valuable to her clients and candidates. During Molly’s time at Qudos she has married and now has a beautiful son. She works a four day week and the synergy that Debbie and Molly have in running our Temp service is totally seamless.QUDX10005V4.indd 3 17/06/11 3:48 PM
  4. 4. QUDOS RECRUITMENT Ne ss i e Ple a s a nce O f f ice Adm i ni str ator Nessie’s previous experience put her in good stead for the role of Office Administrator at Qudos. Starting as a young receptionist with an Executive Search firm in 2005, her career was fast-tracked through necessity due to an ownership takeover, a restructure and an aggressive growth strategy. She gained an enormous amount of experience through a range of roles from receptionist to administrator, secretary, marketing assistant and PA in a space of four years. She’s ideally equipped to be our go-to- person for our business processes, supplies, IT, marketing, advertising and social network administration and is usually the 1st voice of our business. Nessie is a versatile, multi-skilled office professional. She works collaboratively with all the staff, can handle and field every enquiry from clients, candidates, business associates and suppliers with a great depth of understanding of all our business needs. She’s a character and keeps us on our toes! Ly n C a irns Dire ct or With recruitment experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, management training in the US and Post Graduate studies in Business/HR, Lyn started Qudos in 1997 as an alternative to the large scale, process-driven offerings of the recruitment industry at that time. She identified the need for a boutique, specialist approach to providing a truly personalised service by experienced and qualified consultants. ‘Our difference? Experience’, coined in 1997 continues to be the basis of Qudos’ success today. The Qudos business culture is a collaborative, cross pollination of market knowledge, technical expertise, business acumen and meaningful relationships with colleagues, clients and candidates. Now semi-retired Lyn is very confident in her management team and believes that the future and direction of the business is in very capable hands. She’s an avid follower of business trends, economics, world affairs and technology and keeps the team well informed and abreast of market developments, and enjoys working on the business, and supporting the people in the business.QUDX10005V4.indd 4 17/06/11 3:48 PM