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Metronic Presentation


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Metronic Presentation

  1. 1. Building Management S ys tems Pres ented by: J ulie Cam V an Chief Repres entative Officer
  3. 3. COMPANY BACKGROUND• Incorporated in 1984 in Malaysia• Listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange• Completed over USD200 mil projects to date, with proven track record• 160 employees – Sales team (10) – Project team (50) – Service & Maintenance team (60) – System engineers (10)• Core Business – Building Management System – Integrated Security System – ELV – PA, SMATV, ICT, AV, Intercom – Fire Alarm System
  4. 4. Group Structure Metronic Global Berhad Pakistan, Islamabad United Arab Emirates, Dubai Branch (632068-V) Liaison Office 100% 100% 100% 100% 51% 60% 70% Metronic Metronic Metronic Metronic Metronic Metronic Engineering Integrated Metronic Microsystem Australia Pty Ltd Engineering iCares Sdn Bhd Sdn Bhd Systems Sdn Bhd Vietnam Co. Ltd (Beijing) Co., Ltd (A.C.N. 120 Pvt Ltd (727400-M) (125404-M) (332032-D) China 049 041) India 100% 60% 99% 12.5% 100% 40% Securetrax Unilink HK Broadway Metronic R & D Adprima Ariantec Solutions Development Electronics Sdn Bhd Sdn Bhd Sdn Bhd Pte Ltd Limited, Company Limited (753991-V) (585831-X) (513689-K) Singapore Hong Kong Hong Kong Newtronics Hangzhou 80% Co., Ltd 10% China Hangzhou Heng-Ai 80% Electronics 10% Co., Ltd China
  5. 5. Project Reference Major Projects• PJC Complex, Putrajaya (USD4 mil)• KLCC Convention Centre (USD1.2 mil)• Putrajaya Convention Centre (USD1.7 mil)• ASRS, TUDM (USD12 mil)• Albukhary (USD2.5 mil)• Common Utility Tunnel, Putrajaya (USD3.5 mil) Prime Minister Office• Sungai Buloh Hospital (USD0.6 mil)• Prime Minister’s office, dept. & residence (USD4.8 mil)• Palace of Justice, Putrajaya (USD1.6 mil)• Parcel C & D, Putrajaya (USD4.5 mil)• Maybank HQ (USD0.5 mil) Maybank Headquarter• Berjaya Times Square (USD4 mil) Palace of Justice Ministry of Finance building Telekom Putrajaya Convention Center Headquarter
  6. 6. Hotel Job ReferenceCompleted Hotels in MalaysiaHyatt Hotel, Kuantan (5 Stars)Kuching Hilton (5 Stars)Pan Puteri Hotel, Johor (5 Stars)Golden Sand Hotel, Penang (4 Stars)Kuching Holiday Inn (4 Stars)Kuantan Hyatt Beach Hotel (5 Stars)Sheraton Resort, Langkawi (5 Stars)Labuan Merlin Hotel (5 Stars)Andaman Resort, Langkawi (5 Stars)Duty Free Eden Hotel and Shopping Complex (5 Stars)Sheraton Hotel, KL (5 Stars)Ritz Calton, KL (5 Stars)Sheraton, Kuantan (5 Stars)Impiana Hotel, KL (4 Stars)JW Marriot, KL (5 Stars)Novotel, Kuching (5 Stars) Langkawi Boutique Hotel (4 Stars)
  7. 7. Job References in Vietnam• National Convention Center, Hanoi Vietnam (USD3mil) No of BMS Points : 8,000 BMS pts Scope of Work : 1) Supply and install Building Management System 2) Card Access Management System (CAMS) 3) CCTV System• HH1 Office Building & Residence, Hanoi (USD235K) No of BMS points: 900 BMS pts Scope of Work : Supply and install Building management System• A75 Hangar Tan Son Nhat airport, HCMC (USD320K) No of BMS Points : 300 BMS pts Scope of Work : 1) Supply and install Building Management System 2) Card Access Management System (CAMS) 3) CCTV System
  8. 8. Job References in Vietnam• Movenpick hotel, HCMC (USD110K) No of BMS Points : 500 BMS pts Scope of Work : Supply and install Building Management System• Sheraton hotel, Hanoi (USD300K) No of BMS points: 1,000 BMS pts Scope of Work : Supply and install Building management System
  9. 9. Integrated Schneider I/A Series Architecture
  10. 10. BMS System Integration BMS Server BMS system integration•INTERNET HVAC•SWITCH/ROUTER Chiller Fire TC/PIP & BACnet/IP •Electrical •Lift Plumbing Utility Monitoring
  11. 11. BMS Software – I/A Enterprise Server An open system which provide true integration platform Niagara JAVA based framework Web Browser Clients Built-in Internet connectivity Common application environment In summary, Niagara advantages are • Better performance and reliability, it’s not limited to single server. • Easy and cost effective to maintain and upgrade - thin clients only contain operator application (browser). • JAVA Security and flexibility, maintains integrity required for real-time control. • Cost advantage over traditional client/server applications
  12. 12. BMS HardwareUniversal Network Controller Units (UNC-520)Supervise, monitor & control the Secondary Network-LonWorks whereDDCs will be nodes.• Java Application Control Engine – Network computer platform – Supports BACnet and LonWorks devices – Accessed directly over Ethernet LAN or remotely over the Internet – Can provide multi-station supervision – Can be configured with Web Services • Supports unlimited users over Intranet or Internet, via standard Web Browser
  13. 13. BMS HardwareBACnet Unitary Controller MNB-300•Capability to function in standalone mode or aspart of a TAC I/A Series building automationnetwork.•Integral MS/TP jack for direct connection of PCwith WorkPlace Tech Tool.• Removable electronics module mates with panel-mounted subbase.• Optional plenum-rated enclosure.• DIP switch addressable.• Service pin button for BACnet “I am” messagebroadcast. B A C net• Removable terminals for power and C ontrollercommunications to facilitate commissioning.• Isolated RS-485 transceiver for MS/TPcommunications.• MS/TP baud rate selection from 9.6 up to 76.8kbaud.• LED indication of MS/TP communication activity,controller status, and UO and DO state.
  14. 14. BMS HardwareBACnet VAV Controller MNB-V1• Controllers are interoperable controllers withnative BACnet MS/TP communications support• Integral actuator with manual override• an integral, patented, pressure transducer• three universal inputs• Sensor Link (S-Link) support Intelligenttemperature sensor B A C net•LED status indication C ontroller•over-the-shaft damper mounting
  15. 15. TAC BMS System SolutionsIntelligent Temperature Sensor for FCU & VAV Intelligent Temperature Sensor
  16. 16. Hotel Room ThermostatStandalone Thermostat for Hotel Room• Attractive, contemporary styling• Compact size (cover is only 13 mm (1/2") thick)• Highly sensitive, easy to install• Large backlit LCD shows status in C or F• 5 to 35C (41 to 95F) dial range• 4-Speed fan switch (HIGH-MED-LOW)• Retains settings for 20 minutes upon loss ofpower
  17. 17. Schneider BMS GraphicsBMS Graphic Samples