Turning Point 2008 Training


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Turning Point 2008 Training

  1. 1.  Plug in the Receiver › The best place to plug in the USB receiver is in your SmartBoard speaker. › This provides an unobstructed line of signal. › It also leaves your USB ports free in your laptop! › From the TurningPoints toolbar, select Tools>Settings. › Select the Polling Test tab. › Select the Start Test button. › Press a key on each response device to be used. › Select End Test button. › Select the Done button.
  2. 2.  Opening TurningPoint 2008 › Start>Teacher Menu>TurningPoint 2008
  3. 3.  Your TurningPoints Presentation › Open an existing PowerPoint to add Formative Assessment options. › Create a new PowerPoint Presentation
  4. 4.  Open the Office button. Select “Open” Choose a PowerPoint file to upload Open
  5. 5.  After opening TurningPoint 2008, make sure the TurningPoint 2008 ribbon is selected. Insert Slides. › Blank Slides or Question Slides
  6. 6.  To open a blank slide: › Click Home ribbon>New Slide To open a question slide: › Select TurningPoint ribbon › Open the Drop Down menu by “Insert Slide” › Choose the graphic that best fits your question type. › Different graphics represent data in various ways.
  7. 7.  Using the TurningPoint 2008 settings pane on the right: › Once you’ve entered your answer options, you will need to indicate which answer is correct. › Also, if the question lends itself to multiple responses, you should indicate that in the multiple response drop down menu. › The settings pane is also where you will select which participant list you would like the software to save responses from.
  8. 8. 1. Yes2. No
  9. 9.  Objects can be added to both new and existing presentations on Question Slides! › The “Charts” tab can be used to convert PowerPoint slides into interactive TurningPoints slides. › “Animated 2D/3D” will add dimension to response charts in new and existing PowerPoints. › “Answer Now” will provide several graphics that can be used to prompt students to--Answer Now. › “Countdown” counts down to the time when response is due. › “Response Counter” tracks the number of completed responses. › “Response Table” helps you identify who has responded and in what time frame. › “Correct Response Indicator” provides an image for the correct response. › “Stats” will provide Mean, Median, Variance, and Standard Deviation of responses.
  10. 10.  Create a Participant List › Open Excel and copy your class data. › From the Turning Point ribbon, select Participants, then Participant List Wizard. › Select education and click next. › The participant list is set, so just click next. › Skip the group screen by clicking next. › Name your list and click finish. › You will then need to paste your data in. › Once your list is created, it will be listed in the participant list column.
  11. 11.  Reset the Session › Will remove any responses taken during that particular session.  You will have the option of resetting one slide, or all slides.  Resetting is especially useful when giving the same assessment multiple times.
  12. 12.  Running the Presentation › You can run your presentation through the Slide Show ribbon or by using the slide show button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  13. 13.  Saving the Session › Saving the session is important if you intend to run a report of student responses. › Session will only save if there have been clicker responses; otherwise, you should just save the presentation file.
  14. 14.  Generate Reports › Save your session to your documents. › Under the TurningPoint ribbon, select “Tools”>”Reports” › Scroll in the “Sessions” tab and select and highlight the session you wish to generate a report for. › With it highlighted, choose the “Reports” tab, and select the type of report that you want. › Select report type>Generate Report>report will be uploaded into Excel.
  15. 15.  Free Resources › http://turningtalk.turningtechnologies.com › Select “Account” to register. › After your register, open the confirmation email to follow the link which will activate your account. Shared Content › Under the “Shared Content” tab, you can search for PowerPoint presentations using TurningPoints that have already been created; or you can upload one you’ve created.